#Crimea ~Russia/Georgian Background to the Western “Invasion” Hysteria

#Crimea  Georgian Background to the Western “Invasion” Hysteria

Last weekend, “Christian” Sarah Palin suggested that Obama nuke Christian Russia in jest. Sane Christians would ask: WWJD?    Wouldn’t they?


Please read this article linked.  You will see many similarities in the Ukraine scenario & the Georgia 2008 issue:

Russia at the time, was not “invading” Georgia – but rather pushing back US-trained, armed, and backed Georgian forces from their own armed invasion into South Ossetia. It was an engineered provocation designed to test Russian resolve and chip away at Russia’s territorial integrity as well as its influence along its immediate peripheries.


However, once again, Russia is not “invading” anything. Long before the West began sowing political chaos in Kiev, Russian troops had long been permanently stationed within the country. Ukraine, and in particular, eastern Ukraine including the Crimea peninsula, share a common heritage, history, linguistics, socioeconomic interests, and defense agreements both past and present.

Which is what we have been saying.

The whole article: here (Not a fan of this website, but its article is the truth)

If you can answer these questions:

#1. Svoboda, who joined a formal coalition with the ‘centre’-right
Batkivshchyna. Currently Svoboda Party has acquired: 37 parliamentary
seats.. Svoboda party is also known as “Nationalist Socialists” (or vc versa)= NAZIs

#2. Advise us WHY Victoria Nuland was in Kiev in Dec 2013. WHY she told an audience in DC why US spent 5 billion USD for the ‘revolt’

#3 Advise us of WHY John McCain was there inciting rioters in Dec 2013.

#4. Advise WHY Sen Murphy was in Kiev, Dec 2013.

#5. Advise WHY McCain is supporting Batkivshchyna party which is aligned with Svoboda Neo nazis.

#6. Advise WHY BBC put out a documentary about 10 days ago revealing that neo-nazis took over this ‘revolt’

#7. WHY did Pierre Omidyar co-funded Ukraine revolution groups with US government, documents show

When you can answer these Q’s, then you are qualified to talk about Ukrainan situation.   Until you can, you’re not qualified.

NO CONSPIRACY:  Sen. McCain, Sen. Murphy and Victoria Nuland were involved in the Coup D’Etat in Ukraine.  That’s the facts.  If you don’t want to deal with these facts, then its evident:  You have your head up your ass.  You just want to nuke and murder Russians based on 1980’s hatred of the former USSR.  Even though the USSR didn’t hurt us, either.  At any rate: John McCain was also involved in the Georgia issue as well.

America has a reputation of calling itself Christians, yet assists in having murdered Christians in foreign countries like Serbia & Syria.  America now has a reputation of installing the worst leaders like Morsi who had his Muslim bro’hood murder countless Christians and coptics.

America:  When will you face your murderous ways?  America is a murderer: 55 million dead babies proves this.   God will allow America to go through judgment, wrath and horror for hurting his people all over the world, he will avenge.  Count on it.


We, here – are trying to avert nuclear WW3, you are trying to make it happen.  God is WITH us, he is against you.

*DESPERATE* The Obama Campaign SUCKS So Bad, They May Just Add Hillary As VP

I know many really stupid women that LOVE Hillary.  Even CONservative women, no shit.

We can thank Sarah Palin for her heads up to the O campaign of death. She suggested that Obama should run with Hitlery.. Palin has lost her mind and underestimated the stupidity of dumb women in large groups.  She may have just handed Obama the election: Obama replacing Biden with Hillary?  I have not ever cared for Palin. Sorry guys.

 If Palin weighed 300 lbs, nobody would listen to a thing she says.  Thats the facts.

Any little respect I had for Palin went out the door last night and reaffirmed that the GOP is a total DEM enabler.

They are going to stick with Joey Biden.  I bet Joe has a heart attack out of no where.

Mission Mind Control!

Authored by Goldbug
Does anyone doubt for a minute that they have learned to wipe the “brain slate” clean and reprogram it with instructions to do things contrary to conscience .. with no residual memory? I was attending California State University, Long Beach 1966-1970, when the CIA’s Chief Drug Peddler, Timothy Leary, traveled to campuses around the country introducing LSD. They had to stop the rebellious youth.
Since the following documentary was made in the 1970s, you can imagine what has subsequently been done to humans by these evil people in their quest for mind control?
Mission Mind Control – Documentary (48.33 mins)
I wonder what Sarah Palin says about HAARP .. surely, since it was in her state when she was Governor, she knew what it was all about. These insane people will eventually destroy the world.
In case you missed it .. Jesse Ventura – re. HAARP

Palin Needs To ‘Get In The Fight’, Or Get Out Of The Way

By: David Ben Moshe

The Drudge report has Palin linked up as “The Big Tease”.   I understand that Palin ‘drives liberals insane.’, that’s fine and dandy, we do that here, too.  But, these days, she is driving a lot of Americans insane with indecisiveness. I happen to like Palin and her American Folksiness. This is not enough to be a President.  My wife does not like Palin and considers her to be a phoney.  At first I questioned this, but I am getting to the point that I am starting to agree with my wife.

