I Agree With Ron Paul On This Vid. I Wont Ever Change My Position On Pauls WACKO Followers, Though

Ron Paul got boo’d in this video for telling the truthMaybe it took the ugly Obama for people to see war, ‘police action’ & whatever the hell else we are doing to a bunch of countries? Don’t know. I, personally remember being ‘iffy’ with the Iraq war.

Anyway.. I see how we (America) are bombing everywhere, and have to agree with Paul in this video. You dont have to agree. Thats fine. I am not a Paulan, and wont make your life miserable if you disagree.


This does NOT excuse you, his followers who are wacko, insane, Jew-haters, Christian-haters, nasty, authoritarian, bossy and basically a bunch of x-Commies, or who knows…Maybe you are still Commies and have infiltrated the good supporters of Paul.    I am against Paul on his DADT repeal, wanting to legalize drugs, legalize prostitution. And I think he is a wacko re. Israel vs P-stine.


This is still what I believe most of Pauls followers are…