Another Fatality In BO’s Dead Pool. Hawaii Pro-BIRTHER, Loretta Fuddy.

Another Fatality In BO’s Dead Pool. Hawaii Pro-BIRTHER, Loretta Fuddy.

Dr. Evil strikes again… See? Just question BO’s birth certificate or Cross Obama and it can Be Deadly! (…thread  at “We the People“) 

Keep believing in your failed black Messiah who fires big military brass who refuse to obey his fascist orders, targets political enemies using the IRS, shakes hands with Communist dictators, eulogizes Communist murderers and sends 20 billion USD to Iran.  Baahhh, baaahhh sheep.   Another one bites the dust: here 

That’s not all, either. Obama’s dead pool is magnanimous:  Obama’s ‘Dead Pool  ….Move along, nothing to see here, just another DEAD person. This poor family 😦

Forbes: The Impeachment Option Would Be Well-Deserved > NO, WE WANT RESIGNATION.

Forbes: The Impeachment Option Would Be Well-Deserved > NO, WE WANT RESIGNATION.

Maybe the whole Iran thing is also to divert..??  Our issue is Obama’s, “ObamaCare” – it’s the epic clusterf’ck of the century.  Definitely.  This Iran ‘deal’ can completely take focus off of OUR problems here in American gulags.  

AT ANY RATE:  Sane Americans do not want impeachment.  We want the phony to resign.  For:

  • Fast & furious
  • IRS Gate
  • AP Gate
  • Obama-care
  • Rosen-Gate
  • Benghazi-gate
  • Pigford
  • Solyndra

We do not want to spend hundreds of millions of dollars with impeachment.  We demand the Democrat party force Obama’s resignation.

Forbes: Article here

More Humiliation For Obama: (FORBES) Putin Tops Obama In Power Ranking. RESIGN Obama

More Humiliation For Obama:  Putin Tops Obama In Power Ranking. RESIGN Obama

More embarrassment for Hussein Obama. The Narcissist in chief must be gagging over this latest humiliation:

Having outfoxed Hussein on Syria, Russian President Vladimir Putin has pipped Barack Obama to the title of the world’s most powerful leader as ranked by Forbes on Wednesday.

God wants Obama to resign.  Save us impeachment.  We will already face hell for our national sins. But, GOD wants Obama OUT.

Obama-Care Website Crashing During Hearing. Obama: RESIGN. It’s Only Going To Get More Humiliating

Obama-Care Website Crashes During Hearing. Obama: RESIGN. It’s Only Going To Get More Humiliating

This is very serious.  God is trying to stop a civil war in America because he is merciful, loving and faithful.

Barack Hussein Obama is making his own life more difficult. (He already makes ours a living hell)  He is embarrassing his own family and wife.  It is only going to get more humiliating each day as he is exposed.   God always offers an alternative to avert war. The only way to stop a civil war is for Obama to RESIGN, effective immediately

I believe that God is warning Obama to step down:  See: Obama Will Leave the White House &  See: The Next President of the United States 

I stand with my brother in arms on this prophetic type word.  Of course, Obama can always be disobedient to God.. And bring Egypt-style modern plagues

I need to tell you, that out of any posts I have put up-These ‘resign Obama’ posts are the MOST important.  Nothing is more important than these posts.  NOTHING. If everyone would start demanding his resignation, he would have NO alternative BUT resign.

N.Y. Times: ‘Obama Admin Threatening Press Freedom’ & Rosen’s Mother Phone Records Were Seized’

N.Y. Times: ‘Obama Admin Threatening Press Freedom’ & ‘Rosen’s Mother Phone Records Were Seized’

No kidding… We have sat here for FOUR years while the Democrat/Communists have shut up ALL news and now they’re bitchin?  They took us through a fraud election, allowed this bastard in a 2nd term without vetting, will take us millions of dollars through an impeachment process and now they wake up? They will have to admit that the ‘evil’ right wing was RIGHT.

