Ron Paul: What Does The US Want In Ukraine? We’re Broke. No War For Ukraine.

Ron Paul: What Does The US Want In EU? We’re Broke. No War For Ukraine.

Love or hate Ron Paul, he is 100% correct on this issue and many foreign issues.  No, not perfect, none of us are.  Many people accuse me of being isolationist.  I say that is absurd.  Since I have been alive, I cannot remember a time in our present history that were have been isolationist at all.  We change regimes and go to war all the timeAt this point in time, I am against all wars.  For the next 50 years.  I am TIRED of war.  So is everyone.  I absolutely do NOT want a nuclear war with Russia on behalf of a Jew hating country: Ukraine.  Let the Ukrainians sort out their own damned mess.

The real question is why the US government is involved in Ukraine in the first place. We are broke. We cannot even afford to fix our own economy. Yet we want to run Ukraine? Does it really matter who Ukrainians elect to represent them? Is it really a national security matter worth risking a nuclear war with Russia whether Ukraine votes for more regional autonomy and a weaker central government? Isn’t that how the United States was originally conceived?

Has the arrogance of the US administration, thinking they should run the world, driven us to the brink of another major war in Europe? Let us hope they will stop this dangerous game and come to their senses. I say let’s have no war for Ukraine!

There are some issues I don’t agree with Ron Paul on.  I didn’t used to think much of anything he had to say based on the way his followers treated ALL Jews, calling us the “ZOG.”  What “ZOG?”  I don’t see any pro-Israel people in this administration or the last.

Ron Paul Is RIGHT About #Ukraine: “US Debt 17 Trillion, We Cant Afford War Against Russia”

Ron Paul, Is RIGHT About #Ukraine: “US Debt 17 Trillion, We Cant Afford War Against Russia”

Obama and his cabal of evil will not be happy until Americans are nuked off the map.

I don’t give a damn if you love or hate Ron Paul:  Your Russian hatred is NOT justified at all.  I am ashamed at so many Americans right now.  The American MSM undermined the Russian Olympics, paints Putin to be some Soviet, Stalinist dictator who suppresses Christians as Stalin did in the former USSR.  Your vile, anti-Russian, anti-Christian hatred is an ABOMINATION to God.

America, whose government is now solely responsible for the murder & torture of Christians in Syria & Egypt will NOT go unpunished by God.  Your demonizing of Russia who is turning more Christian will also NOT go unpunished.


US/NATO (Obama, Sarkozy & UK) War Crimes Against The Libyans-Graphic Photos

Contributed by GoldBugGal

Could this have been why we suffered Benghazi?

This is what the NWO power freaks and U.S. “foreign policy/entanglements” bring to the world.  Ron Paul is right .. we have no right to do this .. and they don’t plan to stop.


NATO bombing Libya back to Stone Age:

Andrew Breitbart, Larry Dever, Keith Ratliff, John Noveske & Chris Kyle Were Murdered

The righteous perish, and no one ponders it in his heart; devout men are taken away, and no one understands that the righteous are taken away to be spared from evil.   -Isaiah 57:1

I am up late tonight, or rather this morning.  I woke up at 3AM, thinking about the state of this god-forsaken nation, with sick, salty tears.  Then my mind pondered to Andrew Breitbart, who was murdered by the Obama regime last March, 2012. Of course I thought about this on March 1.  Just chose not to talk about it at that time.. Nobody can change my mind regarding Andrew Breitbart’s death.  I believe he was most definitely murdered.  There is always room for doubt in this type of situation.  And, you are welcome to have your doubts.  But, it is hard to believe otherwise when Breitbart’s coroner just ‘died’ as well, directly after the murder of Breitbart.  Andrew Breibart was a brave man.  I feel pain in my heart when I think of his family–who lost their beloved husband and father.  

Noveske, Kyle and Ratliff were all gone in ONE month (Feb 2013)–and not a peep, not even the least bit of speculation from Fox or any other syndicated news show. Their widows and children will never recover from sudden death like this… The news would have us believe and assume they all ‘just died.’  Well, Dissidents in the Soviet union ‘just died.’  Opposition to the Nazi party ‘just died’ as well.

Ron Paul was quick to say that Chris Kyle ‘lived by the sword…’ You know the rest.  Would Paul have said the same, exact words had his own son been murdered in the same fashion?  Some of you like Paul’s politics and that’s your affair, but this statement, in my opinion – was a calloused, inhumane thing to say.  Paul, who is quick to rant such absurdities also did not take into account that these 3 men were murdered–all in the same month.  Shows me that Ron Paul, also, has a hard heart.  Shame on him.  Do people think that God is not watching such hatred for fellow man?

Larry Dever: A fine man was also murdered.  A wonderful sheriff.  He was opposing the stench in the White house.  He is gone and nobody takes it into account.  

