Russia and Canada become Arctic allies? By QV

Russia and Canada become Arctic allies? By QV

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Russia and Canada become Arctic allies?

There are voices of those who believe that Canada should be looking at Russia as a strategic ally in the Arctic region, especially in opposition to the U.S. The well-known author of “Who’s the owner of the Arctic?”, professor at the University of British Columbia Michael Byers published his article “Canada will help Russia’s Northern Sea Route” on June 9 in The Moscow Times. He wrote that the coast of the Arctic Ocean belongs mainly to Russia and Canada, and the attempts by others to change the status of the “inland waters” to the status of “international straits” should be strongly discouraged.

He wrote that it was time for the development of a joint Russian-Canadian position on the legal status of the Northern Sea Route and Northwest Passage – before it’s too late. The author believes that the main opponent is the United States. Indeed, the control over the North Sea brings Russia great profit, as any foreign vessel shall employ Russian support. With the retreat of Arctic sea ice this way may in the future become a major maritime trade route between Europe and Asia, as well as Europe and the West coast of America. The Russian president spoke about this. This is well understood by the Chinese, who have no relation to the Arctic, but purposefully send there one expedition after another. They have one goal – to make the legal relations in the Arctic similar to those in Antarctica, that is, international. Therefore, Byers is right in saying that Russia and Canada share the same approach on the legal status of the shelf – it is a sector-sectioned area by the surrounding countries.
In this regard, the report published on June 23 by the Canadian Ministry of Defense that analyzes “the decision of Russia to form two teams to protect their interests in the Arctic, as well as its ongoing investigation of the seabed in this region” very revealing. According to experts quoted by National Post, this action “does not pose a threat to Canada.”

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