#Jordan & #Lebanon Want To Fight #Israel For “#Palestinians”? Why Do They Treat Their OWN Palis Like Crap?

Jordan & Lebanon Want To Fight For “Palestinians”? Why Do They Treat Their OWN Palis Like Shit?

Wanting to ‘join in’ to attack Israel is just Jew hatred. The Jordanians, the Lebanese, the Syrians also care nothing for their own “Palestinians”.

EXCERPT from Human Rights Watch:

More than half of the 6.3 million population of Jordan is of Palestinian origin-that is, from areas west of the River Jordan, including the West Bank, today’s Israel, and Gaza. With the exception of persons from Gaza, the vast majority of those persons of Palestinian origin have Jordanian citizenship. However, since 1988, and especially over the past few years, the Jordanian government has been arbitrarily and without notice withdrawing Jordanian nationality from its citizens of Palestinian origin, making them stateless. For many of them this means they are again stateless Palestinians as they were before 1950. Palestinian-Origin Jordanians Deprived of their nationality.

There are even books about this: Stateless Again: Palestinian-Origin Jordanians Deprived of nationality (HRW)

Then, there is LEBANON who treats their Palestinians FAR worse:

Palestinians in Lebanon: ‘It’s like living in a prison’ Palestinians in Lebanon: ‘It’s like living in a prison” …

Lebanon’s Apartheid Laws :: Gatestone Institute

Hassan Salem, 12, works at a mechanic's shop seven days a week, 10 hours a day, to help his family survive [Lisa Khoury/Al Jazeera]
  • At least 300,000 Palestinian refugees live in Lebanon in what Human Rights Watch calls “appalling social and economic conditions.” They’re blocked from working in a variety of professions, and the Lebanese government has largely resisted granting them broader property rights.

Then there is SYRIA. They starve the Palis to death:

See this little boy? He is a Pali in Syria Palestinian refugees in Syria starving to death, report

Starving to death in Syria’s Yarmouk camp | Israel | Al .Jazeera.

Starving to death in Syria's Yarmouk camp | Israel | Al ...

HOWEVER: In Israel, Palis are FAT. Battle of the Bulge: Obesity in the Gaza Strip on the rise …

One can go take a weekend in GAZA: Hotels in Gaza City

OR, Maybe go watch a horse race in GAZA where Pali’s are ‘suffering’

Gaza horse race takes place on destroyed airport runway - YouTube

So, what’s going on with the nations enraged with Israel?



You can fool all the other dumbshits… But, I will not be fooled.


Posters at Mad Jewess, why’s no one talking about the main problem?

It’s as if Israelis have Charles Mansons Family living down the road a couple of miles away and the “Family” comes and yells from the driveway at you in your home.

But have people actually looked at who the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians (the real only so-called Palestinians are the Jews that lived there 4000 years ago.) truly are?

It seems no one is doing their homework out there in the media: and even Israelis aren’t talking about the real problem.

What is the problem? Well the Muslims are all at least 40% inbred says Wikipedia. (70% in Pakistan. They bankrupted the UK SS system by migrating with their retarded and sick children en masse to the UK from Pakistan. So as to freeload on the medical system there.) Inbreeding leads to depression, suicidal behavior, “water in the brain” sickness, the sickness of “small heads”, Jihad etc…Inbreds are sick people of the Charles Manson-style (serial/mass murderers/killers) and Israel’s living with this threat over their heads 24/7/365. If you read this stand up right now and don’t wait for this message to show up again. This is a one-time event. Relay the message because it’s very important to save the world from Armageddon in Israel. It depends upon you to spread this. If you don’t, then someone else will do it, as it’s said in the Bible. Those that stand up in the end times to spread the message that’ll save Israel, are the ones that will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. Be of the number.


The picture above shows it’s only the Muslims that are inbred in the world. They’re “the freaks of the world”. Why hide it? If you get therapy, the shrinks first words are to say that “Talking about/identifying your problems will be the first step.” Why the heck is no one talking about the elephant in the room which is that Muslims are incompatible with human society. They should just be certified and given the help they deserve which is to live away from other humans. They can live with their pets and/or cattle. They’re not really part of the human family. They’re part of the Manson family which are sub-human killers. Stand up be brave say it. It’s now your turn to speak up LOUD! Don’t take this sitting down for Christs sake.

