UPDATE 1/21/2013~Did CNN Air Fake Sandy Hook Helicopter Footage?!

Well, ya can’t make this stuff up.  Why did they air this?  Why?  Doing a little damage control are we?? Again, discern for yourself.

UPDATE 1/2/2013 Also, take a look at this: here

This is the real footage:

What would Robbie Parker say?

Leftists Ranting On & On About Sandy Hook “Hero”, Gene Rosen-But, Nothing About Benghazi-gate & Chris Stevens

Yesterday, we were linked up at the Huffington-Whore website.  I have not written anything about Gene Rosen.  He is not a ‘hero’.  Rosen did not put his life on the line to save anyone. A hero is someone who puts his life in deaths path or under fire for someone elses life-a selfless act.   Most AmeriKans do not know the meaning of a hero..

 The ‘story’ is that Rosen opened his home to some kids from the Sandy Hook event.  Ok, so?  Did he put his life on the line for another life? NO.  He is not a hero.   The Salon is also ranting on and on about Rosen, here is one of their posts about Sandy Hook ‘truthers.’ here.  They can rant all day long, but they seem to have no explanations to the questions people are asking like this: What’s with about Robbie Parker’s laughing and smiling?

What I find amazing right now is the fact that the left-wing cares nothing about what happened to THEIR man, Chris Stevens in Benghazi-they hardly talked about it.   No big news posts about Stevens, who DID put his life in harms way, & was ignored by the state department even though he requested help time and time again, and was murdered despite his requests.  

Chris Stevens is not important.  Only these Sandy Hook children are important.  Chris Stevens is someone’s child, is he not?  Did he not have parents as well?  

The left-wing is always full of crap.  Phoney outrage. I can’t stand B.S., and the left is full of it.  55 million murdered babies by abortion – at the hand of leftists, but they pretend to cry over these kids at Sandy Hook…???

‘Progressives’ have totally exploited the event at Newtown.  The end justifies the means, doesn’t it?  Anything to further their dear leader’s position.  Whatever it takes to get the guns out of the hands of the ‘right-wing’. What a joke.  How long has it been since righteous, God-fearing Americans have been in charge of their own country? 100 years? Koo koo, koo koo…Paranoia, self destroya… Talk about MENTAL.  Leftists define what being mental is ALL about.

So, let me understand… This is a hero:

This is nobody:


What I Believe Regarding The Sandy Hook Shooting By David Ben Moshe

I believe something happened.  Just what? I don’t know after watching these 2 videos below my post.  I believe that Robbie Parker is not grieving for a lost child in any way, shape or form.

I would like to know how Victoria Soto managed to know she would be murdered 4 days before the event took place. How did someone else know she would be murdered? Who made the facebook page?  These 2 videos have shown me that something else happened besides what we have been told.

This post by “The Dirty Lowdown” has a breakdown: SANDY HOOK: THE LATEST EVIDENCE if you want to read it.

Video 1 “Robbie Parker smiling”

Victoria Soto “RIP” facebook page, created 4 days before the incident:

These are the only 2 videos of evidence that have me convinced of foul play.

This picture below is strange. Why is everyone smiling after their supposed daughter has been murdered?

Those are the only questions I have.

-David Ben Moshe


Obama’s Gun Task Force Member Has Son Convicted Of Planning School Mass Murder

Obama’s Gun Task Force Member Has Son Convicted Of Planning School Mass Murder.

Read more: here

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