  At a time where we are beyond repair for 50 years, we can’t have a woman running for President that is acting  like an attention horse.  Sarah Palin needs to get in the fight or get out.  If she is running for President, she had better be prepared to advise Americans of why she quit her post as Alaska’s Governor, the left will attack her relentlessly about that situation.  The last thing we need is a quitter.  How can Palin prove that she won’t just ‘quit her job’ as the C.I.C.?

Think about it.

See this link:THE BIG 'TEASE'

The REAL Reason Margaret Thatcher Won’t Meet With Sarah Palin Is OBAMAS FAULT


Obama sent back the bust of Winston Churchill to England. Adding insult to injury, the gasbag prez gave Queen Elizabeth an IPOD with his stupid ass speeches.  To top that off, the MUSLIM PSYCHO, Obama: the FRAUD occupying the White House sold British secrets to Russia. Then to look like a positive fruit-loop, the buffoon does not even know to shut his stupid mouth during the Britain National Anthem.

  WHY would former Brit P.M., Maggie Thatcher meet with ANYONE from America at this point? This slime in the White House has destroyed any reputation we had left. That is the REAL reason Thatcher will not meet with Palin; Thatcher is older, more seasoned. She could think Palin is a plant or spy. Why shouldn’t she think that? The GOP is weak and does ZERO while Obama, the TAN MAN passes through executive orders against our will and apologized to most of the world for what our grandfathers did. He is a shameful piece of drek that should be thrown out, pronto…and in a SANE world, he would be. Its not your fault, Sarah Palin, it is OBAMAS FAULT.


From Savages Website:


Sarah Palin Needs The Mad Jewess’s Help In How To Answer JERKS Like Chris Wallace

Go to fullsize imageChris Wallace asked Sarah Palin about her Paul Revere Gaffe. She answered all wrong. What Palin should have said to Chris Wallace was this:

“Mr. Wallace:  I said something a little off about Paul Revere.  But, lets get back to the facts; I still know that there are only 50 states and I know that the Constitution was written over 2 centuries ago, not 20 centuries ago, as our current Pres has suggested. I also am very aware that this is the year 2011, not 2008 A.D…..” 😉


Chris Wallace asked Sarah Palin what she ‘is up to’ re. her bus tour.  Palin answered all wrong. What she should have said was:

“I am on a bus tour, seriously thinking about running for Pres., 2012. 


Chris Wallace brought up Mike Bailey’s book that Bailey has written against her, the book “Blind Allegiance.”  Palin was on the defense.  She should have said; “Mike Bailey has written a book, good for him.  I know it is a book that does not paint me in a positive light, and that’s ok. I am all for free enterprise and understand that this comes with the territory..


WINK, WINK…………….I can always use some publicity. It’s not like there is a book out there questioning my birth certificate.” 😉

HUMOR, Mrs. Palin….HUMOR. Less is always better than more.  Too much more..is a bad thing.

View Image

BTW: We are for HIRE, Mrs Palin. It will cost ya..We are for FREE ENTERPRISE as well…


Sarah Palin and Donald Trump do Pizza in Times Square, NYC

The two Reality Stars meet finally in NYC but that City used to its share of fanfare.  It is an everyday occurrence. Sarah Palin seemed somewhat Star stuck but Donald Trump had a smile that was contagious.   What do you have in common? A reported asked Sarah Palin regarding Donald Trump. Her response, “a love for our Country.”After their meeting at the penthouse in Trump Towers, it was a casual dinner with family. I mean causal. Off to 50th and Broadway they traveled, right smack in the heart of Times Square, New York City, the destination, Famous Famiglia Pizzeria.   Including plastic utensils, they conversed in the heart of the Theater District, the doors of the restaurant were off-limits to the public. That did not stop the hundreds of tourists and paparazzi from gazing into the glass. With a glimmer of hope, the visitors snapped video and photos of the two infamous celebrities along with the local and national media spotlight. A press conference engaged after dinner.   What do you think of a Trump/ Palin ticket?  Sarah replied, “that sounds exciting and unconventional.” The mic was lead to Donald for a response,” sounds good.”  That might have Obama shaking in his shoes.  All was well in New York City yesterday.

At 1:20 point, into the second video, Sarah and Donald share an embrace and kiss as they depart separate ways.

