The American Lampoonist’s Latest RINO Flag:

The American Lampoonist’s Latest RINO Flag:

A new post by our friend, The American Lampoonist:

Huckabee the Hippo Endorses Mealy-Mouthed Mexophile Jeb Bush for President.  Jebby is the Son-of-a-Bush the who said “the Republican party will never win another election as the White Guy’s Party.”

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Boehner: IT’S WAR!

Boehner: IT’S WAR!

From our email thread friend:

He finally “did it” this time. Maybe one too many lunchtime martinis? The Son of a Bitch masking as a speaker of the house of conservatives threw down the gauntlet and declared open and unmitigated war on conservatism in general, and the T-Party directly.  There is no longer an iota of political capital to be gained by maintaining a detente with these scurrilous pole cats.  Read it all from the Lampoonist: Right in this link

Adios RINO Rove

Great read.


We were shaken to the core by the result of the last election, but it is we who are responsible for the political consequences our children will have live with everyday. And if you think you’ve seen the last of the Son’s Of Bush, look who’s warming up in the bullpen for a run in 2016, the uber-RINO, the fat Son Of A Bush, Jeb. He’s the Son Of A Bush who stuck a hot poker into the eye of America’s already politically disenfranchised “white guys” and announced that, “the Republican party will never win an election being perceived as the white guy’s party.” Gratis his old man and idiot brother, suspicions confirmed…

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Ann Coulter: “Romney Is The Most Conservative Candidate” Really….!?

No he isnt, you dumb blonde bimbo.  Santorum is the most conservative.  And, you certainly are not. Where were you, Miss bimbo when Santorum needed a boost?

I like how Steve Cooper is smashing this dumbass-broad into the next stratosphere.  Coulter is leading this mess against Gingrich on the net, who is almost as moderate as Romney (not quite) He is trying to break away from the establishmentAnd-Paul, a Liberal-Tarian, Ann never says a word about his appeasing policies or his repeal of DADT… Santorum is the only family oriented candidate.  Why do we have to hear from this female hormone that needs 500 mgs of premarin, asap?

Remember this defamation from the HAG,  against all of you ‘birthers.’ Do you all remember her big mouth, making light of us little peon ‘birthers’? I certainly do. 

And, what have we here, ANN?  We have the state of GA with a hearing on whether President Obama should be removed from the November ballot in Georgia ended Thursday without a ruling — and also without Obama. (O didnt show up, and the Judge will enter DEFAULT JUDEMENT!)

Where is Ann Coulter? Is she out there apologizing to ‘birthers?’


Remember people…….

Red Eye Guest Called Ann Coulter A “RINO” Last Night. Ha Ha Ha

Miss Drag-Queen got called a RINO last night by a guest of Gutfelds on Red Eye (FOX)… Sorry, but I was LOL.  She is a RINO. Need proof?? Miss Ann is the GOProud ‘gay’ icon, council chair.

Sooooo….We are stuck with anybody but Obama, 2012.. What does this mean, Miss C?  This means: Newt, Romney, Santorum or Paul.  So….do us all a favor…sit down, and STFUP. 

The witch is madly in love with Chris Christie…who just appointed an openly ‘gay’ black man to the NJ Top Court.. Maybe the 2 of these phonies should get together.  The only thing I, personally, would worry about is their pro-creation.

(I am telling ya folks… I am SICK and tired of these pansy ass people that cannot seem to kick the devil in the rear and say NO to filth.  Ann Coulter makes me sick.  I used to be a BIG fan, but not anymore.)

This is the hags latest rant;



Mitt McRomney: Pro-Islamic, Leftist, Ass-Kissing Stooge Says “Islam: Peace-Loving “Religion”

So, this is what the ‘religion of peace is all about, ROMNEY?  ~ SUDDEN JIHAD SYNDROME: Crazed gunman shouting “Allahu Akbar” goes on shooting spree in Hollywood …….There is no shortage on stupid in AmeriKa, now. Really, McRomney.. How bout not even mentioning Islamos? Why is there nothing that says CHRISTIANS are the patriots that love America & are the real peace-lovers? Huh? Is that too hard for you, you being a Mormon?

Learn from England you STUPID IDIOT, Romney. 

MY GOD, I HATE these candidates!

Yes, I AM A HATER of ALL things leftist and appeasing.

‘Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney says the Muslims he knows are “peace-loving and America-loving individuals.

Read more on Romney: Islam Is a Peace-Loving Religion

  The left-wing of Britain have successfully destroyed the future of UK. But that was what they had planned all along. People from the left-wing simply just hate people, same as the leftists in AmeriKa. They want to destroy all civilization, so that the animals can have this planet for them selves.

