Murderous Slut, Kamala Pushes Vaccine By Using The BIBLE. EVIL Witch

Murderous Slut, Kamala Pushes Vaccine By Using The BIBLE. EVIL Witch

The whore of Babylon has spoken… and look at her countenance of animosity when she brings up the bible. We all know this skank HATES God…Yet, here she is, a profane slut, using the bible to affirm her position on the kill shot.

God, PLEASE destroy these reprobate, God-hating tramps.

Vid hat tip: Bren

Lady GaGa~An Evil, Dark, Satanic Person That Needs Help

I dont know what to say to implore people that love God to pray for this person to change her ways.  This is evil, personified.  This is the person that Harry Reid was so happy with regarding her appeal for DADT, and ‘gays’ to serve openly in our now, paganistic military.

See for yourself.  This is dreadful and people need to call out to GOD for these atrocities that are taking place.  Young girls listen to her madness and evil. She IS evil. Her soul is dark and satanic. Not just this ‘costume’, but these are the eyes of a demented person that has given over to satanic forces..



Lady Gaga dons weird horns for Jay Leno TV show - Mirror Online