Snitches Should Be SHUNNED By Society

Snitches Should Be SHUNNED By Society

The Communist, piece of garbage, FAKE Italian, Mayor Garcetti of L.A. thinks snitches will get rewards…. Maybe by the government but NOT by society….

When I grew up, if a person was caught ‘snitching’, that person was totally outcast, beaten up,  treated like a piece of garbage and was NEVER trusted.  If you have reason to believe that someone has snitched on you or any of your friends, do NOT go near that person.  Give that person dirty looks.  Stay far away.  Mock that person, laugh at that person and give that person that mark of the squealer if you happen to be accosted by the snitch.

Any person willing to call the cops over a mask or gloves or whatever should absolutely be shunned.  

How can you find out if a person is a snitch.  Thankfully, most Leftist fascist statists are ugly, smelly, disgusting, wear shitty clothes, have filthy demeanors and have the ‘coexist’ stickers.  If you detect a snitch, do NOT just ‘let it go’….  Call it out. Shame that person IN REAL LIFE.  Nevermind the social media stupidity. We’re in a WAR now.


DESTROY THAT Snitch:  MOCK the talebearer, SPIT around them, Loudly CALL THEM SNITCHES AND RATS.