#ISRAEL: Arabs, “Palestinians” Are Rioting & Burning In the Streets (Just Like #BLM)

ISRAEL: Arabs, “Palestinians” Are Rioting & Burning In the Streets (Just Like #BLM)

No, I’m not into the whole spiel about the ‘poor’ “Palestinians”. These are the same people that were given the whole Transjordan and then they tried to murder King Hussein of Jordan. Then, they were invited to Kuwait and they sought to overthrow the government of Kuwait. They remind me of the BLM.

Here’s what’s happening-

Yael Eckstein:

 ·Breaking news update: There are Arab riots through out Israel; in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and even Israeli Arabs in Um al fahem. Thousands of people are going out to clash with border police and IDF soldiers. The rockets from Gaza is a show of support. Today in Israel, you can clearly see the historic war, still taking place in our days, of darkness versus light. I’m grateful so many of us can tell the difference between what is darkness and what is light. Clearly, Israel is light. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, we need it!

You didn’t see this that much in Israel when Trump was in office. P-Arabs are emboldened by the Commie-CRAT party.

Love or hate the Israeli people….if you choose to side with their enemies – you’re just a Commie piece of garbage. Or a national socialist scumbag and God will defeat you soon.

Zechariah 14:

2 For I, (THE LORD) will gather all the nations for battle against Jerusalem, and the city will be captured, the houses looted, and the women ravished. Half of the city will go into exile, but the rest of the people will not be removed from the city.

3 Then the LORD will go out to fight against those nations, as He fights in the day of battle

TERRIBLE Prophetic Dream I Had In March 2009 About America Under B. Hussein Obama

I had this dream in ’09. No telling if this will happen. I don’t know. Gods knows ALL. Ponder on this, though; We are under the ‘mercy’ of God. Which is a last resort. God wants repentance from America.


  I was out to eat, with friends, just eating, nothing more… I looked into the sky, and I saw 5 planes, it looked like a night time air show, but as I looked, they looked like foreign planes- I told the people I was with (friends) that they were foreign planes.. but these planes were NOT foreign. 


Time passed, and my friends and I went out to eat.. As we were eating, there was a LARGE some type of Aircraft that I had not seen before in the sky- it had 5 points and there was 5 rockets, I said: “LOOK AT THAT THING!!! IT IS GOING TO SHOOT DOWN AT US!!!”  It didnt shoot at US, but several rockets shot about 10-20 miles away, and we saw the fire and it BURNED homes down. We were becoming used to seeing bombs in our own nation. 
It was becoming COMMON-PLACE.

Then we were out… and this time, the rockets were above our heads, and in our paths, these rockets were setting fires all over, destroying everything in their path, everywhere.  People began to hide, hide wherever they could find a place, behind big cement walls, trees, ANYWHERE.

 People were dying everywhere in America by rockets. 

I, myself had gotten paralyzed by fear, for I never thought, in my life I would see rockets all over America- EVER. There was NO PLACE safe- NO WHERE.  People I knew began to run, hide, they were scared. 

   Somewhere, (I cant remember) if we didnt submit to something, all of the sudden we were placed at workplaces.  I was at this workplace, for what seemed like months…I started to question… When am I going home?!?  We had people that were called “TASKMASTERS” -They were not ‘bosses, or employers’ they were taskmasters and that was what they were called. 
The one that was my taskmaster was an American of African descent, she looked so saddened, and I knew why.. I knew that the poor woman voted for B.H.O., she was so filled with sorrow and regret.. I remember her looking at me, she was showing me how to make this weapon, I cant remember what it was, but she was a Christian, and she then told me that;  YOU MUST CONCENTRATE ON SURVIVING- this lady was really nice to me.. she directed me to a place where I cold make some trusted friends, but others she didnt help- these others were whites supremacists and they were being tormented with NAZI flags hanging on their torso’s.

  Some time passed.. I saw PROPAGANDA of the worst sort, it was ALL AGAINST ISRAEL, Obamas face was on so many billboards, it was ALL OVER the place…then as I was trying to make friends, BOMBS came into this place where I was, and I started running, day turned into night, BOMBS BOMBS BOMBS- fire everywhere, then there was NO PLACE to hide, NONE.  I got paralyzed with fear, because I thought for sure that they would get me- I thought they could detect EVERY PLACE we were at, I could hear this EVIL “ARMY” yelling “WHERE ARE THE CHRISTIANS AND THOSE THAT SUPPORT ISRAEL?!” I could hear the biggest usurper of all, B.H.O. on top, leading this evil army, Jews were hunted, Christians were HUNTED- but most of all, Jews were HUNTED.

