I have a dream…..that one day, all races will be equal amongst themselves..

 I have a dream… My dream is an America that throws the ‘race-card’ OUT, once and for all. 

 I have a dream that there is no more FALSE ‘white guilt’ being taught in our schools, that little white kids are ‘evil’ because of something that happened before they were even born, a CENTURY before even I was born…

I have a dream that black women don’t get RIPPED OFF by the Bolsheviks and Marxists OCCUPYING our government, and they are fruitful with their own men that are black…

 I have a dream that the 10 commandments hangs in schools, and that after the Pledge of Allegiance is recited and “My Country tis of thee” is sang… that the Principal prays that the children are SAFE in their schools. 

I have a dream that whites are not FORCED into melting in with other races just because the EVIL government says so, but choose who, when, and whom they want to ‘hang with.’  After ALL, they do NOT FORCE the ‘minorities’ to hang with us, DO THEY?? NO!

I have a dream that everything is written in ENGLISH, and if you don’t learn ENGLISH, you dont work, go to school, etc..

I have a dream that there is NO MORE “Press 1 for English and 2 for Spanish”

I have a dream that black people don’t feel ‘belittled’ into thinking that singing and entertainment were somehow  ‘dumb’ in America. (Black people, BEFORE about 1990, put out the BEST singing entertainment)

I have a dream that I hear harmony singers, singing in black Gospel churches, and harmony singing echoes once again in entertainment, instead of HORRIBLE rap NOISE pollution.

I have a dream that there are no more ‘condoms on cucumbers’ being taught to young children..

I have a dream that homo-people go back to living quiet lives instead of PUSHING their agenda all over people..

I have a dream that there are NO MORE abortions..

I have a dream that we are no longer “African-Americans, Mexican-Americans” but that ANYONE who wants to be an AMERICAN, and ASSIMILATED, is just AMERICAN…

I have a dream that young girls keep their chastity..

I have a dream that this nation restores itself (after travail) back to it’s Christian heritage, & ONLY appoints decent people of the Christian faith in office..

I have a dream that this nation makes sure to protect the remnant of Jewish people, to make SURE that they always represent HOLY law, and not try to ‘bully’ themselves into office out of FEAR of Christians, from OTHER countries, because Jewish people have not had it bad here amongst the other nations. America did NOT put Jewish people through holocaust, and America should NOT be treated as if they DID, thanks to leftist, self-hating Jewish people.

I have a dream that our allies are ONLY England (UK) & Israel, and any nation that WANTS freedom, and that there is NO more govt. AID to ANY country.

I have a dream that women do NOT wear burkas in AMERICA.

I have a dream that “feminazis” are GONE and in replacement we will have a movement of women that LOVE their husbands and want to be a constant pleasure to their male counterparts, instead of competing.


These are the dreams of a woman that is sick and tired of races, government, and political correctedness FORCED upon me, WITHOUT my PERMISSION.

Perhaps you have dreams that are like this too, or maybe your dreams are higher and better, this is a small rant of what a D.A.R. – Daughter of the American Revolution, Seneca/Iroquois Jew-Tian would like to see again in this nation that WAS known as the united states of America.


Its the TRUTH.

You all know how I am with the TRUTH. 

It is a degradation of society, that has;

#1. no music, or harmony, but noise.

  #2. It promotes VIOLENCE

#3. It is RACIST against American white people.

#4. It is un-civil as UNCIVILIZED.

#5. It is degrading toward women.

#6. It promotes ‘street-wize’ over knowledge, education and spiritual values.

#7. It promotes ‘pimps and prostitution’.

#8.  It promotes violence, and ‘hustler-ism’

#9. It promotes GANG MENTALITY & DRUGS.

#10. It sounds like SH*T.

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