#Ukraine Odessa: Very Large *PEACEFUL* Protest-“We Aren’t The Giraffe Meat For The EU Union”

#Ukraine Odessa: Very Large *PEACEFUL* Protest-“We Aren’t The Giraffe Meat For The EU Union

Someone told me today on Twitter that he didn’t care about foreign issues and is worried about here at home.. Hmph.. I never worry about here at home, not in a million years (sarcastic eyeroll)

00 Crisis. 01 Odessa. We're not giraffe meat for the EU! .3

Remember the Giraffe scandal in EU?  We see that these people want nothing to do with the EU Union and they are protesting PEACEFULLY.    Ukraine wants EU/USA to get out of their country and take their Nazi’s they love so well with them.  More here on this:  3 March 2014. All (Relatively) Quiet on the Ukrainian Front… Time to Catch Up on “Housework” and Other Stories

AND-This is Obama’s Latest Tactic: “Isolate Russia.”  I am sure Mr. Putin is scared to death.. Lol.  Here is more..Russia Denies It Has Given Ukraine An Ultimatum, Calls It “Utter Nonsense.”  Are we again repeating what we saw in Syria?  Didn’t Putin call John Kerry a Liar filled with nonsense (something to that effect?) And, now:  Mr. Putin hits Obama back: America supplies terrorists in Syria,  …Hogwash… Just “Russian Propaganda,” that CNN reported and confirmed: Obama arms Syrian rebels – CNN.com

Russia and China are allies and will fight whoever it takes regarding Ukraine: Click here for this news…

So, is our big bad Prez going to take us to WW3 over Ukraine? Fight Russia AND China with our neo-nazis from Ukraine and Syrian ‘rebels’?

Russia Slams the West for Supporting Jihadis in Syria – See more at: http://pamelageller.com/#sthash.olJ0curD.dpuf
Russia Slams the West for Supporting Jihadis in Syria – See more at: http://pamelageller.com/#sthash.olJ0curD.dpuf

An art collage from November 2013

I find it all very ironic that Russia is not a Communist country anymore, Ukraine is Socialist and American “Conservatives” are against Russia & FOR the EU who is even more Communist & Stalinist than Ukraine.. Fascinating..

Of course, the MSM will not report this above large gathering because it is a peaceful protest.  The American media approves of these type protest violence, in Kiev:


Because….the ends justifies the means.

Pierre Omidyar Co-Funded Ukraine Revolution (Coup’DeTat) W/ US Govt, Documents Show:

Pierre Omidyar Co-Funded Ukraine Revolution (Coup’DeTat) W/ US Govt Documents Show:

Looks like a real “Zionist” plot, complete with Iranian Ebay founder, Omidyar & Israel-hating George Soros.  Click to see many more documents: @ Pando.  Hat tip, wife’s Twitter friend, Chris


Read all about Omidyar:  News for pierre omidyar

I believe that most Americans have had enough of ‘change.’

Meanwhile, our brave leader is going to stand up to Vladimir Putin and bring USA into a potential war with our homosexual, woman-fuzzy military: Obama To Deliver Statement On Ukraine At 4:45 PM – Live Stream

-David Ben Moshe

Rat-Bastard Obama LIES To The World Re. Ukraine. Says Protests Have Been “PEACEFUL” ~ LIAR!!!

Rat-Bastard Obama LIES To The World Re. Ukraine. Says Protests Have Been “PEACEFUL” ~ LIAR!!!


What a dirty, no-good, rotten LIAR.  Anyone can go to Youtube now and see the protests from the beginning: They have been violent.  If conservative/patriotic Americans did what these Soros-lead protesters are doing in Ukraine, we would be rounded up and sent to jail along with Adam Kokesh.  Period!

This is what the lying crock of sh’t, Barack Hussein Obama said:

“We expect the Ukrainian government to show restraint, to not resort to violence in dealing with peaceful protesters,” Obama said Wednesday from Mexico ahead of a summit with other North American leaders. “We’ve also said that we expect peaceful protesters to remain peaceful.

Satanic, evil, miscreant, devilish LIAR!

