Why Is The Times Of Israel Reporting Anti-Israel/Arab Propaganda About Russia?

Why Is The Times Of Israel Reporting Anti-Israel/Arab Propaganda About Russia?

I looked all around this morning on my news feeds… And, I came across an anti Russian propaganda post from the “Times of Israel”. Here it is:

See in red? “Un-named”, “well informed”. Typical Anti Israel, Arab propaganda. Why would the “Times of Israel” report this? When an article is ‘submitted’ to the public and it has an UNNAMED ‘source’. It is PROPAGANDA.

FACTS: The Russians are supplying Syrian forces to fight Obama’s ISIS—to THIS day. That’s the facts. For those of you who do not know.. Russia worked WITH Israel during the fight against ISIS, starting in 2015, September. Here is proof of that:

So, I really do not get why they posted that garbage. Russia is very aware of the reason why Israel targets different militants in Syria. I support and love Israel and many of their people. I also love and support the Russian people. This is not a good post to have ‘reported’.

When EU banned fruits being sold to Russia, this is what happened: After shunning Europe, Russia turning to Israel for fruit in 2014

There is NO word from the Moscow Times about Israel and being ‘exasperated’: Russia always says what it means to the public & internationally also.

In fact, TASS reports very pro Israel content. See for yourself.


This is what is said in the above video:

Russian Defence Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov confirmed on Friday that Russian Air Forces “have already conducted two trainings with our partners from Israel” in an exclusive interview to RT in Latakia.

SOT, Igor Konashenkov, Russian Defence Ministry spokesperson (Russian): “American colleagues told us that they would deliver the information [from recently signed Memorandum on the flights in the Syrian sky] to all the members of the coalition. We offered to keep on moving in this direction to our American colleagues, in particular, to sign an agreement on assistance and rescue operations in case of force majeure situations in the Syrian sky as we are well aware of the fact that different situations may occur and not only due to the militants’ activity but to equipment failure or others. This is because we detect an impressive number of the flying objects in the sky. Sometimes up to 30 objects may appear in the area. Apart from warplanes there are also a lot of drones of different sizes. For example there are drones-bombers.

So we do not exclude the force majeure situations. And if a pilot or someone else is endangered, the seconds will matter, not even minutes. Unfortunately, we still have not received an answer from our American colleagues on this topic. Speaking about other partners, we have organized a hot line between our national defence centre in Russia and the General staff of Turkish Armed Forces for the security reasons at the Turkish-Syrian border. We have already conducted two trainings with our partners from Israel and the direct communication is adjusted between the control post at the Hmeymim Airbase and the Israeli Air Forces headquarters. The work is going on but we would like to expand it and make it more practical. Because we are well aware of the fact the air cannot tolerate mistakes.”

UK Wants War W/ #Russia. UK PROPAGANDA: “Torture Chambers” In #Crimea. DONT FALL FOR IT:

UK” Wants War W/ #Russia & Are Beefing Up Propaganda: “Torture Chambers” In #Crimea

I really respect Hal Turner with the exception of his view on Israel. But, what he says is very possible: CLICK TO READ IT. ‘PROPAGANDA Begins for war with Russia in About 48 Hours — British Press Claiming Crimea TORTURE CHAMBERS – Just like Iraq “Throwing Babies Out of Incubators” Back in 1991’

This is the headlines in UK from the rag, “The Sun”:

I will not EVER support a war against Russia. EVER.

I dont care what they do over there. Its not my business. MY business is MY country and its corrupt, insane, baby-killing, anus-sucking, holding-patriots-hostage-in-prison-over-jan 6th, murdering opposition government.


Russia Exiting From All US Dollar Assets: Investing In Yuan, Gold & Euro Instead

Russia Exiting From All US Dollar Assets: Investing In Yuan, Gold & Euro Instead

That’s stupid Joe-Bama for ya…Starting chit with Russia by threatening to sanction them for the latest cyber attacks… Most of us know that it’s not Russia attacking…it’s probably just US CIA getting us all ready for the biggest crash ever.

This didnt happen under Trump. This stupidity only happens when the Commie-Crats are in charge.

