Moron Maxine Waters: ‘Poor Whites Being Brainwashed By Right Wing’. NO, Dummy, They Dont Want A “Prez” Called HUSSEIN

Moron Maxine Waters: ‘Poor Whites Being Brainwashed By Right Wing’. NO, Dummy, They Dont Want A “Prez” Called HUSSEIN

This has to be the dumbest idiot in Gods green earth.  Did it miss the Liberal brain that Obama is a damned Muslim?  Oh, I forgot, Leftists LOVE Muslims more than Americans.  More than Christians. More than Jews.

“Poor whites” refuse to vote Democrat because you have a leader called



You stupid f’n BIMBO!  They have HONOR even though poor, you have nothing except your Marxist b.s.

Watch this video below, you will find out exactly why ‘poor whites’ refuse to vote Demo-COMMIE:

Make Fun Of A Celebrity Day: CHER

Make Fun Of A Celebrity Day: CHER

Above is what she said on Twitter.  I am no ‘fan’ of Mitt Romney, but we ARE patriotic, American, right wingers here..

So, I had to reply to the old hag..

My reaction to Cher on Twitter:

The Mad Jewess@MadJewessWoman:

@cher  CHER…Your lips are as LARGE as FLORIDA. Seek Lisa Rinna to look HUMAN again.

The Mad Jewess @MadJewessWoman:

@cher ~CHERS says: ‘f’k yrself old c’nt’, >isnt that the pot calling the kettle black….?

CHER, you are a has-been.

And….Your lips are in the WRONG place, dear

If it was not for Sonny (a conservative, hater, right-wing, ‘fascist’ etc..) You would be a *ZERO* and you know it.

Black Swan Trend-2011

Above Scrutiny; Politicians & Rock Star Status

Go to fullsize imageIf you seem to be a conservative and perhaps you are a are not allowed to question the Republican Party of politicians… If you are a Democrat and center ‘liberal’, you are not allowed to question the DNC.. And that is politics in America now. 

  Take myself for ie…. I am not a Sarah Palin supporter.  Why? Because Palin quit her post in Alaska as governor. It is as simple as that.  The excuse?  That she wanted to go to the 48 states and build up the GOP.  She would have been better suited to remain on post and finish the job she started.  Thats MY opinion.. Why does all of this bother me? Because I know the Bolsheviks/Marxists, and am not in the dark how they attack:  ruthlessly, mercilessly, assault peoples characters and lives.  Do I believe that Sarah Palin can handle the attacks? Yes, I do believe that she can. Does this mean I would want her to be the next president? NO. 

  Now, why am I against Sarah Palin as a president? Because I am old-fashioned. I believe that America was great because we had ‘evil’ whitey male in charge, that’s why. When I look at the pictures of past presidents, I see no women, and I see no Muslim men, like who we have now, (Obama). I am not going to change my position, and you will not see The Mad Jewess EVER endorsing a woman for a president, or a minority.  Both have agendas.  I have not EVER voted a Jewish person into office either. Is it because I am an “Israel-hater?” Or a self-hating Jew-hater as Soros is?  No.  It is because Jewish people are predominantly leftists and I cannot ever vote for a leftist.  It is against America.

   Now, let’s take the center of the road liberal/Democrat.  They are seen as an enemy, because they do not like democrats that are in charge. I don’t like all of this ‘labeling’, just trying to get a point across. 

   The people that voted in Hillary Clinton were shoved to the back burner as Obama stole the election from Hillary, who was actually the rightful winner of the DEM. Not that I like Hillary, I hate her.  However, look at the DEMS that are not even allowed to question their own party now, because that is seen as ‘treasonous’ by the leftist machine.  So, often times, debating with these people, I have more in common, because they feel the ‘fascism’ as I do.

  Recently, an article was put out by Salon, a liberal rag, that had a truth about Sarah Palins constituent (A Soros paid ‘neo-con’, as they phrased it)  in a lobbying report that Becks people are calling ‘spin.’  It is not ‘spin’, it is a lobbying report.  It is one thing to call spin, spin, when it is spin, but another to hit back when the facts cannot be refuted.   Since I put this lobbying report up, I have had an array of emails from people that are angry. They are thinking I am ‘attacking’ Sarah Palin.  Sarah Palin is a politician who gets paid a couple million a year, plus she has a reality TV show. The Mad Jewess is an unpaid blogger with hard right wing values.  Sarah Palin may want to think of firing a person that works for Soros instead of justifying the phoney, pseudo-con Sheunemann.

