Stock Market Is Going To Junk~Left Wing Blogosphere Is Wondering Whats Goin On… DUH

Dow Jones industrial average closes down 513, worse dump since ’08 …

Global stock selloff accelerates

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Rich people, and people that have worked hard for your money your whole life-Listen up: You had better do something FAST with your money, and man, I mean it.  ‘Cuz, the Bolskeviks are coming to get it.  Obama promised to tax ya’all-BIGTIME.

   So, I was reading the leftist rag-Huff Post and they are wondering what is going on.  Well, Celente’, Savage, Beck, and many others have been warning you that this was/is happening and you ain’t listenin’.  You won’t have anyone talking about your Messiah, Prez Hussein.  So, come-uppins is comin’ up.  I keep saying I can’t wait until you leftists are in the streets and starving your guts out…And.. I am serious. 

  I can’t see a year with the dollar having ANY value at all.  Celente’ is warning of a Depression that will rival the 30’s.  I agree.  Sometimes, it is better to be alarmed, knowing our history.  It is better to know that leftism is fascism and Nazi-ism.  Better to be on the safe side, than to listen to a thing these sub-humans tell you anymore.

Here is a comment on Y.T.

@yomammaspoodlethis is everyone across America’s 401k’s and retirement plans going up in smoke you moron.