DUMP #DuckDuckGo Use YANDEX.COM Instead. MANY More Images. MUCH BETTER Search engine

DUMP #DuckDuckGo Use YANDEX.COM Instead. MANY More Images. MUCH BETTER Search engine

Just DUMP these Azov Battalion propagandists! DuckDuck USED to be Conservative…Now, they’re anti free speech.


It’s owned by a Dutch man and it is based in Russia.

CBS-FASCIST, U.S. Govt Backed Ukrainian Guardsmen Open Fire On Crowd In East After Referendum

CBS News: FASCIST, U.S. Govt Backed Ukrainian Guardsmen Open Fires On Crowd In East After Referendum

Hurry up, Russia haters, DON’T report this….

They do not know how many are dead.  Amazing that CBS is reporting this.  It’s probably because they are seeing the ugly face of fascism.. Its not a pretty sight. Of course, Putin will be blamed for this the same way Obama excessively blames Bush.  At least Putin gave them a vote… THE EU/US NGO sector gave them a Coup D’Etat.

The bloodshed in the town of Krasnoarmeisk occurred hours after dozens of guardsmen shut down voting in a referendum on sovereignty for the region. An Associated Press photographer who witnessed the shooting said two people were seen lying unmoving on the ground and insurgent leader Denis Pushilin was quoted by the ITAR-Tass news agency as saying there were an unspecified number of deaths.


00 The Night of the Lving Dead. Kiev. 10.05.14

@SimonOstrovsky, US Journalist Detained In Ukraine By “Pro-Russians” Even Though He Works For Moscow Times?

@SimonOstrovsky, US Journalist Detained In Ukraine By “Pro-Russians” Even Though He Works For Moscow Times?

This is why we have to just report it and wait until the news (all of it) comes out. We have been trying to report both sides of this issue.

I suspect a lot of this will happen.  Mr. Ostrovsky has claimed he is FROM Moscow.  He is not, he is Russian speaking.  Ostrovsky is also vehemently anti-Israel, even though he has residence in Israel.. (Koo koo)    BUT-can someone tell me: WHY do journalists insist on placing themselves in the middle of war zones where they don’t understand the terrain?  Daniel Pearl and Nick Berg come to mind.. But, I digress because it is needed…

US has interfered  in the middle of ANOTHER civil war that it instigated and with no military there, this was bound to happen:

And, that was about all he wrote.

 Here’s the deal:  Most Ukrainians, if not all, ARE Pro-Russian.  People seem to forget that a US/EU backed coup d’etat took place in Kiev in Feb/March.  Which most Ukrainians were NOT in favor of.   Simon Ostrovsky also serves as a reporter for The Moscow Times.  So, it does not make much sense that he would be held by Ukrainians that are Russia friendly.  However, they are UKRAINIAN.  You can say “Pro Russia” ’til you’re blue in the face, but the country is Ukraine where Ukrainians live.  Stop pinning every little incident on Russia.  It’s UKRAINE.

  • Last Updated, 5:49 p.m. | Foreign correspondents in the eastern Ukrainian town of Slovyansk, including  Andrew Roth and Roland Oliphant of The Telegraph, report that one of their number, the Vice News reporter Simon Ostrovsky has been detained by pro-Russia UKRAINIANs who seized power in recent days.
  • In one earlier dispatch, the Russian-speaking Mr. Ostrovsky was filmed dodging a question about where he was from by telling separatists in the city of Donetsk that he was from Moscow.

State Department “Aware” Of Vice Journalist Taken Hostage In Ukraine

Don’t worry, Simon…. Obama’s golfing..

Chabad Rabbi In Kiev, Ukraine: Tells Kiev’s Jews To Flee City

Chabad Rabbi In Kiev, Ukraine:  Tells Kiev’s Jews To Flee City

Hat tip, AMP & QV………

This is not the reason I have stood against the Ukrainian mess.  I am SICK of Obama, MCCain and the lot of them turning countries upside down, installing brutal, oppressive regimes….

BUT, with NAZI-enabling Soros, truly, what could be expected from the Ukrainian disaster?  Hopefully, this will not come to fruition. But, it is telling..Chabad Jews are the most conservative and patriotic Jews. And, I love them, dearly.  They are very caring, upright and love the Jewish people and spiritual Judaism..

Picture of wise commenter from UK, thanks ChrisH:

  With a coup, how the hell do you know WHO is taking power?  Ukraine is NOT America. 

On Timoshenko:

A confrontation between peoples once again real in Ukraine, he says. Meanwhile, Yulia Tymoshenko is not in a hurry to recognize her defeat.

The rest about her loss…

‘Ukraine opposition’s antisemitic agenda ignored by Western media’

And, ugly, OLD, Nazi enabling Communist, George Soros cares nothing for Jews.  He only cares about money and destruction.  Probably LOVES the purists in Ukraine:   

*At any rate, religious, God-fearing Jews have been murdered under Communist/Bolsheviks in RU and under National Socialists in Germany.  So, my own opinion to God fearing, right minded Jews is:  Trust NO political hack.

I Love It: Russian Tycoon Punches Another Russian In The Face~Russian Men Rock

There is nothing like watching a punching fight, imo.

Russian men have testosterone, American men don’t, because of American females.

I am not a ‘fan’ of Putin, but just look at him!  At least the man is a leader…