Paula Deen Fired for A WORD. But, Obama Ghetto Blacks Cont Murdering, Raping, Robbing Whites

Paula Deen Fired for A WORD. Obama Ghetto Blacks Cont Murdering, Raping, Robbing Whites

The Food-queen is fired for using the word “Nigger” 27 years ago.  She admitted she used this very horrible word (puke) that holds the whole nation captive. Just a WORD and you are fired.  It used to be the vc versa.   Now, you say a WORD about the black supremacist cabal and your life is O V A H.  And you don’t think this is supremacy?  My ass.

At any rate, the ghetto black miscreants continue to murder, rape and rob white people every day.  That’s America, now.  A WORD is more important than a life.  A word that these ghetto-monster blacks use themselves:

see: Paula Deen fired from Food Network after admitting to using racial slur

Even though there are no laws against someone actually being a racist, you must never say the N word.  Even though everyone says “Nigga”, do NOT say the N word. NEVER EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER say this word.  The world will fall apart. The earth will shake, the wind will cease to blow…

Meanwhile…..  (Black) Chicago man charged in slaying of (White) Cicero restaurant owner

Three charged (2 black males) with murder in north Raleigh mom’s death


NEWS UPDATE VIDEO: Black Flash Mob/Riot Had 300 “Teens”-Robbing Over $1500- Of Goods From Walmart

Well…it’s only $5- a head, so they are not very bright.  If the King Negro, Obama wins a 2nd term, look for riots like this every day in every town they live in.  The last video went on private.. We hurt their feelings, don’t you know.  We are racists for reporting the truth because the MSM won’t.  Enjoy your America with a Negro in charge, who is emboldening these savages:

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(My opinion obviously excludes black patriots, Pastor Manning, Alan West, etc)



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-David Ben Moshe

SHARE VIDEO: Horrible Black “Flash Mob” Riot In Jacksonville, FL Walmart

Posted on The Mad Jewess – Jul 17, 2012 @ 7:13 AM PST

So…Why is this happening all over the country?  Blacks rioting, murdering, raping and now pillaging?  They have a Negro in the White house, that’s why.  Because the MSM fails to show these crimes, we will have Obama again for enabling his ‘people.’  They should have all been shot for looting, which is lawful.  These people have no discipline, no honor, and most of all; no brains.  And just think, one of them is the president.

(My opinion obviously excludes black patriots, Pastor Manning, Alan West, etc)

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-David Ben Moshe
Destructive Flash Mob at Walmart in Jacksonville Florida on Video:
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Flash mobs usually provide for some spontaneous light-hearted entertainment, but this was anything but.