#ColonialPipeline: Gas Shortages Being Reported. Its Like Jimmy Carter Again

ColonialPipeline: Gas Shortages Being Reported. Its Like Jimmy Carter Again

I was very young when Jimmy Carter was President but I remember the gas rationing, the long lines, syphoning gas and more. This scenario brings me back.

It is being reported that Pensacola is running out of gas as is NC. The North Carolina Governor declared a state of emergency.

May be a black-and-white image of 1 person and text that says 'live the gulf coast. Gas stations are running low/out here. I've read the cyber attack stories Sound off the comments where you are and gas availability and you believe cyber attack blame. Edit: some you actually think trying pass this off as current photo. It's obviously an old photo used to illustrate the subject the post. Please be less weird. FLITE-FU SORRy SIXTY-SIX NO GAS 1.4K 667 Comments 266 Shares'

If you have it in your head that ‘things are going to get better’…. You’re living in a fantasy world.

Let’s hope they get this problem solved…. But, with JoeBAMA omitting God… We are not in God’s ‘good graces’ so to speak.

Mass Amounts Of Military Trucks In Illinois

Its NOT the virus.  Its the stock market crash. Its the hoarders, who STOLE ALL the food with their EBT dollars paid for by us.

Prepare for possible food riots.
Maybe start listening to us ‘conspiracy wackos’.

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