  I was running, running… I stopped in some place, and there this lady or female was there, she seemed nice, but I looked at her again, she had on Eastern clothes, she was FULL of BLASPHEMY, she asked me to take a picture of her, and to ‘come and be friends’  I just acted like I was stupid ort something…but a ‘friend’ said “I will take her picture’ I thought, well, I BET that she will do something terrible.. he went to take her picture, and he got blown up.  But…I saw payment in full against this lying female, a bomb hit her or some grenade, and she was burned and screaming.

 Time had passed… and nowhere to hide as bombs rained down on the USA, it was so hard to find a place to hide- the people I was with were not smart in survival tactics.
I was then in a place like a garage, and I was so scared, I couldnt hardly move, and began to cry HARD.. Then a little girl showed up… she said, come this way!!
She began to tell me… ‘They cant hear and see everything you say!!’  I didnt believe her at first, then I remembered that the satan has NOT the power to know whats in your heart, God KNOWS US psalms 139. Then, I saw… a temporary hiding type place- many people were there, they were people that would NOT turn their backs on God.


Dear Dumb-bell God-Hating/Jew-Hating/Israel-Hating Scum: PLEASE EXPLAIN HOW YOU COULD LIVE LIKE THIS

All I can say, is SHEMA, Israel, SHEMA, Israel.  I will explain later why I am saying SHEMA. God gave me a very spiritual dream about the children of Israel last night.  More here:

Israel Under Fire: More Than 200 Rockets Fired From Gaza, H/T: BARE NAKED ISLAM

-I will bless those that bless you, I will CURSE those that curse you.

{I am not a man, that I would lie}


China & Russia Quit Dollar, 2 Weeks AFTER Missles Shot Fired In USA

The Yes We Can Brigades did not tell you all that we had 3 Chinese Missle tests – 1 in San Diego, 1 in Phoenix and 1 in NYC, Queens.  EXPECT rockets and missles on our shores, in our land.  And please dont insult the little intell I have by telling me I am ‘paranoid’  I am not paranoid, I tend to be a realist.  Where are you fking liberals now? All of the rest of the moonbats; Keep watching Palins daughter on dancing with the stars, keep buying pics of Megyn Kelly half naked.


See Steve Coopers (The Conservative Monster) synopsis:

The worst case scenario



3 Star Top Brass General McInerney: “Missile Shot From A Submarine!”

Go to fullsize imageI dont know what it is going to take before America wakes the hell up.  You are all sleeping and even drunkard.  The election is over and many think that GOP is gonna change things, no- they will not. Get it? THEY WONT CHANGE ANYTHING. A little here and there to ‘settle the masses’ but that’s IT.

Found by DONNA, see:

“That Is A Missile Shot From A Submarine!” says famed 3 star General Thomas G. McInerney, a command pilot with more than 4,100 flying hours, including 407 combat missions

Russia & China Vow To Advance Military Ties.

See, from The Conservative Monster: 

China & Russia vow to advance military ties


Go to fullsize imageYep… The Mad Jewess is ‘out of her mind’……Keep worrying only about Islam, people. Islam has nothing on China and Russia.  I bet Gog/Magog (China, Russia) are LOL at us for this missile stunt the other day that everyone thought was ‘just a plane’… Keep drinking the kool-aid, or whatever the hell you are drinking.  Soon we will be attacked so bad, and possibly obliterated. After all, we have a sick-sonofabitch as a “Prez” that couldnt even care less about FT HOOD.  Hell, this bastard does not even care about life-babies..they are ‘punishment’. 


View Image

Missle Fired Off CA~Same Day Chinese Surprised US Carrier

Go to fullsize image  Some people yesterday, thought that The Mad Jewess & DONNA were insane.  Are you idiots still going to think we are insane when a missle hits your backyard because we treat our debtor, China- like crap?  We have an asonine Muslim/Marxist as our CIC that goes around the world shitting on everyone, and this is what is happening in retaliation for it..


Go to fullsize imageCome on America, we are not dumb. 


DEMAND the truth from this g’damned rotten, treacherous media! WTF!!! WAKE UP!!!!!


Doug Richardson, Jane’s Military Magazine Missile Expert Tells You the Truth: Ballistic Missile, No Doubt