  Either way, I am sick and tired of the fascism. And it IS on both sides of the spectrum, because the Bolsheviks have infiltrated into the once Grand Old Party.  This is why people call them ‘RINOS’.   I don’t like the rock-star status of politicians now. I don’t like how pseudo-conservatives are angry because I am questioning one of their people.  I don’t like how I was rejected at the T-party for being ‘too right wing’.  In my opinion, America should go back to being America, without the labels, without the attacks of people demanding loyalty that is a false loyalty to parties that have screwed up America to the max.

This is a Savage video, who I also don’t agree with 100%, but I agree with this:


Kim On Breitbart, a little blogger:

Kim · 38 weeks ago  

This is why I don’t let anyone tell me who to vote for.

I don’t think anyone should vote for a candidate just because they’re “electable” how about someone who represents you and your values.

That’s part of the reason we ended up with Bush ’41 and John McCain, no freakin’ thanks.


This Is Coming To America, Because The WHOLE WORLD Is Tired Of Left Wing BS

  Afraid This is news from Serbia.  You left wingers have totally destroyed this earth. Your blatant disrespect for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is going to bring terrible violence to America.  You wonder why Conservative Americans are acting wild now, even sort of looking ‘out of control’, in your stupid, fucked up, dumbass opinions…IT IS because of your tolerence of EVIL, and we are tired of it. When the violence comes to America like these pictures from Serbia the other day, look at yourselves to blame, for being disloyal, cowardly, debaucherous, totally immoral, and traitors to this nation—it will be YOUR fault. You had better change your ways, Dirty-Democrats & Rotten-RINOs.

Protesters in the Serbian capital Belgrade attack police protecting a Gay Pride march before setting fire to part of the ruling Democratic Party’s headquarters.

Serbian religious people are tired of the ‘gay’s and their infiltration into young mens lives.

Serbian Leftists take crosses from Monks, and now Monks and religious people are retaliating.

The Day I Gave A Marxist, Tattoo, Pierced-faced Hippy A Ride Home

face tattoo - Boing BoingLeft wing moonbats preach an awful lot about tolerence, but we all know they are full of shit. 

 Gypsy Girl Painting by I was on one of my little gypsy moves, 8 times I have crossed this once great nation. I lived upstate, NY.   I use to go through placement agencies to work, while in my gypsy phase. So, I went and worked at Fleet Bank- Income Tax Processing Center. I processed tax returns. I lived on the left-hand side of the Hudson, 9 miles from Woodstock, the place where 65 year olds think they are 17 years old.

  One day, I was observing this young man after work. He had a tattooed face, that was pierced.  None of his clothes matched, his hair was dirty, he looked dingy, it really was a grotesque scene. He had a sign that said “I NEED A RIDE TO WOODSTOCK”.  So, I watched the diversity crowd, (in which, the whole place was so ‘diverse’), for about  1/2 hour.  Every single left-wing, snotty, jerk gave this poor, sick, kid.. ugly looks, that were sooooo intoLLLLLerent! Unimaginable, eh? 

our hit parade: White Liar{This is a big reason why I tell you these people are SOOO full of shit, and cannot be taken serious. If they were soooo toLLLLerent, they would be a lot nicer to the so called ‘evil’ conservative Americans, instead of calling them every ugly name in the book, without an expectation of retaliation.}

  Onward. I had already decided to give this kid a ride home. Of course I could, because I am an evil, right-wing, nut and carry weapons 😀  ~I told him “Come with me, I will give you a ride home.” The young man, who was once a handsome blonde/blue eyed kid, who was once normal, was so grateful.

  I started to converse with him, asking what his Mom thought of all these tattoos, and he replied that his family were born again Christians, and at first, she was devastated, then hurt, then accepted it. Which seem to make him happy. OK. I just kept listening to him.  He was preaching to me about toLLLLLerence. So, I allowed him to keep on talking. He hated Bush, so, he was in good company with that, because Bush was terrible to me as well, but not for the same reasons as this kid. Then he went on how the ‘evil’ right wing was so intoLLLLLerent.

Woostock  Now, we were in Woodstock, downtown.  He opened the door to get out, and said “Peace Man”.  I said, yeah…”Peace”.  Then before I took off, I told him; “Mark (that was his name) I, am a right-wing American, I am the ‘evil’ that you hate. I am your so called ‘enemy’.

please look ..and tell me

  Let me tell ya, this kid was flabberghasted. I told him; “Mark…not ONE of your toLLLLerent friends lifted a finger for you.  Remember this, when you tout the tolerence & fairrrrness, ok buddy?” 

  I saw Mark a year later. Mark is now an independent/centrist that goes to his church with his mom, and since, has had 2 of his tattoos on his face, lazered, and I believe he got married, because he was engaged.

