A Kiss Is NOT Just A Kiss Anymore..

A Big Fat Sloppy KissIt isn’t. I was watching some modern movie, and was totally appalled. This man was sucking the face of his girlfriend, not even just sucking her face, but tongue all over the place, spit shine on the camera even. It was totally grotesque!

Rhett Butler: I'm not askingRemember the kisses of Hollywood, kisses enough to make a gal cry for joy…really! Gone With the Wind: The kiss of Rhett with Scarlett on the road to Atlanta. WOW, how wonderfully erotic, sensual and sexxxy! Something that is so capturing of the mind and emotion forever.

they declared WWII over.How about that awesome smackaroo when that Sailor returned from WW2, grabbing that nurse as if he had just seen her for the first time in his life…As if the world would stop if he did not cling to her for dear life–NOW, that is a KISS!!

Ben-Hur - Charlton HestonDo you all remember that kiss of Judah Ben Hur with Esther? WOW. O-M-G! These are kisses that cannot be forgotten. These are kisses of love that I am talking here. Real kisses of intense passion and wanting.  These kisses mimick what love is all about.

  I’ll never forget.. I was 17 years old. There was this young man named Jon. My friend warned me to not go out with him. I rebelled and went out with him anyway.  We were walking on the beach,  lo and behold, this tongue-man stuck his tongue down my throat, he started licking my chin and man, was it gross. My whole face smelled like saliva, and it was cold on my cheeks- we were at the ocean! The cool breeze was slapping on my wet face, I had to hold back a serious gag that would normally choke the average girl. EW! Good gracious.

"The Kiss" - Britney [L]Nowadays…There are no great kisses, no wonderful music to listen to, as a young couple, or married couple can really have a good time together. There is just the Whore-y-Wood version of sloppy, disgusting, spit in the face things they call a ‘kiss’. 2 women thought of as something ‘sexy’ kissing each-other, pushing that debaucherous crap on all of us.. I don’t know about you all, but I surely miss the romance of the ‘old days’……………..

When A Kiss WAS a Kiss!