Facebook Removed Photo Of Communist Terrorist Desecration Of The DC VIETNAM WAR MEMORIAL

Facebook Removed Photo Of Communist Terrorist Desecration Of The DC VIETNAM WAR MEMORIAL

The dirty, disgusting, violent, psychopathic, Communist terrorists desecrated the VN war memorial in DC.  Joshua Feuerstein posted this below photo which I took a screencap of:


If a 2nd LT was dropped into a hot LZ , his survival rate was barely 20 minutes.  Over 58,000 very *young* men were killed in Vietnam.  Most of these men were DRAFTED. they were NOT volunteers.  LBJ used these young men as cannon fodder.

The phantom scars of this war (that Communist filth called a ‘conflict’) are with many of these men to this day.  The Communist propagandists of the Left-wing demonized these young soldiers on a daily basis.  These young men not only had to deal with seasoned fighters (who fought wars for a thousand years in VN) and were barbaric but they had to deal with dirty, rotten traitors who sold them out like John McCain, the songbird, Jane Fonda, John Kerry and more.

Facebook should be thrown in to the dustbin of history and so should Communist, scumbags.  (Trotsky quote so you Communist pigs can understand.)

SHAME ON FACEBOOK for aiding destructive Communist terrorists who put salt to the wounds of great men.

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I Guess I’m A “Fascist”, Now:

I Guess I’m A “Fascist”, Now.

Yesterday, I called some Lefty a “Communist”… Because he is. I believe in naming America’s enemies within, accurately:  If We Can’t Name Enemies (COMMUNISTS), No Defense Is Possible.

The first thing a Communist does when you accurately name them what they are: “Communists” …. is to scream ‘fascist’.   Let us remind the peace and love “Liberal” crowd that they are beating people in the streets, raping women in Seattle, burning down cities, vandalizing state property, intimidating people who don’t ‘belong’, tearing down statues and are admitted Communist/Marxist totalitarians.     That’s what they are  See for yourself..

I, however am a ‘fascist’.  

If below is what a ‘fascist’ is, I’m a proud one:

Because I believe that ALL of the founding fathers were Christian, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I believe that America was founded as a Christian nation, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I believe that our country should have super secure borders, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I believe there are two sides to every war, aka:  South vs North, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I believe that Southerners should display their Confederate flag, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I believe that statues and memorials should NEVER be torn down, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I do not believe that children should be indoctrinated to be gay, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I believe there are 2 genders, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I believe that America is a republic, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I believe that a person should be hired on merit only, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I believe that trophies should be presented to the best players, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I believe that English should be the official language, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I do not believe that people should disrespect the flag, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I do not believe that I am guilty because I am lighter skinned, I am a ‘fascist’.

People… I could go on and on.  Evidently, naming our enemies within makes me a ‘fascist’.  Believing in American sovereignty is ‘fascist.’ YES!



And,  you’re still a dirty, rotten, treacherous, stinking, spoiled brat Communist piece of garbage.

Snitches Should Be SHUNNED By Society

Snitches Should Be SHUNNED By Society

The Communist, piece of garbage, FAKE Italian, Mayor Garcetti of L.A. thinks snitches will get rewards…. Maybe by the government but NOT by society….

When I grew up, if a person was caught ‘snitching’, that person was totally outcast, beaten up,  treated like a piece of garbage and was NEVER trusted.  If you have reason to believe that someone has snitched on you or any of your friends, do NOT go near that person.  Give that person dirty looks.  Stay far away.  Mock that person, laugh at that person and give that person that mark of the squealer if you happen to be accosted by the snitch.

Any person willing to call the cops over a mask or gloves or whatever should absolutely be shunned.  

How can you find out if a person is a snitch.  Thankfully, most Leftist fascist statists are ugly, smelly, disgusting, wear shitty clothes, have filthy demeanors and have the ‘coexist’ stickers.  If you detect a snitch, do NOT just ‘let it go’….  Call it out. Shame that person IN REAL LIFE.  Nevermind the social media stupidity. We’re in a WAR now.


DESTROY THAT Snitch:  MOCK the talebearer, SPIT around them, Loudly CALL THEM SNITCHES AND RATS.

Obama ACTS like Satan, So ‘The Bible’ Miniseries Just Depicts This Scoundrel For Who He Is

Why is everyone shocked that Roma Downey’s new mini-series has Obama as the satan?  He ACTS like the devil… so, no real surprise there.  How much more proof do people need that Obama is evil?! He already has manifested flies on his face, rats crawling around.  Jeezzz.  What more do folks need?!

Is he one of satan’s ‘Nephilim?’

The Nephilim (pron.: /ˈnɛfɨˌlɪm/) were the offspring of the satan and the “daughters of men” according to Genesis 6:4; and giants who inhabited Canaan according to Numbers 13:33.

(You be the judge of this above…)

bb……..HA HA HA HA….Bwaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Obama Is A CURSE. Rats, Flies, Presidential Seal Falling. HE IS A CURSED PERSON

I will never get, for the life of me – how anyone could actually vote for such a wretched human.  Where was he even born?  Still, to this day, he has not even produced a REAL long form birth certificate.  
This is a cursed person.  Things like this dont ‘just happen.’  Elohim, God performs signs and wonders to wake people up.  Its sad, though.  Many Americans (actually majority) refuse to wake up.  More content on the usual spew; “You’re a racist, hater, homophobe, xeno-phobe” etc.  Its sad and really frustrating for people that DO see what is happening.  
Obama is satans kid.  Flies in the middle of the winter?  Big, juicy, fat flies?? IN JANUARY?! Gross. Obama is Lord of the flies.  Dung-headed filth.  Flies love sh*t and that’s what Obama is

A fly lands between the eyes of Barack Obama