YES! Putin: ‘I Am Against Mandatory Vaccination And It Should Not Be Introduced In Russia’

YES! Putin: I Am Against Mandatory Vaccination And It Should Not Be Introduced In Russia

Russia is more free than USSA. This is why I admire Russian leadership: They are not microscoping their people like here in the Stasi USA.

Russians Pursue and “STOP” U.S. Troops in Syria, Ask “By What Authority Are You Here?”

Russians Pursue and “STOP” U.S. Troops in Syria, Ask “By What Authority Are You Here?”

Well? What reason are we there? Russia has been fighting WITH the Syrians against Obama’s ISIS for years now. We need to butt out of other countries business.

More at Hal Turner. I don’t agree with him regarding Israel but he is a really good journo on many other issues.


Russia Releases Military Ad Making USA Look Like Weak, Pathetic Girls

Russia Releases Military Ad Making USA Look Like Weak, Pathetic Girls

What the Communists have done to this nation is pathetic and disgusting. And, the sane men of America allowing this chit to continue makes us deserving of destruction.

I will tell you this much: One day, very soon, the Russians and the Chinese will be coming to bomb America. Anyone with a brain can see this coming. What is disturbing is the Left created this disaster so that we will be totally destroyed: Which has been their goal since the 1920’s.

Putin’s Russia Isn’t “Gog”. US GOVT, EU/UN & Obama Are Gog-‘Magog’

Putin’s Russia Isn’t “Gog”. US GOVT, EU/UN & Obama ARE Gog/Magog

I spent a lot of time in charismatic type US churches in my 20’s. Some pretty cool Synagogues in my 30’s and finally small Jewish and Christian bible fellowships in my 40’s. Now, it’s just me and God and my believing friends.

I gave up on churches shortly after 1990. Why? There is NO power in churches anymore (not all churches, obviously – but many if not most). The word (Actually just Pastor’s words) are dull in churches with no ‘rhema’ word or revelation. What is preached in many churches now is ridiculous: “Prosperity words”, “Name it, claim it”, “Grace” even if you continually sin.. Quite contrary to Hebrews chapter 10. Nothing about how life is tough and to crucify the flesh and give up it’s desires. There really is no holiness in many churches now.


Since most/many western churches have lost the power and do not preach repentance, who are they to tell us what God’s word is saying in ‘such a time as this’? They can’t see the devil for a mile because the devil operates all over their lives in riches, selfishness, narcissism, self love, (no love for God), self righteousness, one-up stupidity and more. Since many/most of the western churches overwhelmingly do not have the power of God, they do NOT and can NOT see or hear God’s WORDS anymore either.


Russia turned away from their evil, Communistic ways as our country’s and people in the west embraced it. The Russian people have overwhelmingly embraced Orthodox Christianity (a VERY STRICT) form of Christianity, which is a not a bad thing in these evil times. There are any number of synagogues that are Orthodox in Russia and they have a very content Jewish community. Are they perfect? No. No nation is. But, they embrace their faith, love of land, Jesus and God…. And, they have a President who fears the Lord at the moment, Baruch Hashem.

…However, you see different individuals who are Israeli/Jew haters from America and Europe (The UN countries at the UN) constantly decrying Israel and it’s Jews. CONSTANTLY.

Why most/many modern, western Christians are looking for the big, bad Russian boogeyman as the US GOVT is THE boogeyman of the world is beyond me. Russia has what? 6 bases around the world? USA has over 900. YOU do the math. America has Biden as “President” as Obama is defacto and running the show. Most Americans can’t even see this or even worse: Don’t want to see this. AND, most American Christians can’t even see that OUR nation has become the “Babylon” written of in the book of Revelation.


Thats tells a LOT about how western people are becoming: WATCH – ARABS ASSAULT JEWS IN NYC

Obama is the GOG, the ‘son of perdition’, we (here) believe and see he is the Anti Christ. US Govt, EU, Britain and the UN (with the 70 nations) are going to attack Israel in our future. Will Russia? Not now, maybe later, maybe not – probably depending if the US/EU and UN assassinate Putin. Right now: Russia is neutral on the ISRAEL/pali situation: Russia: Neutral Re Israel Vs Hamas. That could change. But, for now – NO.