The question is why?  Why are people gone and murdered and thought of no more?  “Overwhelm the system” is why.  Folks are completely overwhelmed by these Communist-Nazis who are full speed ahead in their Bolshevik revolt against America and the rest of the world as well.  The murders do not stop here.  The Obama murders are all over the middle east as well.  Do people think that the folks who have been murdered by Obama’s drones in the east are not important?  Even a former CIA chief says that Obama is a bigger killer than Bush.  How many more will die?  When will the ‘liberals’ be satisfied?  

My guess is  N E V E R.  

Their appetite for destruction is immense.

All of this murder:  Murder, death, kill. The MSM says the ‘right wing’ is the racist, hater, bigot, bla bla bla… Well, they may just be.  But at least they are not MURDERERS.   God sees all. God will punish.  Take a good look at Hugo Chavez.  You think that God did not allow pain and cancer to come upon that tyrant?  The persecutor of Jews & Christians in Venezuela?  The dictator of the people in that country?  Dictators are usually given pretty horrible deaths by nature because God is NOT mocked.  Obama will also die horribly for his murders and tyrannical spirit. Of this I am certain.  

  While I mourn these men, I will keep in my mind and heart that God reigns.  HE will bring justice to the perpetrators.  Thank HIM that he will.  But, how many more will die…

…Sorely vexed in spirit early this am.  Shalom, peace and strength to you all.

-The Mad Jewess.

Failing War On Drugs

Authored by Goldbuggal

This is why I agree with Ron Paul about the War on Drugs. Being against this phony War on Drugs doesn’t mean that one condones drug usage; it does not. Drugs are available everywhere, in the schools, in the church pews, at work, and on the streets, but they are so expensive that burglary and robbery is required to fund their purchase. The War on Drugs is all about money (isn’t everything?). Prisons have become big business, and the American taxpayer is funding them. It is only obvious that the feds are against any kind of legalization, because they hate competition.
The CIA is the worlds most efficient trafficker (and manager of trafficking) on the planet. Our troops are dying in Afghanistan “looking after their now quadrupled poppy crop.” Ask Billy Boy Clinton how many tons of drugs he brought into Mena, Arkansas in Operation Watchtower. Potheads end up being losers, but they aren’t nearly as dangerous as alcoholics, who cause more deaths, violence, property destruction and broken families. Prohibition didn’t work with alcohol, did it?
Read more on this subject: 

Santorum Suggests Romney & Ron Paul Are Conspiring Against Him

  Yep.. I believe it.  A few weeks ago, Mitt Romney advised Rand Paul that he would give him VP status if he won the presidency. Mitt Romney is a white Obama, thats all. He will not be as ‘progressive’ as Obama, but he talks the same talk the same talk. He will ‘progress’, just not as fast.

I wrote about it here, (Mitt and the #OWS) last week [below]:
(Mitt Romney and Ru Paul are the only 2 to have formed an alliance, also with #OWS. So, shut up about Paul not being with the RINOS.)

Thous Of U.S. Troops March On D.C. In Support Of R. Paul

Well, you all know how I feel; Anybody but Obama, 2012.  I dont like more than a few of Pauls followers, but I have met some super nice ones, as well.  Many have chased me away with their super demonic Jew-hatred.. AND: I don’t agree, at all with Pauls repeal of DADT, and his record of do nothing about illegals makes me sick.  I am value oriented.  I also believe R. Paul is wrong that ‘conservative, social issues, not issue’.  Our whole life and country hinges on regaining values, morals and ethics.

BUT, you all know what we feel here: AGAIN~ Anybody BUT Obama, 2012. I will stand with any of these phonies to unseat the Muslim occupying the White House. Even though I really am not fond of any of them, and consider none of them to be Conservative the way a Conservative should be, that’s m.o..

Vid H/T: Goldbug

All Of the GOP “Conservatives”: Drudge, Coulter, Savage, Paul ETC Are Going To Put Obama In Again

Right now, Santorum is on the surge. And what do we see? 10 days ago, Ann the MAN Coulter was dumping on Gingrich.  Gingrich is running for Prez just as the others are.  She attacked Gingrich in favor of Romney.  Is she stupid? Yes.  Now, its Trump, attacking Santorum. He endorsed Romney.  Fine, whatever.  WHY attack another person that is in the race?  Ron Paul is attacking Santorum, saying that “Santorum has an atrocious voting record“.  This is coming from R. Paul, who voted to repeal DADT so that ‘gays’ could serve openly. Pot. Kettle. Black.  Michael Savage has been calling Santorum; “Sanctimonious Santorum”.  Has HE gone insane?  Drudges website is filled with attacks on Santorum.

(Even when I, personally have attacked Paul’s campaign- I didnt attack RON PAUL-I attacked his NUTTY followers.)

Has everyone lost their collective head?  All of these idiots aforementioned are going to give us Obama again.  This White House insider, (below)  is reaching out to try to bring you Republicans around, and you are not listening.  YOU are giving us Obama, again.