Click: N.Y. Times editorial board: Obama administration threatening press freedom

Not only did they go after Rosen, but also went after his mother (parents).

Click: Report: DOJ seized phone records of James Rosen’s parents

All of this honest reporting…

Obama & Dems: Tax Jews, Send Gay Chris Stevens To His Death, Yet Call Conservative People The “Nazis”?

Obama & Dems-Tax Jews, Send Gay Chris Stevens To His Death, Yet Call Conservative People The “Nazis”?


We all know it is the OBAMA administration with the IRS, O’REILLY.

How many times have we heard the Commie dems call patriotic-type, conservative people “Nazis?”  These Dastardly Dems and their cohorts have some damned gall.  This week, we find that pro-Israel, Jews and T-partiers are being taxed more, scrutinized more because Obama the insane can’t take criticism.  Remember Valerie Jarrett?  Valerie Jarrett promised to “punish” her enemies? 

Chris Stevens was gay.  He was sent to his death.  Period.  They stood down because of the Black Hitler, OBAMA.  Sounds pretty creepy to me. Just like 1930’s Germany..


Just what is this?  This is not America.  This is not a republic, anymore.  Its a tyrannical dictatorship.  Those who have refused to kiss Obama’s ass are suffering a price.  What gets me is that most people, including F. Graham didn’t even come out until this week to reveal what Obama the MADMAN was doing.   Why is that?  Something is wrong with people if they sit back and just take the tyranny.   What in the hell is with you people?  Just sitting there waiting THREE YEARS to tell everyone what was happening.  You act like babies that are being bullied.  The only way to deal with a bully is to get in their face and punch their lights out.  You are not Americans.  To have sat back while this SOB was doing this is just as much of a crime, In my opinion: Apathy and enabling treason.

The reason why people like Hitler and Stalin even existed is because the good people did absolutely nothing.  I am sick and damned tired of getting wacked with a shot-gunned car, rocks thrown through my apt window, malware, virus’s, hackings, threats, you name it…while you little wuss’s just sit there and TAKE THIS CRAP!  

Where is the backbone?  Lily-livered cowards.  And another damned thing; Calling “Birthers” a circus…it chaps my fricking hide.  You call us that because YOU HAVE NO GUTS.  Get some testosterone and man the f-ck up.  Stop leaving people like Sheriff Joe Arpaio out to dry.  I’m so sick of this yellow-bellied bullshit, I’m ready to blow….


Obama & Dems-Tax Jews, Send Gay Chris Stevens To His Death, Yet Call Conservative People The “Nazis”?

If you dont start fighting back, you just deserve this SHIT.


Stocks Crash, Did U-Turn, Then…. Obama SPOKE ~ By David Ben Moshe

On a day that many predicted would be terrible, stocks opened well to the downside and continued to fall, but as some Wallstreet Analysts had predicted, the market made a U-Turn and started erasing some of the losses.  Then Obama spoke and the markets continued their downward slide.  Our ‘president’ just couldnt keep from mentioning that all have to pay their fair share, meaning ‘tax the rich’ on a miserable day in the markets.


Do you people realize that we have a black brain leading this nation?  Have you been so brainwashed by the movies, TV and our education system that you actually expected great things from a black brain?   When I was a little boy, my mother told me to clean my plate because people in Africa are starving.  That was 50 years ago and they are still starving.  Obviously they dont have the brains needed to change their lives and THATS THE KIND OF BRAIN YOU CHOSE TO LEAD US and now we are reaping the rewards!!!!!

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  The issue that won’t die, because Obama is not  gentleman enough to resign- Admit that he really didnt know all of the eligibility requirements.

The U.S. government is on record questioning President Obama’s citizenship status as early as when he was 5 years old, stating it lacked documentation to determine his citizenship, WND has learned.

The citizenship inquiry dated back to 1966, when Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was attempting to secure a waiver so her second husband, Indonesian citizen Lolo Soetoro, could return to the country after his visa had expired.
Read more: Bombshell: U.S. government questioned Obama citizenship

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