#TEXASSHOOTING Does Anyone Remember David Wheeler From Sandy Hook? The “Grieving Father” Who Was Also An “FBI Sniper”?

Does Anyone Remember David Wheeler From Sandy Hook? The “Grieving Father” Who Was Also The “FBI Sniper”?

So…supposedly there was another shooting in TX yesterday. The usual young dude who looks nuts. And, almost always has either: 1. Manifesto OR 2. Video of what he will carry out. Most people do not question these things. They just accept it is a ‘another mass shooting’ and ‘the world is getting crazy.’

I do not accept the MSM ‘version’ of these supposed mass shootings. We will never know the ‘real’ story in any event. I do not believe one word the MSM says because of Milton William Cooper’s book which accurately predicted this insanity:

Page 225: From the 1991 book, “Behold a Pale Horse”  Milton William Cooper

Now for the biggie…

Watch this video. You’ll never believe a word the MSM says ever again:

So, tell me HOW a ‘grieving father’ is ALSO the FBI Sniper in that MSM video and NOBODY around him at Sandy Hook questioned it.

#Commie Anti-Gunners On The March In Arapahoe & Mountainview. Just Like Sandy Hook

#Commie Anti-Gunners On The March In Arapahoe & Mountainview.  Just Like Sandy Hook

Sorry…you may buy the ‘official’ story, but I do not. I will still love you, though. 🙂    This is just a nice Christmas howdy from the radical, left-wing terrorists: Facts About #Communist Leftists 

Another Commie Christmas present for all of you Americans that are too dumb to figure out what is happening….If you don’t know, you should wake up.  These events are most likely staged.  Even Corsi, who is on much of the time advised that Obama would have to stage an event just 3 days ago: Here  Really, you Communists are just toooooooooooo predictable, anymore.  The horse-shit is just not believable to people.  I am sorry for these kids. Very sad and sorry.

Right on schedule – leftists blame NRA & GOP for Arapahoe High School shooting

Mountain View Elementary School in Azusa on lockdown


More school shootings, below. How long are you going to think this is ‘coincidence?’

BTW: New Jersey ‘random’ shooting: Shots fired at Garden State Plaza in Paramus, New Jersey  

AND:  what have we here:  Central Connecticut State University Emergency – on lockdown 

….Hmmm, a little more: Passengers evacuated at BHM Shuttlesworth Airport in Alabama after security breach .  

Commies are SO busy: North Carolina A&T State University shooting 

sandy hook hoax


Oh, by the way…. Robbie Parker from Sandy Hook loves you Communists….

PS: All of the recent (last 4 years) of mass shootings were perp’d by radical leftists. That’s the facts.  So, any way you look at it, ITS STAGED.

Another Obama Scandal: O Admin Produced FAKE News About Syria’s Assad Being Toppled

Another Obama Scandal: O Admin Produced FAKE News About Syria’s Assad Being Toppled


We, here know that Obama lies, daily.

And, this is why I do not believe Sandy Hook was an actual event.  I won’t ever believe that Sandy Hook happened or at least the bogus story they gave us.    Obama and his Communists have been lying about Syria from the get-go.   I have blogged about Syria since 2011: Syria | The Mad Jewess.    Obama is nothing but a Taqiyya-practicing Communist.  He is being humbled.  After this government shut-down, Obama will be humbled some more-  & You Better Get On The Right Side Of History.

See the rest-Western Center for Journalism.

Is A Political “Perfect Storm, False Flag” Event Being Set-Up & Staged By The Obama Regime?

First let me say that in my opinion, every problem this nation faces was CAUSED BY GOVERNMENT.  If you think Medicare is a wonderful govt. program that works well, guess again.  Those old enough may remember how cheap medical costs were before Medicare.

Now we have this putz, Barack Hussein Obama, that is manufacturing crisis after crisis.  First he refused to release his records, birth certificate and college transcripts, then it was debt ceiling after debt ceiling, hundreds of millions to failing green companies, the BP oil spill which was totally mishandled, high unemployment with false govt employment stats, tax hikes for the so called wealthy, sequester, proposed by the boy himself, even though he is now distancing himself from it as far as possible, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, Syria, boots on the ground in Africa, while Americans were out of work, pushing through unwanted healthcare, the tax hikes, astronomical budget deficits and debt he wont even try to fix, threatening some that have some recognition with threats for saying the sequester is Obama’s doing, including Bob Woodward of Watergate fame and Clinton dinosaur, Lanny Davis, Newtown and gun control, which could trigger a revolution.

