Hey #DEMOCRATS: Why The Hell Should #TRUMP Send #Ukraine’s Govt Nazis US Tax $?

Today, the Communist-Crat party says that it was ‘illegal’ for Trump to NOT send the Ukrainian Nazi’s our tax dollars.   Why are they so hung up on this?  You’d think they would not support Nazi-ism with all their crying about *us* being “Nazi”.    The Left has NO problem with ‘calling out’ Nazis in America, all 652 of them.    But, they have a YUGE problem when you ‘call them out’ for supplying them the Nazi’s arms.  They have a YUGE problem with Trump not giving the Junta in Ukraine OUR tax dollars.

Leftists are Totalitarian, Commie, Nazi, Islamic-Jihadist and thoroughly disgusting.  They call *us* Nazis as they arm and aid real Nazi’s.  Liars. Hypocrites.

Its all over the net…the usual phony outrage: 

‘The U.S. Government Accountability Office released Thursday a decision finding that the White House’s Office of Management and Budget violated the law when it withheld military aid to Ukraine.’ 

MORE:   https://www.axios.com/gao-decision-omb-trump-ukraine-aid-2aab62ea-2e50-4301-bae7-afa5a88282ee.html

Federal Agency: White House Withholding Military Aid to Ukraine Broke Law, Breitbart

*It’s a fact that most Americans do not even want to admit..the truth about Ukraine.  How our own tax dollars went to fund Neo Nazi’s and WE did. 

*Even many Liberal sites eventually reported this, which shocked the hell out of me thru the B.O. admin, since they went to great lengths to protect Communist, Obama:

Left wing BBC:


Although a few Liberal sites reported the truth about the Ukrainian Nazis.. The other sites hid the facts.

AND:  Who is that at the left side of Dead John McCain…Its DEMOCRAT Senator, Chris Murphy:




NEW VID EXPLOSIVE: THIS IS What MCCain & Obama Have Done To The Egyptian Patriots. G-d Damn Them

EXPLOSIVE VIDEO: THIS IS What MCCain & Obama Have Done To The Egyptian Patriots. G-d Damn Them!!

Make NO mistake; THIS IS WHAT OBAMA AND HIS STOOGE, McCain have done to the Egyptian people.

God damn Obama. God DAMN Mccain. YES!!!!! I say God DAMN them because they are EVIL.  They have brought MISERY upon these poor people.  I pray a curse on this White house and this administration and every single politician that would bring more war to the ME.  That GOD would curse EVERY SINGLE thing that they set their hands to.  AMEIN.

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Pro-ILLEGAL Slime-bucket Terrorizes His OWN Kid, then Attacks

  These people ARE the scum of the earth. They are standing there waiting for work, calling Americans M’fers, sonofabitches, etc.. And all of this is allowable by the Marxist-Mind-f’ers that take up for the ‘little’ guy in AMERICA.

  When this place goes postal against these traitors in our own nation, I won’t shed a tear when we bury your asses with the 3rd world SCUM.



I just do, I see it, and one thing people, whites stand alone while the vermin RAVAGE, pillage, plunder and rape. 

And they WILL.  When there is NO $$$, they WILL RIOT.

If anything I can see from the election of Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a massive UPPITY attitude from American ‘minorities’

You know who I am talking about….3rd worlders, uh…black people…uh.. illegals…uh mean Mexican people.


 The people I know that are black and Mexican, are GOOD, God fearing individuals that LOVE America,  I REFUSE to hang with the dregs of society, whether they are white, Jew, Christian, black, brown, yellow, etc..but the FACT is that the ‘minorities’ will RIOT when things get out of control. 

The bad part is we DO NOT have morally sound people in the W.H., but traitors that will probably let the streets go to hell. 

 I need to REFRESH your memory how BAD IT CAN GET:

(click on the pictures for a bigger view)

“White people will never riot a la Watts.”

You’re right, White folks would have a chain of command and a strategy for getting what they wanted, not just a mindless desire to raise hell. They’re also a good bit more lethal once aroused, something many seem to have forgotten in their haste to blame all the world’s evils on white folks. Sooner or later, they’ll figure, “we’re already getting blamed and paying for being evil, let’s do it”.

Rev. Manning is more in touch with things that most I’d say. People are fed up and they’re only waiting for the straw to come along to justify their declaring the camel’s back broken. If history is any guide, some stupid democrap will break the camels back with something they intended to be just for gaining the upper hand in democrap infighting…. see where I got this from: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/chat/2283889/posts