Take the plank out of your own eye, Western Christians.

Watch Natan from Israel warn the world of what is to come. A young prophet from Israel:

I believe this young prophetic man. The more the west turns from the Lord, the more Jew hate we will see. We will see a hatred for God’s remnant of Born again believers also. The west will become more depraved and filthy if the west refuses to REPENT.

Russia: Neutral Re Israel Vs Hamas. That’s Good. DONT Read U.S. Press About Russia

Russia: Neutral Re Israel Vs Hamas. That’s Good. DONT Read U.S. Press About Russia

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I am reading all over the net how Russia is going to ‘get involved’ in the Israel versus Hamas terrorist issue. You have to remember who our press is influenced by: Communists, Marxists, Leninists, Stalinists, Islamic Jihadists, “BLM”, etc. Our “Press” is going even so far as claiming Russia will enter a war against Israel. Nothing of the sort is being said from the Moscow press.

The Timeline:

  • Putin last spoke with Netanyahu on May 7, which was before the conflict escalated in Gaza, but after several weeks of clashes in East Jerusalem. During their conversation, Putin did not even refer to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Instead, he sought common ground on how the two countries view World War II. He also discussed bilateral trade and economic relations and the situation in Syria.
  • A week later:

  • “I would like to ask our colleagues to speak about the situation in the Middle East”, he said, “namely, about the aggravation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, which is taking place in close proximity to our borders and directly concerns our security interests. ”
  • Opinion in the Editorial: Clearly, Moscow does not want to have to choose between its two allies in the region. 

     Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov:

  • Said that Putin would speak with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “if necessary”. 
  • Opinion in the Editorial: Russia takes an emphatically neutral position on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, while insisting on addressing the root causes of the conflict. In other words, as worthwhile and necessary as a cease-fire is, what would come next? Another escalation of hostilities? Russia also advocates direct negotiations between the Palestinians and Israelis. 

    Read it at Moscow Times.

    Stop reading our press to see what Russia is saying.


    Ukrainian Troops Violated The Ceasefire Four Times In A Day

    Ukrainian Troops Violated The Ceasefire Four Times In A Day

    When Will The Political Beasts Abandon Death Threat ...

    Russia is not the aggressor in the Russia/Ukraine situation. If you do not understand this mess…it’s like any other mess in a foreign country: The US is involved. Why? OIL. Oil = Money. No. Its NOT about “Israel”. There is NO $ in saving Jews.

    The only real war we should be involved in here in USA is on the border. The only war that is killing Americans everyday is the Black Leftists on American’s war. Thats the ONLY place we should be.

    I’m not in agreement with some of this person’s articles but this is translated:

    ‘Two servicemen of the People’s Militia of the DPR were killed as a result of shelling from the Ukrainian Armed Forces. This was announced today by the deputy head of the People’s Militia of the Republic Eduard Basurin.’

    See the rest, translated: Piazza D Cara Website.

    READY TO STRIKE: #Russia Fires Missiles In Black Sea & #China Moved Nuke Force To “Launch On Warning”

    READY TO STRIKE: #Russia Fires Missiles In Black Sea. #China Moved Nuke Force To “Launch On Warning”

    Our Govt and NATO are the ones that have ‘awoken’ a bear and a dragon. That will suck for America being only an eagle – And, a sick eagle at that with an old bastard suffering dementia leading the band wagon with his army of gay happy jerk off’s and a former President from Kenya rooting it all on. The Russians are ‘in it’ to protect their nation & land. What nation does America have? A country with ugly feminists, emasculated girly-boys, rotten children, baby murderers and soldiers walking around in pumps and bra’s.

    READY TO STRIKE Russia fires cruise missiles in Black Sea & moves dozens of fighter jets to border as Putin ‘strangles’ Ukraine 


    Hat tips: https://www.stevequayle.com/ via Mr and Mrs Brown.

    Enjoy the hell coming.

    You REALLY think they won’t hit our land?

    Are you stupid?!