Message From Truckers To Americans: “We Will NOT Be This Generations Reginald Denny”

Message From Truckers To Americans: “We Will NOT Be This Generations Reginald Denny”

A post from many other Truckers:

DEAR AMERICA, WE ARE SERIOUS… THE AMERICAN TRUCKER will not be held hostage, threatened, robbed, or killed. We will not be a victim. We will not be this generation’s version of Reginald Denny. Every driver knows that name. Do you?
We will defend ourselves everytime, up to and including, using our 80,000lb trucks and it’s 1,800 foot-pounds of torque to run you over.

Cities where looting, rioting, & stopping trucks is happening…. You are hearby put on notice.

Threaten, delay, attempt to stop a truck, we… The American trucker will consider that act as an attack on our lives. We will defend ourselves, our equipment, and our load.

Food, medicine, hospital supplies, gasoline, and a million other daily items we deliver to your cities ARE A-POLITICAL. Everyone needs them, including your dumbass. We don’t “need” to come to your lawless city. YOU NEED us to deliver your food and supplies to your city.

We drivers have social media too. If your city becomes too chaotic & violent. Becomes too unsafe for us… Word will spread very quickly amongst the 3.5 million truckers. We will stop delivering to your city. Period. No driver will travel into a city that reminds us of scenes from a “Mad Max” movie.

Threaten an American truck driver while he’s working and it will take you, and your city, down a path where YOU WILL LOSE.

Take a moment & seriously think: Do you really want to risk your doctor NOT having the supplies he needs to save you while in surgery? Do you really want to stop the medicines keeping your kids and parents alive?

Keep your silly shit off the US Interstate and US highway system. Congregating in the roadway will only get you run over. Having people standing and blocking the highway is a threat to our physical safety and we will respond appropriately to your attack. Standing in the roadway is NOT a protest. It is an attack on our safety. Air horns will sound, steering wheels will be held tightly, but those brakes will not be touched. You will move, or you will die. 80,000 pounds at 70mph will win every time. STAY OUT OF THE ROADWAY.


I copied the whole thing because FB removes these type posts.

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If you do not remember, Reginald Denny was a truck driver who was beaten into being unrecognizeable. This event took place from Apr 29, 1992 – May 4, 1992 during the Rodney King murderous riots.  He was beaten for being white.  Which is commonplace now.  The racism isnt against  black people.  Its against WHITE PEOPLE and you damned well know it.

Nothings changed:


Communist Democrat Terrorist Vegans Storm #ChickFilA & Hold Children Hostage With Knives

Communist Democrat Terrorists Storm #ChickFilA & Hold Children Hostage With Knives  HAT TIP –  Joshua Feuerstein

Democrat Tyrants are terrorizing the whole nation, calling everyone else fascists as they now hold up a Chick Fil A:

Don’t let your family or friends ANYWHERE near a Communist, Democrat, Vegan wack-job Terrorist.

White Nationalists Destroying Cop Cars In Jersey?!

White Nationalists Destroying Cop Cars In Jersey?!


No, it’s just the same as usual: Black rioters with a white Leftist.  But, I had to get your attention, Liberal idiots because you actually think white nationalists are doing these things.  

CLICK TO SEE: They’re Wildin’ In Jersey: Rioters Destroy & Burn Down Police SUV’s Over The Death Of George Floyd!

David says:

In early 1945, during the Battle of the Bulge, as Patton was relieving Bastogne, in either a tank battalion by Lt. Col. Creighton Abrams or in a supporting infantry battalion, in Patton’s 3rd Army, a private, 19 year old James Hendrix of Arkansas shot a German in the neck then killed another with his rifle butt, then single handed captured two 88MM German artillery batteries with their crews, then captured 2 German machine gun nests, single handedly held off the counter attacking Germans while our wounded were being evacuated and finally pulled a G.I. out of a burning half track. The G.I. in the burning half track was on fire and later died but for his deeds private Hendrix was awarded The Congressional Medal of Honor. All of that bravery by a 19 year old kid. Compare that to the spoiled brats of today who want ‘give me, give me, give me’ and they want it now.

They should make a new TV soap opera starring many of today’s immature brats and call it THE YOUNG AND THE USELESS.


Cops In Lootersville, ChiTown: “Let Gangs Shoot Each Other”. Good Idea, Guys:

Cops In Lootersville, ChiTown: “Let Gangs Shoot Each Other”. Good Idea, Guys:

Because….This way, the anti all Police troglodytes cant say anything and the Left will be crying over their future voters.  Let the Cops allow the gangs to duke it out.  Who gives a damn anymore.  Theyre animals, let them lose their souls..The cops must have had a movie night watching the Godfather..

Cops in Lootersville, Chitown say about gangs… “Let ‘Em Do It” Chicago PD Scanner Audio Suggests Cops Let Gang Members Shoot Each Other!

Latino & Dominican Gangs (Not White “Racists”) Turn On Black #Rioters In ChiTown, Lootersville & NY.

Latino & Dominican Gangs Turn On Blacks In ChiTown & NY.

Pew Pew Gun GIF by Won't You Be My Neighbor

All you white ‘racists’ must have plotted this! 

Well, its a sunny day up here, 100 miles from the border of Utah in no man’s land.  The birds are singing, the trees have a nice breeze running thru their leaves and Dave and I had a nice Egg Sandwich at the country pie place up here in the boondocks.  Far away from the Left wing city of Phoenix where the radical slimes are going to cut 180 mil USD from the Phoenix Police force..  

But, its not such a sunny day in Lootersville, Chicago: Latino Gangs in ChiTown come to the aid of the cops.  Black radicals are pissed about this on Worldstar hip hop

In the Communist Progressive shitty, once called the “Big Apple”…it’s not too wonderful either the last few days because the Dominicans are turning on the black rioters who they thought were going to loot.  Unfortunately, the bad blacks are bringing shame to the whole race and even tho they were not ‘looting’, the Dominicans just cant trust them anymore. It’s kinda like how Left wing looney-toon “Jews” make all Jews look like unhinged jackasses.

“Rip These F**ks Heads Off” -Dominican Goes OFF & Thanks The Latin Kings In Chicago! “Dominicans, Ricans, This Is How You Do It”

Cops in Lootersville, Chitown say about gangs… “Let ‘Em Do It” Chicago PD Scanner Audio Suggests Cops Let Gang Members Shoot Each Other!

Saner heads like Candace Owens prevail.

In Rochester, this store owner just can’t take any more of the bs.. Starts shooting at the rioters.  


Leftists Destroying Leftist Cities. Oh Well.

Leftists Destroying Leftist Cities. Oh Well.

I didn’t care on May 28th and I don’t care now what the Left does. 

The ungodly, filthy, disgusting actions of the Left is being judged by itself because nature abhors a vacuum.  Leftist cities are defunding Police Departments..What could possibly go wrong…

Why this is a little blurry, I don’t know.

Have a laugh after you took some time to watch my little vid: NOLTE: THE LEFT’S EATING ITSELF. LET THEM FIGHT.

Is There A Hotline To Turn In Violent #Rioters Like We Had For Quarantine Violators?

Is There A Hotline To Turn In #Rioters Like We Had For Quarantine Violators?

We’re living in a screwed up reality where refusing to wear a mask was more important than violent, rioting losers who are terrorizing the nation.

By the way…saying the word ‘rioter’ is raccccist even though most of the violent RIOTERS are white Leftists.