Sarah Palin & Donald Trump IN NYC; take a Bite out of the Big Apple tonight

Take a bypass tonight on the “One Nation” tour, Sarah Palin is scheduled to meet with Donald Trump in his 45,000 sq. ft. apt at Trump Towers then, out for dinner.  It was at the request of the Palin camp to visit Mr. Trump. ( I wish I could be a fly on a wall during that conversation)   Yesterday, Sarah was seen overnight Gettysburg, Battlefield in PA.  Today, it was a quick stop at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, PA. Then, it was off and running up the NJ turnpike to the Empire State. I am sure this affecting the Obama reelection  team to squirm.

ABC News Video; Sarah Palin Draws Crowd at Liberty Bell

The 3 Things I LIKE About Sarah Palin

View Image

BY: The Mad Jewess

  I have had quite a few friends ask me why I ‘hate’ Sarah Palin.  I don’t ‘hate’ Palin as an everyday American activist person. Anyway- One was good enough to listen to reasons why I do NOT like her politics. The others just use Alinsky attacks; “You are just a Palin hater, sexist, bitter”, bla bla bla, (same thing leftists use.) Her personal life, is none of my affair. What I care about is public office–if a person is running for public office.  Anyway, I will tell you the 3 things I like about Sarah Palin, this is NOT intended to be pun, I am very serious here:

Go to fullsize image#1. The leftists HATE Sarah Palin’s gutts. I LOVE that. But…they not only hate her, they hate anyone that is a Republican.  I dont like the Republicans either, for their treachery in lining up with leftists, like McCain (Who Palin endorsed for Senator-BIG MISTAKE.)  Whenever I am online and see the Palin hatred, it’s a great opportunity for me to get in a fight on her behalf. (I LOVE a good fight :D)  I love how the gasbag-leftists come out in full display when Palin only utters, “God Bless America”, they foam at the mouth and are in desperate need of exorcism. Its a CRACK UP. I really love this about Palin. Her stance on guns makes a gal feel secure and the leftists HATE guns..

Go to fullsize image#2. I happen to think that Sarah Palin is gorgeous. She is very pretty. Her hair color is super. She has a bright and wonderful smile, its really quite contagious.

Go to fullsize image#3. I LOVE the way Sarah Palin looks in upbeat clothes; Her leather skirts, leather jackets, shoes, etc. She dresses TOP NOTCH.  I love fashion, and Palin does it well.

So, there you have it.  These are the things I like about Sarah Palin. These are also things that do not qualify a person to run for the highest office in the land. 

Just a question, people…. If Sarah Palin weighed 321 pounds, I have serious doubts that you would ‘love’ her for possible Presidential candidate as you do now. Yep, I believe that is how shallow Americans are. In fact, one man I know is so taken with Palins beauty, he told me: “I don’t want Palin as the President, I want her to sit on my face”. 


Trust me, American people, you would not think twice about Palin if she was 321 pounds with that voice she has. You wouldn’t.  The difference between you and I, is that if she DID weigh 321 pounds and I LIKED her politics, I would stand behind her no matter what.

Video- People, If You Want Palin For Prez, Can You PLEASE Give A Good Reason Why..

Go to fullsize imageAfter seeing this video……….. I will be candid.  The people in this video seem like very nice people, but you cannot push for someone to be a President just because you like that she is a Hockey Mom, or you like the term “You Betcha” OR a persons house on Reality TV, or that she is “HOT”  These are NOT ‘qualifications’ to be a leader of a nation with ’57’ states… Again…After seeing these women, you all should not question why I do not believe that women are capable to be Presidents.

If you want someone for President, these are some the things you should ask and want, even “Soon to Be Pres. Palin”:

1.  Tough and principled, preferably a person that has served in the Military, after all, this person will be a Commander in chief OF the Military.

2.  Natural leader, not a born rallier and speaker like Obama.

3.  Good communicator

4.  Not compromising

5.  Job Stability

6.  Natural born citizen


This is embarassing:

This is why people voted for Obama…..Yes, much more embarrassing, but just as embarrassing if you are a political junkie like moi.

{I, of course am NOT a supporter of Palin 4 prez, not only because she is a woman, & I am an avowed male chauvinist, (man-firster)- but because she endorsed MCPAIN the RINO for senate seat-AGAIN, and I live in AZ, where people evidently dont know jack shit about politics, or they would NEVER have put that bastard in. He is a Repub-‘progressive’.  Open Borders asshole, Palin endorsing him=apples dont fall far from the tree, which is why she rarely brings up the illegals issue, OR the B.C.. I dont see her as the next Queen Eliz the 1st, Deborah, Queen Boudica, Thatcher and the other great women leaders…which we have only had 5 in a thous years.}