PBS Tonight: Proof That Obama Admin., (Plus John McCain) Arming Syrian Jihadist Rebels

PBS Tonight: Obama Admin, Plus John McCain Arming Syrian Jihadist Rebels


I’ve been telling ya’all this for YEARS:  Syria | The Mad Jewess

But, I mean nothing because I am just a little ol Jew bag.  Keep believing this preSStitute media over me who loves humans & animals.  And, don’t think this is just Obama.  His PAL, John McCain has wanted a war in Syria for 4 years! McCain is a lunatic.  He uses our men as his private army.

Frontline will air Arming the Rebels tonight on PBS.  The Syrian rebels admit they were being armed with US weapons.
PBS.org , Hat Tip, Jim Hoft

Putin told us that we were arming Jihadist cannibals.. But, who listens to him?  He’s Hitler, Frankenstein, Dracula, etc..

An art collage from November 2013

Look at the places this creep has screwed up:  Map: All the Countries John McCain Has attacked … – Mother Jones (Who I hate, but they’re right about this)

VA Senator wrote Assad thanking him for rescuing the Christians:

Brown-Nose, Jihad-Ass Kissing John McCain Throws Tantrum @ Syrian Christians.

Brown-Nose, Jihad-Ass Kissing John McCain Throws Tantrum @ Syrian Christians.

Juan McCain, the illegal-loving, Jihad ass kissing, vomitous Commie is siding with Jihad rebels in Syria against Christians there.  McCain was so out of order that Lindsey Graham, the dirt-bag – had to apologize to the Syrians for the senile, old windbag:

Hell-bent on arming opposition forces in Syria—despite strong evidence that they’re run by Islamic terrorists—John McCain displayed behavior unbecoming of a United States Senator during a recent meeting with Syrian Christian leaders touring Capitol Hill.  See it:  GOP Senator Apologizes for McCain Tantrum at Syrian Christian Leader Meeting

I’m sick of these pieces of garbage.  These poor Christians in Syria have been through hell and this sob does this to them?  May God damn his soul to outer darkness.



I am so sorry, Syrian Christians, I am so sick and sorry.  God will pay these pigs back, I promise he will:  God Is With A Remnant In #Syria, Protecting Them From Obama the Insane & M bro’hood. Scripture Proof

Yoo Hoo @MaxBlumenthal: It’s Only Hate When Israel Does It? Syrians Are Starving Palis & U’r Silent!

 Enclosed is a very ugly link with the realities of war.. But, DO keep in mind that this is what OBAMA has brought to the Middle east.  Bush (as bad as he was) didn’t have this much blood all over the map

At any rate.. Assad knows what he is dealing with.  And, I hope that he gets all of the Syrian rebels out of his country..

The link below claims that it is Assad who is the perp.. But, who knows what comes out of the Islamic world? It’s not our war, none of our business. Sorry, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.


Meanwhile, Max Blumenthal talks about how rotten, nasty Israel does not give the Palis enough fruit:

And, the new rag piece sobbing about ‘apartheid’ Israel…ROFL….!!

An Interview with Max BlumenthalInside Israel’s Apartheid State


20 UN “Peacekeepers” Captured In Syria By Obama’s Jihad/Rebel Buddies In Golan. What Say John Kerry?

20 UN “Peacekeepers” Captured In Syria By Obama’s Jihad/Rebel Buddies In Golan.

WTG you stupid idiots.  John Kerry is a big, fat failure.  Everything these leftist NAZIs touch–turns to mush.  They are evil and satan is biting them back. Good.  Rush was right; Pray they FAIL.  Their failure will be excellent for us AND the rest of the world..

Watch a video admonishing the west:


An image grab taken from a video uploaded on YouTube on March 6, 2013 by user@syriahro


SYRIA: Whose Side Are YOU On? Jihad Muslims Or Christians? Syrian Rebels Threaten To Storm Christian Towns

SYRIA: Whose Side Are YOU On? Jihad Muslims Or Christians? Syrian Rebels Threaten To Storm Christian Towns:

You are not going to have an excuse, sheeple.  You will have to decide; Either you are with Christians in Syria who are Assad-friendly.. OR, you are with Jihadists who want to murder these same Christians.  If you have chosen the Jihad, you are NO friend of this website.  

