Romney Wants To Aid “Rebel” Al Qaeda In Syria Against Assad?!

Romney wants more US involvement in Syria

Are Muslim/Kenyan policies Romney’s policies?  Have we not had enough of the Obama bullshit?  Now, Romney wants to continue Obamas war-mongering.  Come on idiots… Think.  What did we hear about Assad before OBAMAS Arab Spring? NOTHING.  Assad just started murdering off his people out of no where?  You really believe that?  Are you insane?  

So, Romney is a Kenyan/Muslim ass kisser as well.  If this article is truth, Romney is also FOR Obama’s Kenyan, anti-colonial policies.  He is the liberal wet dream.  I cant stand these bastards.  I told you I would not this jerk get away with HIS insanity as well.  This idiot does not listen to Russia and China advising to stay out of Syria’s Civil war.  It is evident.  Romney ALSO wants a war with Russia and China.  His stance on Syria is proof.