Good Going Colorado~CO Rounds Up 78 ILLEGAL OCCUPIERS

  Good for Colorado.  The question is ‘How the hell do all of these illegals get up to Colorado?’  I believe it is large tractor-trailer trucks. What we need to do is stop every single truck coming from S. of the border for our own protection.  

Q#134: Will Illegals Go Home if Obama's Health Care Plan Passes? If you will notice, I do not endorse any candiate.  The reason for that is, the GOP are losers no matter WHO endorsed them.  BUT, I do believe that, perhaps the GOP can stop the progressive, sucker-punch if we hold their feet to the fire, keep going to the Town hall meetings, and T-party; stop worrying about the left wing lunatics calling you racists and push back like the genocidal-maniacal left wing always says.

Here is the link on Colorado: (I cannot cut and paste, who knows if the D.P. will have my ass on a chopping block)

Colorado ICE effort nabs 78

CYA ILLEGALS, you have a country- GO HOME before America goes insane because we are too g’damned broke to take care of your pathetic asses.

Mexico To America: “Stop Deporting OUR Criminals Back To Mexico!” WTF!!!

Go to fullsize imageIn a flabbergasting request, a coalition of Mexican lawmakers has asked the United States to stop deporting illegal immigrants who have been convicted of serious crimes in American courts.

Report from by Judicial Watch, Inc.

 Shut Up SEE this absolute unbelieveable shit: 

I cannot believe this.  I am sickened today with the illegal activity.

307 Pro-ILLEGAL Occupier Drug Dealers Arrested This Last Weekend

And Obama is suing AZ… He is a druggie-schmuck bastard himself, which is why he is suing AZ.

Go to fullsize image  SEE: 307 arrested in Mexican border crime crackdown

Open Letter To Pro-ILLEGAL~NOT Funny-Steve Colbert “Comedian” From Althea Shaw/Jamiels Law

The Mad Jewess bloggers received this letter below from Ms. Althea Shaw.  Althea Shaw’s son was murdered by illegals.  Her sons name is  Jamiel,  from the movement to support Jamiels Law .  Althea’s son Jamiel was an honor role student of a respectable American family.  Please take the time to read Ms. Shaw’s letter to Colbert, who is in favor of illegal occupiers over Americans that have been devastated by the illegals murdering family and friends.

Here is Ms. Shaw’s  letter to this crumb, Colbert:

This is a photo of Jamiel below:

(This is the website to help Ms. Shaw: Jamiel’s Law )


Ms. Shaw is a kind-hearted woman.  What I really feel, is that we should take Steve Colbert out to a chicken farm, to tar and feather his sorry ass, then put a blind-fold on his this snotty, elite, bastard, give him a cigarette but, and blow his f$%…..never mind….off.

Napolitano: Proof FEMINIST/Leftist-Women In Office FAIL During Americas 2nd Alamo


 She-devil America is in the middle of our 2nd Alamo. We have villages and towns devastated by the illegals, just like town  of San Anton’.. America, bloodied from battle all across the S.W. from invasion ~ We have enemies, domestic, inside of our government that are enabling this agressive, Marxist-“Hispanic”, militant invasion:  Namely, Janet Napolitano. This is more proof that leftist/feminist women absolutely fail during invasion, and war–they are not protecting this nation against illegal occupiers that rape, behead, pillage, plunder and murder. Feminist/Left wing females are weak. They are appeasing and prove over and over that they cannot and should not EVER be in charge. 

  Napolitano, who looks like a very ugly, little man, wishes to possess a penis.  Yet this carpet~munching, butch-woman does not even try to have any testosterone. She must be the feminina/submissive in her relationship.. This pathetic, wuss-girl is as fluffy as a female can get with her cowardice, snivelling, & sucking up to the illegal occupiers.  Which brings me to this point: Is this how she ‘protects’ her own home, backyard, acreage? 

This is precisely why I am 100% against women in high office, almost all women.

   Yes, I respect Jan Brewer. Yes, I believe that some women can hold congressional seats, but the security of a nation? NO.  Jan Brewer is the only woman that is tough enough to stand up to this invasion and SAM-Bama why? She is older, experienced, she has MEN with her, leading her. Real men, like Arpaio- she needs our heartfelt prayers, because the leftists are soul assassins, and she is, after all:  woman.

Coopting Feminism for theSpeaking of Jan Brewer, she is our “Colonel Travis” right now-referencing the Alamo. Our Sam Houston is Obama, but Obama is not with Americans, he is with the domestic invading enemy, Mexican-Marxist Militants.  Sheriff Joe is our Jim Bowie, and our Davy Crocketts are the volunteers.

