More 70’s !

TMJ, May 2021. Found this fabulous silhouette on Pinterest and decided to digitally manipulate her.

One thing we can all agree on….The 70’s music! So, my computer is up n running again. I have my tinnitus appt on Monday. Things are looking good!

At any rate….70’s music seems to be the most popular with our readers here. So, I will give you a 70’s cyber party!


Just look at those ol boys playing and singing as if they were 25!


STAIND’s AARON LEWIS Urges Crowd To Chant ‘F’CK! JOE BIDEN’ During Show

STAIND’s AARON LEWIS Urges Crowd To Chant ‘F’CK! JOE BIDEN’ During Show

Joe Biden: Obama's Perfect Puppet - Freedom Wire

People hate the communist-Democrat party but they really hate Biden… Their anger should be directed at OBAMA. HE is the one running this sh’tshow:

This is my favorite “Staind” song:


TMJ Digi mix

For about a week, the Lord has lightened my load, spiritually speaking. I really was heavy spirited over all of the events that keep happening. I really don’t like when he releases me for a time because I lose my edge, get sloppy and lazy. Its just too ‘comfortable’. I would rather be at the edge of my seat. Alas, HE has given me some peace even tho I don’t want it, LOL.

I had a dream the other night: Little owls had made their home on my legs and feet. I looked down at them and said: “What are you little owls doing here!”

Tumblr: Image

I did a lot of research on the meaning yesterday and I came to this conclusion: Owls dwell in places of desertion, empty barns, deserts, (places like that). I had recently told my pal that I was in mourning for well over a year, observing the sad state of the nation and world. I believe God sent these owls to comfort me. Owls can take the desertion. They can handle lonely places. We all need to be more like owls.

May the bastards who are destroying the world be brought down to their deaths very soon.

White Man’s Music, “The Righteous Brothers”

White Man’s Music, “The Righteous Brothers”

I was talking with tednoiz and he was telling me that “Im a softy, a real mush” Lol… Yeah, I confess there is nothing more fabulous than listening to ‘evil’ white man’s music.

Without further adieu, here is the fabulous Righteous Brothers:

NEW Rock Band Called ‘Dirty Honey’. Totally 70’s, 80’s Classic Rock:

NEW Rock Band Called ‘Dirty Honey’. Totally 70’s, 80’s Classic Rock

This is 70s style/80s style rock n roll. A mix of metal and classic rock. Eric Clapton sound in the beginning of the song with a dash of Axl rose in the chorus… A touch of Robert plant and Geddy Lee. Definite Kudos to the mix.

Time For An ALLIES Band Break

I LOVED this band as a younger chick. They not only had great studio CD but their concerts were excellent as well.

The lead singer is Bob Carlisle, who sang the hit, “Butterfly Kisses”. And, although I really thought that song was nice, I loved the band he was with and they rocked it!! They were a Christian rock band. Fun, crazy and talented.

“Old Man Down”

“Long way from paradise”

“Christian Man”—this one is GREAT!

“Devil is a liar”…. One of my fav’s.

Someday, ♥ Will Find You… Which 1 Is Better?

Digitally manipulated this one a couple wks ago.  She looked alone and it reminded me of the Journey song.  Which got me to thinking…who did it best?  I think Perry did.  Arnel is a close 2nd.  Arnel is fabulous also.  I really miss hearing one great song after the next breaking on the top 40 rock charts.  The late 70’s and 80’s was a super fun time for rock and pop.  We had so many songs that had fabulous lyrics that were about life and love.

Perry: ♥


Arnel: ♥


My Led Zeppelin III Album Sketch

I drew this when I was 16 or 17 I think.  I was enamored with ‘evil’ whitey rock groups.  I loved ’em so much, so, I wanted to draw Led Zep.  My friend, Mike H taught me how to ‘black out’ faces.  So, I attempted it!

Here it is:


Here is the original from a CD:

Image result for led zeppelin 3