Published on Nov 24, 2013:

In January, you can see that the ‘protesters’ are the aggressors.  The Police are the ones taking the heat:

This is lying Obama’s version of ‘peace’ (January ‘protests’)

America has the biggest, lying, DIRTBAG as prez.  And, no male will take the trash out.  Weak ‘men’ who are mary’s now.

WW3 Alert? Ukraine, Fed Up With 3 Mos Of EU/USA Interference-Release Fighter Jets & Tanks. What Say Ms Nuland?

WW3 Alert: Ukraine, Fed Up With  Mos Of EU/USA Interference-Release Fighter Jets & Tanks. What Say Ms Nuland?


Where is fat mouth, Ms Nuland with her “F THE EU?”

Ukraine, who has had just about enough of the EU/USA led ‘protesters’ in Kiev, have released fighter jets and tanks into the populace.  John McCain and Victoria Nuland must be having massive, sporadic, orgasmic, ecstasy spasms–they LOVE war & death…Just like the good liberals they are. 

Western powers represented by the EU and the US have nothing to stand on to protect Ukraine and can only offer lip-service at best. So once again, it appears that Ukraine is doomed and the best one can hope for there, is that Russia will allow the West to leave.

The rest:  Ukraine’s Military Releases The Armored Vehicles And Fighter Jets

Meanwhile…we have the 2 biggest fruitcakes:  Krauthammer and O’Reilly, who want to engage in World War 3 against Russia just because they have a hard-on for Vladimir Putin. 

An art collage from March 2013

More, finally Drudge is on it and others are reporting on it:

Fierce clashes in Kiev as new wave of unrest grips Ukraine   LIVE UPDATES
Russia accuses US diplomats of ‘puppeteering’ Ukraine 32
AP video still
Kiev up in smoke as violence resumes in Ukraine capital LIVE
Ukraine: Deadly clashes around parliament in Kiev...Live…

Vladimir Putin, America’s Fake Boogey-Man

Vladimir Putin, America’s Fake Boogey-Man

The MSM, left wing, Anti-American Communists want RU to change their anti-gay propaganda laws.  It’s not up to these freaks to change others countries.


AND, many Commie “Liberal” commentators believe that the ‘far right’ glorifies Putin.  Quite the contrary:  Many patriotic American people are stuck in 1985.  They still believe that Russia is coming to take over the government through Communism.  Our government has already been turning to Communism for 25 plus years.  Without the aid of Vladmir Putin, Medvedev or Yeltsin, etc.

Many patriots believe that Obama works for Putin: Putin hates Obama. Obama hates Putin.   We are in Ukraine, financing ‘protesters’ from Europe who have turned the streets of Kiev upside down.
That could make for a Serajevo moment.

And, if that wasnt enough, now John McCain went to Hungary chastising Hungarians. What is our government going to start there??  Still not enough, our government is also in Thailand, screwing the t-party type folks there–they are tired of the tyranny in Thailand…Still not enough, we are also in Bahrain.

Putin is an X Soviet.  Obama is FULL THROTTLE Soviet. The enemy to fear is not Putin (unless Obama engages him to WW3) our enemy is OBAMA, period.

When Obama was caught red-handed advising Medvedev that he will ‘have more flexibility’, the FOOL thought that Russia was still a Stalinist/Soviet country.  And, it was time to relinquish America to Russia as the Communist goals state:  1963 Communist Goals For America

The only reason we would have to fear Russia is if Obama engages a war in Ukraine and that may have already taken place: Whole House/Congress Votes To War With Russia & Jump In To The Ukrainian Crisis.

You should worry more about what Obama is doing and not harassing other bloggers & personalities about the Russians. 

My 2 cents this am. You don’t have to agree… But, in my opinion-it is what it is.

Russian Foreign Minister: “Obama/US-Stay Out Of Ukraine” STOP OBAMAS WAR IN UKRAINE

Russian Foreign Minister: “Obama/US-Stay Out Of Ukraine” STOP OBAMAS WAR IN UKRAINE  History Will Record That Democrats/Obama Started Revolutions In Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Egypt & The US News Never Reported It.

It’s too late… The Democrats with the Marxist, John McCain  already sent funding to the rioters a few weeks ago.  John McCain tells Ukraine protesters: ‘We are here to support you ‘just cause’ …   What ‘just cause?’  Blowing up a whole city, murdering a policeman, blowing up buses??  The US govt has already gotten their grubby hands in this civil war, just like SYRIA.