We need to ditch the CIC of this nation. We have war on the borders:  Bring in Sheriff Arpaio and Sheriff Paul Babeau to stop this madness. NOW is the time for MEN, I am SICK of women. MEN fight wars- NOT women, they do not possess the cohones to kill the enemy and send them packing. WHAT war has a woman EVER won?  It is what it is. (Sorry, ladies that blog here, I cannot, and will NOT change my mind on this.)

SEE this: Senators say DHS, Napolitano, the WEAK, feminist, lesbo, feminina allows backdoor amnesty –  Washington Times


Leftist, PRO-LAW BREAKERS: Fighting Jan Brewer Over Be-Headings, Which HAVE Happened

  This is a sad story about how the leftists do not care about life in the least bit. Now, they are fighting Jan Brewer, calling her a ‘liar’ over the fact that there have been be-headings on our borders/ & or, in America. 

 They are fighting over the ‘where-abouts’…. “WAS IT IN Arizona?” NO!” ~ “You LIE Jan Brewer”……!!!!

 (That is what they are saying).  I follow the illegal situaltion more than any other.  I have put up News links, re. illegal crimes and now they are gone. That is what life means to a leftist- ZERO.

  Last night in a chat-room, I, myself was called a liar by a snivelling, cowardly leftist, who is well read in the Alinsky Rules for Radicals.  He called me a liar about this video below:

  Does it matter WHAT state this happened in with the little girl who refused to be raped & then got beheaded?  Look at this link, for ie.  This link is shut down-why?  Because it talked about beheadings of Mexicans against other Mexicans: Have there been beheadings in Arizona desert? – USWGO Alternative News 

BEHEADINGS: CUERNAVACA, Mexico — The preferred form of cruelty by drug cartel henchmen is to capture enemies and behead them, a once-shocking act that has now become numbingly routine.

Since March 22, authorities have come across four separate grisly scenes of beheaded bodies, in one case with several heads placed neatly in a row.  Read more:  Why are beheadings so popular with Mexico’s drug gangs? | McClatchy

Liberals, if there are ANY sane out there: PLEASE stop this madness in your party.  Why do you not care about life?  Why do you not care about this 7 year old girl? Why is your party attacking Brewer over which state, or border, etc this happened in? It is MURDER, no matter what state.  You are enabling illegal MURDERERS that are NOT fellow citizens. Is this how you want to be done, if you lose a member of YOUR family to an illegal occupier?

See: Forgotten News: ILLEGAL OCCUPIERS; Murder & Beat Their Own TODDLERS & Children

Pro-ILLEGAL Slime-bucket Terrorizes His OWN Kid, then Attacks

11 Yr. Old Victim Of Illegal RAPIST Had Baby @ 10, WHERE R THE FEMINISTS?!


Go to fullsize imageThe “Dream Act”- Actually the f*cking nitemare. This sonofabitch has what? 9 homes?  How bout you bring them to YOUR home, you absolute CRUMB & you take them in, you treasonous rat bastard.  NOBODY even wants a ‘guest worker’ program either, you dipshit. We want ILLEGALS to GO HOME. 

Americans NEED jobs, FUCK ILLEGALS!!!

Look at this tap-dancing creep in this video below, found by our blogger, Donna:

PRO-Law Breaker Wants To “Oppose” Sheriff Joe & His Volunteer Posse

Go to fullsize image  Please go to this link below, and listen to this gasbag, old, bad-speaking-English, illegal-wetback supporter.  This is why minorities should NEVER have a voice in American politics, EVER.  All they do is undermine our law. Jew OR gentile.  Minorities are NOT interested in this nation over the shit-holes they came from.

One Old Vet » From the “Duhhhh Zone”: ILLEGALS Oppose Arpaio …

  BTW, just an FYI…The Mehicanos are supporting their 200 years of being a country.. How do they celebrate?  Of murdering their own people: Mexico Celebrates its Independence with a Couple Dozen Murders


I know that people look for ‘hot news’ topics.  I dont care. The illegal problem IS the ONLY news in my opinion, we are being invaded. WE ARE INVADED.  Why people pick and choose stories to concentrate on, is beyond me.

America- YOU ARE INVADED BY ILLEGAL, LAW-BREAKERS. If they make these sonofabitches instantaneous citizens, YOU WILL PAY THE PRICE.