  One Way Baruch HaShem.

Right-wingers are Un-educated according to Media Matters Bloggers

Steyn attacks “the educated left” as among the “threats to Jews in the world today”

by NiceguyEddie (15 minutes ago) 1   Well… seeing how the educated Right is to small in number to be a threat to anyone
{Dumbass Eddie, it is SMALL (r) and TOO, NOT ‘to’.}
Well… I take that back.

ASSAULT: They’re well funded enough to keep misinfomring the UNeducated Right,

..who are in fact VERY LARGE in number.

Wow, new word?  “Misinformring” ShockedElite left wing Snobbery.

IMHO <The stupid Jerks Website- this is where YOU, too, can get ‘edumacated’

Well, so much for YOU/us all being dumb.. Has it escaped “NiceGuyEddie” that he cannot even spell, let alone carry on 2 hours away from being a treasonous rat bastard?

Now….on for the ADL spew that is totally UNCALLED for…the “Jew remarks” over there;

by AB-001 (1 hour and 22 minutes ago) 4   Like all the educated Jews who lean left?

The more this clown defends Rush’s weasel-worded anti-Semitism, the more patronizing he becomes. {ME:} There was ZERO ‘anti-semitism’ in Rush’s statement, and Norman Podhoretz is WITH LimbaughThe underlying message he sends out is “Jews” are a frail group under siege from Islamic extremists and liberals and don’t understand what threatens them, The only obvious solution is have the Israel lovin’ Rush defend those poor misguided Jews. {ME:} It is too bad that we can’t send YOU, jackass, a nice Jihad-Jelly Sandwich, you know about Islam as much as you do that Obama is a “Christian”

That may not be (in their minds) anti-Semitism;{ TRUTH:} {HE IS NOT AN ANTI-SEMITE, YOU TOTAL MOONBAT} it may actually be an honest opinion on their part. But it is patronizing, discussing “the Jews” like a third person apart from mainstream, who need good conservative thinkers like Steyn and Limbaugh to take up their defense.{My thoughts:} Real Jews have STRANDED the left wing, knowing that Democrat FASCISTS hate their GUTSAtlas Shrugs: Obama: Lethal for Israel

Now if those Jews start complaining about a Christmas tree or their kids singing “Silent Night” in public schools, how fast would these guys switch from “protecting” Jews to denouncing “liberals” who want Christmas eliminated from the public schools? {My thoughts:} OK, look asshole… YOU left Wing self-hating Jews in name only have been messing with Christmas, because the TRUTH is, you are ATHEISTS. Jewish people have written OVER 35 Christmas songs, The leading “White Christmas” by Irving Berlin- which probably makes YOUR ass foam at the mouth, AB-ZERO. 

Who would those “liberals” be? Jews like me and these clowns know it. We know folks from Limbaugh’s organization reads these things; certainly his defenders read it as well. Kids, tell your boss to be honest…or would that mean bye bye to $400 million?

So, we are all UN edumacated.. Liberal Jews NEED the ‘left wingers?’ (like a hole in the head) and they are still ranting about Limbaugh, who made an anti-semitic remark, which he didnt. 

Just another day at Soap Opera Central, and how you right wingers never ‘report truth in the media..’ The comedy in all of this is, I really don’t personally like Limbaugh, but this is NOT right, this character assasination!

“Bloggers on the Bus” New Left Wing book that RIGHT WINGERS NEED~NOW

Click to buy (BUY 1 book, copy it and PASS IT AROUND


 anti-Christian, anti-Jew, Anti-America,

Anti everything good:  Eric Boehlert's New Book 


By David Brock, Founder & CEO of Media Matters for America

Since its debut in May 2004, the growth of Media Matters for America has run parallel with the success of the liberal blogosphere and the larger online netroots movement, which has become the New Media voice for progressives nationwide. Together, Media Matters and the blogosphere have helped change the conversation about the press and politics in America.

  Inspired by Timothy Crouse’s landmark 1973 book, The Boys on the Bus, which unveiled modern campaign journalism at the time, Boehlert pulls back the online curtain and helps readers better understand the revolution that’s taken place, as well as the unlikely participants who are leading it: students, housewives, attorneys, professors, musicians.

  Anyhooooooooooo, go get this book, and use their tactics

 AGAINST them. 

 They ‘want’ a Revolution so bad….Lets bring it TO them.



Excellent interview with AsheDina, formerly from – We also discussed the radical Muslim threat that the USA and Israel is facing and how the liberals are united with our enemies:  

Interview with The Mad Jewess on Obama eligibility

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