The “Conservative” RINO/GOP Pundits Are Making Sure Obama Gets Elected In…AGAIN

 We have in one corner, the ‘conservative’ feminist, Ann Coulter, bla bla bla, boo-hoo with Gingrich. Drudge is dumping all over Gingrich this AM.  Michael Savage hates Gingrich. Gateway Pundit does not like Romney. Ron Paulists only care about Ron Paul.  Breitbart is up in the air. Santorum is the only ideal conservative (in values) but he gets ignored because the GOP nuts perceive him as weak, but he is the most “American” in values and God…  Just look at Drudge today.  A total barrage of attack Newt Gingrich crap.  A few weeks ago, it was a rant on Mitt Romney.  COME ON! Get it together, STOP the attacks…

The past is the past, Newt Gingrich is the only one willing to go before the camera and tell America that Obama is the figurehead – the face of America’s Marxist revolution. The “go along to get along,” or better yet, “go along to get elected” cartel that is the establishment Republicans are terrified of Newt….Newt is smart but not as smart as I thought he is. His answer to Romney when at the debate, Romney said that he, Newt, resigned in disgrace which was false by the way, should have been, I resigned because I was up against a Republican party of pseudo-Conservatives just you. A pseudo-conservative and if the American people want more of the same. here’s your Romney the pseudo.”.
The the RINOS are a huge cartel are throwing everything that they can including the Kitchen sink at Newt..the point is that the Tea Party [extreme right wing] is why conservatives of every stripe swept into the House in the mid-terms and Newt is the only one who grasps that fact …The huge Coulter – Tyrell Rove, Bush RINOS are screaming for a moderate ..RINO, Romney..He’ their McCain
And, Romney is this years McCain…according to Romney “Obomao is a nice guy who is just in over his head,”.”Failed economic policies, failed foreign policy ” A vicious dictator wannabe and just a good guy making bad judgments !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Newt calls him a radical Marxist who is out of control and if re-elected would be suicide...
“The Conservative pundits and the Establishment Republicans are not Conservatives any more than Romney Is…ROMNEY is the Rove, Bush, Boehner RINO party’s McCain, for 2012”  

SO-When Obama gets in again. Please don’t forget to come to my blog and say “You were right.”  The White House Insider @ The Ulsterman Report even says ANYBODY BUT OBAMA, and he is a Democrat/Liberal.  How is it, that he knows whats what, and no “Conservative” pundit knows?  The GOP media RINOS will get Obama elected in….AGAIN.  Thank you assholes.

EXCERPT FROM: WHITE HOUSE INSIDER ON OBAMA (Romney vs Newt) – The Ulsterman Report

Ulsterman:  –Name Withheld-?  You sent me to them…that was your doingI was under the impression you were working together – defeating Barack Obama.  Right?

Insider: Yeah – that’s right.     So I’m working to see the Republican defeat Barack Obama.  If it’s Mitt Romney – great.  If it’s Newt Gingrich…ok, so be it.

We, here, on this blog feel that “Anybody but Obama, 2012” and we dont attack the GOP.  These “Conservative” pundits should do the same. No, I do NOT like Pauls followers, but if he was the nominee, I would be for him. Ditto Santorum, Gingrich and Romney.

I Dont Like Paul Supporters, But Bill Kristol Should STFUP About Ron Paul Leaving The GOP

This is the trouble this idiot, Kristol causes for himself, (below) on Youtube and in politics in general.  This jerk should shut up. He is hardly EVER right-EVER!!!!!! It is not for him to decide who ‘leaves the GOP.’   And let me set this record, below, straight.  “Zionists” bla bla bla are not the problem.    I am 100% FOR Zion. It is Gods favorite place on earth.  BOLSHEVIKS are the problem. PERIOD!  There is enough Jew hate out there. People like Kristol should stop this insanity.  Yes, people are Jew haters, regardless…but come on. Kristol…STFUP.  Let people who have been conservative more than 20 years do the talking.  Kristol comes from a socialist background, he should be advising us of what the Marxist/socialist/progressives are up to.

@mwktz2 I am more then sure that cock sucker has his Dual Citizenship to do so. I think All these MOUTH JEWS should have to drop their Zionist Ties to be in American Politics’.

  Kristol is Jewish and very Israel first minded, as most Neocons are. Therefore he is obviously going to hate Ron Paul, as Ron Paul would put America first. The thought of America not borrowing billions to give to Israel, not fighting wars for them scares the shit out of him! BTW, Kristol considers any country that is friendly to Israel to be “decent”!


Hopefully more americans will come to realize that the neocons foreign policy doesn’t make our country safer. We need to realize that the zionists and the neocons are the same thing..


Kristol should “leave the United States” and go to Israel where his loyalty lies.


These commenters, also, should shut the hell up.  Who in the hell do they think they are, demanding people leave the country?  I don’t like Paul for ONE reason alone: He voted to repeal DADT.  Aside from that, I am against legalized prostitution, drugs and state sponsored aborted babies.  I agree with Paul on the fed and foreign aid. Thats all.