 The Economist reported that the violence has been ignited “by the passage of a series of repressive laws imposing tight controls on the media and criminalizing the protests of the past two months.”

“Ignited?”  Garbage.  The anti-protest law was signed into action after the sweet, kind, thoughtful protesters blew up Kiev.  (Anti protest signed into law in January.)    The anti-govt protest started Nov 20th or so.  We have been posting about Ukraine on & off for 2 mos on this blog.

Video (below) from Nov 24-25th.  These ‘protests’ have been violent from their BEGINNING.  The MSM is LYING, AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

The Ukrainian govt has every right to protect its people with those laws against these violent rioters that are also comprised of foreign radicals:  JUST LIKE SYRIA.

See: Foreign Minister tells US to not interfere with Ukraine  Hat tip re. Russia:  End Time Alert

At any rate: I find it peculiar that both Egypt and Ukraine have the same type tents… Don’t you?  How did they manage to manufacture the same type tents???     I thought this was a spontaneous ‘protest?’    Did you ever wonder if the foreign entity that is helping these violent rebels in Egypt, Syria and now Kiev just might be a shadow group that is highly organized?   Like Obama’s own ‘civilian security’ he spoke of in 2008?



Obama’s Civilian security speech:

Just a thought…Isn’t it something that all of these ‘spontaneous’ protests  the Muslims and the leftists (Occupy Wall Street) have always include tents…?  

Occupy Wall Street:


So….who is in charge of these international ‘protests?’     …Someone is.  “Spontaneous?”…………..My ass.

US Dollar Being Swept Out Of Russia With Upcoming RU Bill. Dollar Worthless? Not Wanted In RU

US Dollar Being Swept Out Of Russia With Upcoming RU Bill. Dollar Worthless. Not Wanted In RU

Russia says that the US govt is deliberately running up debt… Nah!! NEVER!! Impossible! Here we go.. It’s coming.  Total economic collapse while Americans will watch the Superbowl.  They are converting all of the USD to rubles.  RU predicts that 2017, we will be completely bankrupt..

“With regard to the dollars kept by citizens, the bill stipulated no special measures. We simply encourage people to convert all their dollar deposits in rubles, exchange all cash dollars for rubles, or some reliable currency, for example, the Swiss franc, or buy gold. In the event dollars are found, the state will pay the equivalent in rubles, dollars will be withdraw from circulation and exchanged for rubles.”

Will the bill come into force? It is obvious that it will trigger a vivid discussion reminiscent to the never-ending debate between Westerners and Slavophiles. And whose side are you on?

Obama Blackmailing Russia Re. Syria? Obama Is The One Who Set His Own Self Up To Be Blackmailed

Obama Blackmailing Russia Re. Syria? Obama Is The One Who Set His Own Self Up To Be Blackmailed

Never in my whole life would I have ever thought of helping Russia–EVER.  But, this is what Obama has done to  many Americans.


Putin should demand that Obama show his real birth certificate.  Putin should also demand Obama explain why he submitted pamphlets in the 1990’s saying he was “Born in Kenya, raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.”  Obama’s father was not a US Citizen before Barack Obama was born.  To be the CIC, one must have 2 American citizen parents.  Different rules apply to Senators and Governors.  

Mr. Putin should fly Sheriff Joe to Russia.  Joe Arpaio has all of this frauds whereabouts, even where he washed his ass in Indonesia.   RU does not have to be blackmailed into a war.  Putin should take a strong offense against this lying, foreign usurper.  That’s my opinion.   And, this may also be Putin’s only way to stop Obama.  I believe it is.   Also, Putin can show how America is aiding its own enemy with the Obama administration by supplying Al Qaeda who our troops fight against in Iraq and Afghan to this very day.

Some folks are even suggesting that the NAVY Yard shooting was tied up to Obama Being Tried For Treason? Hat Tip, EchoFoxTrot  See here….

The US is pushing Russia into approving a UN resolution that would allow for military intervention in Syria, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said, in exchange for American support of Syria’s accession to OPCW.