Obama is going to make sequester as painful as he possibly can and the media will back him up.  There is even a story out that the Obama administration is fearing assassination by the military.  Will he do a false flag assassination attempt on his life?  In Israel, 1992, Yitzak Rabin tried that without too much success.

This is crisis management, jumping from one fire to the next, many of them the govt’s own doing.

Will Obama eventually declare Martial Law?  Stay tuned, same time, same channel, next week for the next thrilling episode in crisis by Barack Hussein Obama.

Please do not copy/paste.  Take an excerpt and re-blog.


-David Ben Moshe

Chris Dorner, Alleged L.A. Cop Killer: “It Wasn’t Me!” In A Message

So, is this another Sandy Hook?  Is this man innocent?  I would not put anything past gun-grabbers. We believe that ‘the end justifies the means’ in the Obama regime.  As of now, we only know what the Left-wing Gestapo MSM is telling us…

Anyway: You think about it, we’ll be watching.

Hat tip, Weeping Eagle


Sandy Hook’s Laura Phelps Has Been On CNN’s “That Morning Show.” Did You Know This, Anderson Cooper?

My, my, my… Maybe CNN’s Anderson Cooper can explain this to us dumb sheep?  He was quick enough to call people ‘conspiracy theorists.’  What say you, now, Cooper?  Why didn’t you tell us there were actors/actresses (community thespians) who happened to be involved in Sandy Hook?? Why did you call us ‘conspiracy theorists?’ YOU are the one hiding this, Cooper.. The conspiracy is not being honest, like you said ‘keeping em honest.’   Pot. Kettle. Black, Anderson…..    

  People…I don’t deny that Sandy Hook ‘happened’.   I just don’t believe the ‘official’ story, anymore.  You shouldn’t either after seeing this.  I believe the ‘conspiracy’ is the conspiracy to take our arms.

About 1 minute 50 secs.  Don’t bother taking it down off Youtube, LEFTIST NAZIs- I have it downloaded.

“Expressing Motherhood” says that Phelps was one of their actresses. 

Picture of Phelps with her husband:


UPDATE 1/21/2013~Did CNN Air Fake Sandy Hook Helicopter Footage?!

Well, ya can’t make this stuff up.  Why did they air this?  Why?  Doing a little damage control are we?? Again, discern for yourself.

UPDATE 1/2/2013 Also, take a look at this: here

This is the real footage:

What would Robbie Parker say?

Leftists Ranting On & On About Sandy Hook “Hero”, Gene Rosen-But, Nothing About Benghazi-gate & Chris Stevens

Yesterday, we were linked up at the Huffington-Whore website.  I have not written anything about Gene Rosen.  He is not a ‘hero’.  Rosen did not put his life on the line to save anyone. A hero is someone who puts his life in deaths path or under fire for someone elses life-a selfless act.   Most AmeriKans do not know the meaning of a hero..

 The ‘story’ is that Rosen opened his home to some kids from the Sandy Hook event.  Ok, so?  Did he put his life on the line for another life? NO.  He is not a hero.   The Salon is also ranting on and on about Rosen, here is one of their posts about Sandy Hook ‘truthers.’ here.  They can rant all day long, but they seem to have no explanations to the questions people are asking like this: What’s with about Robbie Parker’s laughing and smiling?

What I find amazing right now is the fact that the left-wing cares nothing about what happened to THEIR man, Chris Stevens in Benghazi-they hardly talked about it.   No big news posts about Stevens, who DID put his life in harms way, & was ignored by the state department even though he requested help time and time again, and was murdered despite his requests.  

Chris Stevens is not important.  Only these Sandy Hook children are important.  Chris Stevens is someone’s child, is he not?  Did he not have parents as well?  

The left-wing is always full of crap.  Phoney outrage. I can’t stand B.S., and the left is full of it.  55 million murdered babies by abortion – at the hand of leftists, but they pretend to cry over these kids at Sandy Hook…???

‘Progressives’ have totally exploited the event at Newtown.  The end justifies the means, doesn’t it?  Anything to further their dear leader’s position.  Whatever it takes to get the guns out of the hands of the ‘right-wing’. What a joke.  How long has it been since righteous, God-fearing Americans have been in charge of their own country? 100 years? Koo koo, koo koo…Paranoia, self destroya… Talk about MENTAL.  Leftists define what being mental is ALL about.

So, let me understand… This is a hero:

This is nobody: