#WhitePrivilege? Son Of Obama Murders 99 Yr Old White Woman In Her Home

#WhitePrivilege? Son Of Obama Murders 99 Yr Old White Woman In Her Home


Javon Tyrek Rogers

Other countries revere their elderly.  In America, blacks murder them because they’re bored and ‘entitled’.  If this was in reverse…

Click: (Black) Suspected serial burglar, 20, arrested for killing (White) 99-year-old widow in her home 

EDIT by TMJ:  God bless these 2 bloggers below for reporting the race.  As David says above; “If this was in reverse…”

Click: Jovan Tyrek Rogers black thug kills 99-year-old Fannie Gumbinger

Click: Black Thug Jovan Tyrek Rogers Charged with Murder in Killing of 99-Year-Old Fannie Gumbinger of Poughkeepsie, New York

A 20-year-old City of Poughkeepsie man charged late Friday night with murder and burglary in the death of a 99-year-old city woman is being held without bail. Police chargedJavon Tyrek Rogers, 20, of the City of Poughkeepsie, with first-degree murder and first-degree burglary around 11 p.m. in connection with the homicide of Fannie Gumbinger, 99.

Fannie Gumbinger

Our prayers are with this family.


Detroit: Decorated Veteran Murdered Defending Grandchildren from Urban Youths (Blacks)

Give Obama 4 more years, the fundamental change is working—for Negroes.  Keep hiding these crimes, white people.


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DETROIT (WJBK) – A 62-year-old Detroit grandfather was fatally shot while protecting his granddaughter from a group of men who broke into a home on the city’s west side.

FOX 2’s Amy Andrews reports John Villneff’s four grandchildren were playing video games inside his daughter’s home on the 6000 block of Rutland Street around 11 p.m. Wednesday when the men barged in and began to pistol-whip a 16-year-old boy.