Here is some ‘peace’ for ya, Romney:

Dont worry, ROMNEY you Muslim ass kissing IDIOT

You have a GREAT friend in Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

CNN Poll Shows Ron Paul Can Win Against Obama~He ALREADY Gave Us Obama

I am sorry, but are people friggin insane?  CNN ran a poll and the poll said that Ron Paul has a chance to ‘beat Obama’. Ron Paul ALREADY ran, lost in the primaries, because of his BFF stance on Islam.. and gave us Obama. Lets get this straight, Ron Paul is 102 years old… Nevermind the pun…


Lets see… DADT.. Ron Paul voted to repeal DADT. Leaving our military open for ‘gay’s to serve openly. Gee, aint thhhat thweet?  Ron Paul screams “Audit the fed” every other 5 minutes, yet, thinks that people are so stupid that we have not looked into his earmarks.

 Ron Paul sponsored or co-sponsored 15 earmarks totalling $17,113,000 in fiscal year 2010 ranking 242nd out of 435 representatives. To learn more about earmarks, visit the Earmarks section

Ron Paul’s rationalizing is so unconvincing. He has shredded all credibility on this issue. If you still follow him, you are a mindless cult member. Period. Well, I already knew you were mindless cult members.  “Oh no, no! But you misunderstand!” I understand perfectly well. No amount of spinning is going to explain this away. Ron Paul is the pork king of Houston and the pork-king of the GOP.  And he’s a fraud to boot. Too bad he couldn’t have figured out an obscure rationalization to fund the troops in Iraq.

Ron Paul thinks that a mosque at G. Zero is a good thing:

Angry Ron Paul Defends Ground Zero Mosque

Maybe someone needs to remind Ron Paul about honor murders: 

Islamic “Honor” Murder In Michigan~20 Yr Old Young Woman MURDERED By Step-father

   Sorry.. I do not think that Ru Paul can beat Obama. You may think so, and worship him like the Obama-bots worship Obama, but I am not fooled. This Ru Paul says just about NOTHING to the evil Obama administration. NOTHING.  Ru Paul is OPEN to ‘open borders’ as well… NO, TYVM. More of the same, only Ron Paul:

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Issa To Investigate Pigford.. Sure, Like He Investigated Sestak

SEE: Issa says he won’t investigate White House job offer to Sestak    Im sorry, but who listens to these people anymore? I dont. I listen to citizen bloggers. The rest of it is phoney talk, from lying phoney’s. Period.  Anyone that  believes that Issa is going to really investigate anything is just a sheep. I hate these people. All of them. In fact I was watching Rand Paul last night on Napolitanos fill in for Beck: What a weak person. Just weak, no fire in the belly. These people ALL SUCK.


T-Partiers; You Trusted Boehner & Guess What: He Says “RAISE THE DEBT CEILING!”

 Speaker of the House John Boehner says, guess what you stupid asses, we are going  to raise the debt ceiling.

 Gangster And you thought you could get rid of this ol’ RINO!! HA..HA..HA….

  I warned you all that this asshole was a traitor.  He is no better than Nasty-Nancy… the sad part about so much of this, is that the T-partiers are just nice people- Normal, everyday, working folks. They have not been on to the Bolsheviks (they call themselves progressives now) but they are cold-blooded Bolshevik/Commies. The GOP will change nothing. Thats the facts.  NOTHING will change until we rid ourselves of the cancer of this evil government.  I don’t know where the hell men are right now, to off these treasonous monsters….

Boehner Warns GOP on Debt Ceiling

RINO US Congressman: “Myth That A Prez Must Be Natural Born.” WTF!

Go to fullsize imageThis Congressman should be hung, and in a sane world, he would be…. This site is not for ANTI-Birthers.  Your comments get thrown in the ash can…just an FYI.  (It really IS amazing, that in the 2nd vid here, a young lady, maybe not even 18, is questioning BHO…AND, guess what?! Shes BLACK-She must be a RACIST! LOL)

   So, writing, copying and pasting is a waste of time. I look at things this way; If you left wing NAZIS/Marxists/Commies and stupid Liberals think you can just bully us around, pushing us to pay to wipe your ass because you can’t take care of your own DR bills, then you get the shaft here on The Mad Jewess.  I have you assholes ALL figured out.  Nothing will ‘change’ with YA ALL.  Your insane drivel, your moonbattery is all I can bear before I really want to take your IP address and blow your computer up… But.. I’m just a little better than that.  You are just not allowed to post here 😀

  For all of you that know what I know;

  Where is the LONG FORM birth certificate, and WHY IN GODS NAME DO WE HAVE A DUAL CITIZEN AS A PREZ without any records in a time where we NEED leadership so desperately?