U.S. Backed NAZI/Fascists Shoot “Russia Today” (RT) Journalist In Mariupol, Ukraine

U.S. Backed NAZI/Fascists Shoot “Russia Today” Journalist In Mariupol, Ukraine

Unless Russia DOES do something in Ukraine, more people will die and misery will ensue. Of course, people being shot in Ukraine is nothing much to the average American person who can carry a gun.   Remember now, SENATOR Obama signed a bill that disarmed Ukrainians-Flashback: Senator Obama pushed bill that helped destroy more than 15,000 TONS of ammunition, 400,000 small arms and 1,000 anti-aircraft missiles in Ukraine.  SEE: UK Mail Online

Violence erupted Friday between Ukrainian military and self-defense forces in the eastern city of Mariupol. Interior Minister Arsen Avakov’s says 20 anti-Kiev activists were killed and four more were taken captive. Donetsk authorities have different figures, however, saying three people have been killed and 25 injured. Civilians are among the dead and wounded. A freelance journalist working for RT is among those injured, having been seriously injured by a gunshot wound.

@SimonOstrovsky, US Journalist Detained In Ukraine By “Pro-Russians” Even Though He Works For Moscow Times?

@SimonOstrovsky, US Journalist Detained In Ukraine By “Pro-Russians” Even Though He Works For Moscow Times?

This is why we have to just report it and wait until the news (all of it) comes out. We have been trying to report both sides of this issue.

I suspect a lot of this will happen.  Mr. Ostrovsky has claimed he is FROM Moscow.  He is not, he is Russian speaking.  Ostrovsky is also vehemently anti-Israel, even though he has residence in Israel.. (Koo koo)    BUT-can someone tell me: WHY do journalists insist on placing themselves in the middle of war zones where they don’t understand the terrain?  Daniel Pearl and Nick Berg come to mind.. But, I digress because it is needed…

US has interfered  in the middle of ANOTHER civil war that it instigated and with no military there, this was bound to happen:

And, that was about all he wrote.

 Here’s the deal:  Most Ukrainians, if not all, ARE Pro-Russian.  People seem to forget that a US/EU backed coup d’etat took place in Kiev in Feb/March.  Which most Ukrainians were NOT in favor of.   Simon Ostrovsky also serves as a reporter for The Moscow Times.  So, it does not make much sense that he would be held by Ukrainians that are Russia friendly.  However, they are UKRAINIAN.  You can say “Pro Russia” ’til you’re blue in the face, but the country is Ukraine where Ukrainians live.  Stop pinning every little incident on Russia.  It’s UKRAINE.

  • Last Updated, 5:49 p.m. | Foreign correspondents in the eastern Ukrainian town of Slovyansk, including  Andrew Roth and Roland Oliphant of The Telegraph, report that one of their number, the Vice News reporter Simon Ostrovsky has been detained by pro-Russia UKRAINIANs who seized power in recent days.
  • In one earlier dispatch, the Russian-speaking Mr. Ostrovsky was filmed dodging a question about where he was from by telling separatists in the city of Donetsk that he was from Moscow.

State Department “Aware” Of Vice Journalist Taken Hostage In Ukraine

Don’t worry, Simon…. Obama’s golfing..

PRO-GAY Liz Wahl Resigned From RT Over “Censoring”, But did SHE Advise Public Of McCain/Nuland In Kiev?

PRO-GAY Liz Wahl Resigned From RT Over “Censoring”, But did SHE Advise Public Of McCain/Nuland In Kiev?

Why did SHE censor the real news?

Imagine…getting the applause for ‘bravery’ from avowed “American” Socialist, Lawrence O’Donnell :


Here is the bottom line with Liz Wahl: She is pro-gay. Russia has laws against homosexual propaganda and that bothers this hag.   Listen to the 1st video, below. It’s the first issue she brings up.

  Miss Wahl does not like the words that RT advised her to say which included ‘military’ words.  Will AmeriKan women never learn?  I don’t believe so.  Here we have had a potential WW3 type scenario & she is advised to use correct wording to avert a war with U.S.A./EU.   She could not see how serious this was and instinctively know, as a journalist – to be careful?   What “truth” did Miss Wahl want to tell us?  That John McCain was in Kiev, Ukraine?  That Victoria Nuland was in Kiev, Ukraine?  Did she want to advise listeners that there were neo-Nazi’s in on this wack-job coup d’etat?  If she failed to mention any of these things, then she is part of the problem.  (I google searched and she said nothing about the McCain & Nuland involvement.)

She just realized after two years in that she was ‘working’ for Russia?  Got to leave RT because of the “fringe” listeners and the propaganda..?  But does she have a banker ready to take her checks from FOX, CNN, MSNBC because they tell the truth? (When does our media tell the truth?)  Is she perhaps prostituting out for the highest bidder?  We all know the biggest paychecks go to the biggest propagandists.

I hope this female is happy.  It’s her fault that RU just crafted a new law that will prosecute anti-Russian propagandists: See Izvestia

I have not been a big RT fan. I look for my own resources. And, a few people have told me that RT are “Communists.”   Please….Look at the Communist manifesto: Communist Goals For America.   And, then tell me just who the Communists are.  American leftists ARE the Communists and they have their new friends: Pseudo-Cons for Neo Nazis in Ukraine because of 1985 Russian hatred. 

I am tired of this nation putting down other countries down, but REFUSING to look in the mirror.

Paul Joseph Watson, the sane voice with I.W. agrees with me and he is brilliant:

If this young woman comes out against the USSA censored news, we’ll give her a chance.  but if she doesn’t, then it’s just bbbbbssssss.  Hetero-hater.

As USA Gets Ready To DISARM the Populace, Russia Embraces 2nd Amendment Style Gun Protection

As USA Gets Ready To DISARM the Populace, Russia Embraces 2nd Amendment Style Gun Protection.

Keep “God Blessing America” while you have NO guns to protect your 1st Amendment. F’k Obama, F’k left wing bastards that would leave women open to rape, citizens open to robbery and in the last case of CO…Movie goers unarmed as an insane person murders everyone.  In America, you can be arrested for protecting your home.  Russia is going to allow people to protect their homes.  Way to go, AmeriKa.  AmeriKa is now Soviet and Russia is old America.
EXCERPT: The principle behind the drafted bill allowing the private use of handguns is “my home is my castle,” so any invasion of private space could be met with loaded barrels.