Go worship Obama.

Even the ‘conservatives’ are not as ‘conservative’ as Huff Post on this matter- West Helping Wahabbi Winter Spread to Syria” CLICK: Huffington Post

CLICK: Syrian rebels threaten to storm Christian towns

One thing we can learn from history is that Americans NEVER learn from history.

-P. AsheDina, TMJ

More Proof Of Obama’s FAILED Foreign Policy: Putin Nuking Up And Ready To Go

I read this on Drudge this AM.  So, what is Putin flexing his nuke muscles for?  Because Obama and Hitlery, both devils re-incarnate have pissed off Russia and China for wanting to engage the Islamic-Jihad within the Syria rebels.  Russia and China have repeatedly told this administration of murder to get the hell out of Syria.  Did they listen? NO.  Will WE pay the price if they continue to not listen? YES.

Enjoy our future if Obama the foreign Muslim usurper gets elected; Rockets and nukes all over O’MeriKa.

Romney Wants To Aid “Rebel” Al Qaeda In Syria Against Assad?!

Romney wants more US involvement in Syria

Are Muslim/Kenyan policies Romney’s policies?  Have we not had enough of the Obama bullshit?  Now, Romney wants to continue Obamas war-mongering.  Come on idiots… Think.  What did we hear about Assad before OBAMAS Arab Spring? NOTHING.  Assad just started murdering off his people out of no where?  You really believe that?  Are you insane?  

So, Romney is a Kenyan/Muslim ass kisser as well.  If this article is truth, Romney is also FOR Obama’s Kenyan, anti-colonial policies.  He is the liberal wet dream.  I cant stand these bastards.  I told you I would not this jerk get away with HIS insanity as well.  This idiot does not listen to Russia and China advising to stay out of Syria’s Civil war.  It is evident.  Romney ALSO wants a war with Russia and China.  His stance on Syria is proof.


Libya: Obamas Ultimate Clusterf*ck~Rebels From Libya Send Anti-Plane Arms To FAT Gazan Terrorists

Gaza terrorists getting anti-plane arms from Libya

  IDIOTS say that Libya is a “Zionist plot”  Koo koo, Koo koo. Get the rubber room prepared.  Tell me, crazy people… How does this Libyan invasion ‘serve’ Israel?  The more I see, the more I am convinced that America has turned into a combination of Bolshevism and Nazism.


Meanwhile…..In Ramallah the people are starving to death:

In Gaza, Hamas is, as usual, torturing their own people:

Gaddafi Speaks: “What Have We Done To France & Britain? Are We Palestinians? Somalis?”


  We are in a country that has done nothing to us since the mid 1980’sReagan bombed Gaddafi’s tent because he was one of the leading sponsors of terrorism in the late 70’s, early 80’s. It was not OUR decision to allow the Lockerbie bomber to go scot free.  WHAT ARE WE DOING??!!  Where is the phoney, liberal outrage?  Why is the Drudge report so happy over this massacre? Does Drudge realize who will be put in place, if Libyan Gaddafi goes? Has America lost its friggin collective head?!

  Our dictator, tyrant, psychopath, Obama demanded Gaddafi step down.  Now the tyrant is demanding the Syrian King step down. Why? Because he is a MUSLIM/MARXIST, period.  Why in the hell else would this lying drek (as a US president even care about what is happening over there) unless he is a MUSLIM?  This will give the Egyptian brotherhood (Muslim brotherhood) an opening to  take over Libya as it has in Egypt..

  {Don’t even bother going there, telling me this is a “Zionist plot.”   All of these nations were hostile toward Israel, but they kept to themselves. NOW, they will bomb, bomb, and rocket Israel…. If this is the ‘Zionist plot” that you MORONS are talking about, it is evident, you are officially insane.}