Nasty Pelosi Sings “Wet Azz Dentures”. #LOL

Nancy Pelosi Sings “Wet Azz Dentures”. #LOL

Every once in awhile, ya get lucky on the net and find something hilarious…Here is Nasty Pelosi singing Cardi B’s stupid ‘song’, “Wet A$$ Pu$$y”.

This one is really funny too, LOL

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BREAKING: New Book-“Hating Blackie”. A Book Of UNASHAMED Hatred Of Black America

BREAKING: New Book – “Hating Blackey”. A Book Of UNASHAMED Hatred Of Black America

Written by Joe Schmoe, this book is a confusing piece describing an average white dude who feels like hating blacks in America and prays 3X a day for God to help him hate black Americans. Through each chapter, he describes woeful experiences he has had with black people on occasion. I asked Joe: “Joe, only blacks? That’s who you want to hate?” Joe said “YEP”, “its not like I’m genocidal or anything like that, I just want all blacks to be hated by whites.” I advised Joe that if all whites just hated black people, that could cause ethnic cleansing. “No, said Joe. You don’t understand. I’m becoming a minority, so it’s IMPOSSIBLE for me to be ‘racist”.

All of my efforts to advise Joe that prejudice is prejudice just fell on deaf ears.

You can buy this book online:  Mercer University associate professor of practical theology,

WA Mayor, Cheryl Selby Who ‘Took a Knee’ W/ BLM Was Visited By A PEACEFUL PROTESTER.

WA Mayor, Cheryl Selby Who ‘Took a Knee’ W/ BLM Was Visited By A PEACEFUL PROTESTER.

WA Mayor  Selby who is wearing a baby diaper looking mask below was visited by a PEACEFUL PROTESTER.

After he came for a nice visit, she called the peaceful protester a ‘domestic terrorist’.  The gall.  So intolerant.  So nasty.  What’s wrong with this dummy? HOW DARE she call a sweet kid a ‘domestic terrorist?’  I can’t believe my eyes.

Give that loving child a metal.   She’s a damned racist…and a fascist…and an effn Nazi. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME! 


Of course you know this hag’s home was vandalized…..

Obama Orders His Military To Attack Red States For Refusing To Comply To Health-Care Mandate

Obama Orders His Military To Attack Red States For Refusing To Comply To Health-Care Mandate

Earlier today, I ordered MY armed forces to strike the red states. Their mission is to kill everyone who refuses to comply with my health care insurance mandate.


Their purpose is to protect the national interest of the United States by ridding America of these ‘patriots’.


The red states must not be allowed to threaten their neighbors or the world with their unwillingness to submit to Socialism.


We now give the red states 48 hours to comply or face drones, bombs and boots on the ground.

Of course this is satire.. But, I ask you:  What will stop him from this?  McCain? Graham? King?  Did he stop in Libya? Egypt? Yemen or Paki?  He droned & murdered children in Yemen when he tried to kill 2 terrorists. Over 220 children.  In this political discourse, when the Democrat Communists do not get their way, they seem to kill people or bully them with the IRS.

The Mad Jewess Is Taking Over The World With Prince Zion From Planet ‘ZOG’


We (friend and I) made the above ‘pop-art’ for parody reasons.. and a little sarcasm…for myself to have a bitter laugh.

I have made a decision to join Price Zion from Planet ZOG.  A few days ago, I was given a ‘heads up’ about the asteroid that is going to hit earth.. As usual, one of my beloved, (sarc) Jew-hating jerks said that I, personally am responsible for this asteroid hitting earth.. (Its the Zionists fault this is happening, doncha know..) Just as I am responsible for the plague that hit EU in the middle ages.. Hey.. I can’t help it if I’ve been ‘chosen’ to wreak havoc on the earth, several hundred years before I was born, but what the hell.. I may as well take responsibility for it–keeps my enemies at arms length better than my underarm B.O.

After these accusations of lunacy occurred, I was told I eat gentile babies in my Matzah (That’s odd, considering I HATE the taste of Matzah and avoid it as much as possible.)  If it were potato salad from Chompies deli.. I might have fessed up to eating children for breakfast… Who can resist creamy tater-salad from a wonderful Kosher deli…Yum..!

THEN.. I was told that I am oppressing the palestinians.  You see how powerful my intel chip is?  I live in Arizona and I am able to oppress the Arabs in Israel from 6K miles away–its that Jew-Doo, Voo-Doo…  Don’t underestimate my mouse and his pad.  It’s sheer power is formidable..

To top everything off.. I killed Jesus, too.  Yep, I was there!!  Just as Patton was  present for the Roman crusades, c. 300  A.D. or so during WW2, 1942…….SO-You see what a busy week this is for me? Is there any doubt that I need a strong prince to help me?  I’ve decided to join Prince Zion from planet ZOG.       ..Because a gal just can’t do all of this alone…!

