OWN Cancels Rosie O’Fatso (O’Donnells) Show-HA HA HA-LOL

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FAT-LESBO, Rosie O’Donut: Call It Communism, ETC.~ MY FAV Post Of 2010

HOSE-Y is a fat lesbo bitch. An Irish Militant Bolshevik SLOB.  She wants Communism, and only wants it so that Rush Limbaughs ‘head will explode’.  In a sane world, we would hang this bitch for treason, along with her debaucherous, counterpart, whore friend, Madonna. You cannot ‘seize the assets’ of a foreign company, you insane asshole!!!!!

I am sorry, people, you left wing gasbags WANT Obama now in charge of the Gulf? He is the fking REASON that ZERO is getting done.  See who is the blame, Rosie you dipshit: UPDATE~Who Is To Blame For Oil Spill……..? ENVIRONMENTALISTS

Cookie Cookie This is the fat witches blog: rosie.com » r blog I can’t even believe I lived in the same town in the summers as this insane militant creepy slugRemember what this fatass, carpet-munching bitch did to Tom Selleck? About the guns? And the bitch had body guards WITH guns- what a GORDO hypocrite!  That was when I never watched this sickass, psycho-dyke again. The scuz tried to humiliate Selleck and got her ass in a sling and basta, off of TV, Halle Lu Yah. Too bad people like her don’t roll over and fking CROAK.


FEED ME & I might shut the F&%K Up!

Yeah, Rosie: Buy A Gun...You

Where R All Of The Movie Stars To Help The Gulf?

 We all know that it is highly unlikely that these schmucks & rat bastards will help Americans.

But, I have a charming idea;

“Sieze the assets of these movie stars, do whatever we have to do.

….Call it Nazi-ism, Call it fascism, call it whatever you want, just do it…….”

George Clooney, the closet gay freak…where is he? Didn’t he help Haiti? Have the Haitians done SOOOOO much for Clooney’s rotten career, that they were so deserving of his money? Where is he for AMERICA? He is just too busy sucking Hussein O’s nuts.  F*ck Clooney.

Shakira? Nah, that evil Mexican-firster 4 ILLEGALS, is too busy meddling in AZ to help Americans in the Gulf. But the slezoid bitch shook her hips and derierre for the Haitians.  What a country we live in, people…

Oprah….now this would be a novel idea… Oprah, the Obama-moonbat-Messiah worshipping, racist skunk.. Can ya see her helping the good white folks of Louisiana, the ones who said last night ‘We are a resiliant people’? NO! Oprah is an African-firster. Oprah couldn’t care less about you stupid white people in the Gulf. The birds and sea-life can just rot in the Gulf for all this imposter drama queen cares.. Oprah, go eat some more, eat your heart out bitch..

So, where is Rosie O’Fatso….maybe since she was so willing to take from BP, she will be super willing to help in the gulf? We can woo this evil snot rag with some food. Nah, Rosie O’Bummer won’t help, we cannot get her away from her plate of slop. She has a date with Oprah today anyway to help Helen Thomas, and get her nod from Hezbollah, right? Rosie O’Donnell Defends Helen Thomas (AUDIO)

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were the first to reach out to Haiti by donating $US1 million ($NZ1.35 million) from their foundation to Doctors Without Borders, which has been tending to victims of the quake that demolished buildings in Haiti’s capital of Port-au-Prince on Wednesday. Tens of thousands are feared dead.


MARXIST Hollywood To “SPREAD THE WEALTH” To Conservatives Who They Hate!?

  Yes, we know how they just love us, but that’s to damned bad, you can’t be picky in Obama-Land. 

animated_us_flag.gif American flag, animated image by mickey_dougal

  It’s a Marxist/Commie World now, and we’re all in this together. Yes, we all live in the Marxist States of America, and now the movie stars love us and are more than willing to ‘spread it around’ –Ooo, this will be fun! Taking according to my desire from all of the shitheads that have screwed up our lives so bad.  Yes, Justice has COME! Just think of what we will all own in our new Kommie U.S.S.A., thanks to these oh-so-generous left wing folks that love America Flag-waving People!

TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS Conservatives! “Spread” this message far and wide!

  You know how much money these people have made! Good Gracious! Streisand? Once appraised at over 300 mill.. WOW! Thats great! Just think, 150 mill will come directly to little gun owners in DIXIE!  Thanks BABS! Remember, YOU are one of the ones that thought of this brilliant idea!

OH, WOW! Just think.. How much Madonna is worth? Think of ALL that money coming to the MAD JEWESS.  Do you all know on my other blog, I debate with Madonna?  She HATES us! JUSTICE is served, Madonna. Now don’t you get upset. You love Obama, and ‘He’s Da Man’ So, spread that wealth, Material Girl!

How bout the fascist-Chavez lovin Sean Penn! Yes, he said last month that we should all be locked away for talking bad about Chavez. Very soon, he will be forced to ‘spread the wealth’ to us conservatives! LOL

And we can’t leave out Tom Hanks. He called us all a bunch of racists! Well, Tommy boy.. Spread that wealth to us hard working litte racists.  We deserve it, don’t we? You get paid way too much, you should feel GUILTY that so many Americans have it so bad and you have it so good!

  OH, My FAV.. Rosie O’Donnell! Yipee! Oh, we’ll take it all right, Rose, and we’ll give it to Tom Selleck! To spread it around to the NRA members who are not that well-off. Lol! Just think how much weight this sweet Irish Militant Bolshevik will be losing, by giving to her precious friends; WE THE PEOPLE, Thanks Rose! Never knew you cared!

  Folks, there are SO MANY more. We have to start researcing these kind folks that are so generous.  After all, we deserve and are ENTITLED to get some and a whole lot more! Maybe they will be forced to give houses to Tea Party Members? YES!


Finally doing something right to ‘ease’ that guilt…

See my comment to MADONNA on my other Blog:

Your x-Fascist-Nazi husband is not into freedom unless it is in HIS favor.

Read the rest here.

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  • Jesus Christ, this meth skank looks worse than I could’ve ever imagined. Now I feel bad for Twana (sorta).

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  • Madonna, you have a crush on Twana??

    We, gals…all of us do not look to cute after 40 without make-up, even you Madonna.

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    Anyway, I saw your over and done.

    I hear you like this new Marxism, so, how do you feel about ‘spreading that wealth’ to poor right wing tea baggers? :O