A more semi-sorta-serious note… Jew hatred is:

Thank you for the ping, Maggie 😉  Have a nice Passover, Easter, etc..

Wishes for a Peaceful Passover with a few Flashbacks, Passover Roundup and Hebrew Mamita | Maggie’s Notebook

Holder To Investigate ‘The Possible Leaking’ Of State Secrets?

Holder To Investigate ‘The Possible Leaking’ Of State Secrets….Yeah right.  I saw this and laughed, but not a funny ‘lol’, a tragic, crazed lol. I am Sick that justice will probably never be served.

Bill Clinton Is Picking On Poor, Sweet Obama-Damned OLD, White, Racist Devil

Bill Clinton Is Picking On Poor, Sweet Obama-Damned OLD White Racist Devil… Ya all see how this old ass, ugly ass, rich ass, capitalist ass, punk ass boy is treating our poor, sweet, beloved prez Hussein Osama? This is an outrage. This is just mean racism. We all know that anyone that hates Obama is nothing but a racist, hater, nazi, bla bla bla.    What I find  very interesting is that nobody on the left seems to be calling out Clinton for what he is; a racist.   It can’t be Obama’s politics. No way…!!  It can’t be the fact  that Obama has increased our debt by 5.5 trillion.  Maybe Clinton is jealous because Clinton does not want Obama to catch up with the Clinton debt of 5.7 trillion when HE left office?  Hell, who knows.. I just know that the left is NEVER wrong and Clinton is just an old white racist, trying to put down our wonderful, gay, ugly, big-eared pig of a prez/usurper.


Some people are super happy that Clinton is picking on Obama.  I couldn’t care less.  The Clinton administration sucked.  Ya got me? Sucked.  We got attacked over and over again for 8 years, leading up to the greatest terrorist attack which occurred after this punk left office.  Clinton left horrible shame behind him.    Every so often, Clinton and his wife had a dead body under their government-mafia belt. Bill Clinton lied under oath, telling Americans that he ‘did not have sexual relations with that woman, Monica Lewinsky’.   Then one week later, confessed on national TV that he was sorry for what he did with that woman.  Sickening.  Billy Clinton the idiot sent in US troops to Serbia and killed thousands of Serb-Christians on behalf of psychopathic-Muslims that LIED and told the world that there was a genocide/massacre of dead Bosnian-Muslims at the hands of the ‘murderous’ Christian Serbs.. YEAH RIGHT. LIES.  He raised our taxes (large tax-increase) after he promised a ‘middle class’ tax CUT.  He gave us “DADT”, which now gives us the repeal of DADT which is a disaster, embarrassment & national shame. His nasty wife tried to push Hillary-care on us (Just like Obama care).. We were a little wiser back then.  What more is there to say? How many pardons did this jackass give? Oh yeah…let us not forget his impeachment.

Fine, Clinton is picking on Obama. All that means to me, is that he is a piece of shit that knows what shit is. We need a TRUE conservative in office. And…pulease…..NO MORE BUSH’S NEED APPLY.

Jesus was a Black Man…

Jesus was a black man from Africa – more news; the Wright Brothers were black, so was Sir Isaac Newton, James Watt, who invented the steam engine was black…Quantum Physics, electricity, the radio, Marconi was black, nuclear fission, rocket science, music. Bach, Mozart, Ravel, were black. Copernicus, Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Plato, Socrates, all black  
Their contributions to modern culture are priceless…Rap music with filthy lyrics, grabbing their balls on stage, running around football fields acting like monkeys…..?
Africans were one of the few races on earth without a written language, For proof, go to any inner city school. And blowing the crime, rape and violence statistics off the scale…  D. Baker ©2009


Check this out:,-no-they-didnt

{This one ALSO is a blog that is hell bent on SILENCING ALL opposition to the Moonbat Messiah, HUSSEIN Obama:}

{See the commenting ALSO}. These fkers can talk all damned day, and a peep MUST NOT come out of us who are TRULY dissenting, unlike THEM, who called for the MURDER of US Troops, did we stop those ANIMALS?


Of course you all must know that Drake does SATIRE, but the LEFTIST FASCISTS don’t do SATIRE, unless it is aimed at the right wing.  You see…it is not FASCISM when THEY do it… lets look at what FASCISM IS:


A governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.

The Yes we can patrols @ work….this is OBAMA and the fascist machine heavily at work to SILENCE the opposition.  Hussein Obama ran on a RACIST platform. He is now in control of GM, and our BANKS, next is healthcare.. He has appointed 32 CZARS that have ABSOLUTE POWER–if it LOOKS like FASCISM, smells like FASCISM, IT IS FASCISM STUPID!

Of course the NAZI-Soros is the leading piece of SH*T that is trying to SILENCE my sweet friend David Drake- this MOONBAT bastard, Soros needs to be SILENCED, NOT David Drake: