#VASCANDAL: As U.S. Vets Wait 90 Days For Medical Care, Illegals Receive Care, Expeditiously

#VASCANDAL: As U.S. Vets Wait 90 Days For Medical Care, Illegals Receive Care, Expeditiously

This photo was retrieved in TX by a journo named Kit Daniels at InfoWars.  This is disgusting:

Immigration Shelter Photos: Feds Treat Illegal Aliens Better Than Veterans

Our Vets wait on a ‘secret list’ to DIE as illegal kids get healthcare, immediately! 

YOUR tax dollars (which should be spent to make sure that vets receive the best possible care) goes to illegal, occupying, criminal invaders who hate your guts.  They really hate white people, too.  Our vets DIE waiting for care but Obama’s little dirt-bag ‘dreamers’ receive it, instantly…

Men are sent to die for John McCain and the filth. THAT bastard should make sure they are taken care of like kings and queens.. (Obviously I am being sarcastic)  I am so mad I could f’n spit.  This piece of absolute garbage, Barack Obama should be sent to Pilgrim state psych ward.. This is what this vomitous gasbag said today: OBAMA: 'Our Future Rests' on DREAMers...

The Kenyan is orchestrating this border scenario:  EX-BORDER AGENTS: IMMIGRANT FLOOD 'ORCHESTRATED'...

America’s Sheriff says:  Arpaio Worries Of Disease Being Brought In...    (I have been saying this for YEARS)

Issa: 'Flood Going To Mean Children Dying'...  Darrell Issa, the richest congressman in the house is worried about these illegal brats but cares nothing for our vets. 

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NO General, Colonel or anyone has arrested this regime.. So, even they are sold out because of their pensions.  That’s the facts.  Who cares for our vets in this insane Govt?  NOBODY.  Obama lies, Vets DIE.  See this whole story…

You may love or hate Alex Jones’ website, but InfoWars breaks most of the news now.  Which is why they are hated and blamed for the murder in Las Vegas by the main stream.

Happy Valentines Day. Is Beyonce’ & Obama Having An Affair?

Happy Valentines Day.  Is Beyonce’ & Obama Having An Affair?

He did say that he is Prez and he can do whatever he wants..

Brit, my blog friend believes this story is true — Says every time he posts on Obama’s steamy love affair with Beyonce, his blog post gets taken down!  So Who knows…!

I personally don’t believe it.  Barack Obama is too busy screwing up America to have time for anything else.  But, ya never can tell…..!  I’m sure it’s evil, racist, sexist, homophobic, hateful, and bigoted to question his highness on this possible scandal..  iOTW says French Media doesn’t have their ‘gaydar’ on… Does Big Fur Hat think Obama is gay?

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Huff Po: “Christie Can Be Impeached.” Obama, Not So Much, He Gets A Pass Because He’s BLACK

Huff Po:”Christie Can Be Impeached.” Obama, Not So Much, He Gets A Pass Because He’s BLACK


We do not like or respect Chris Christie on this website.  We believe he is a fat, debaucherous, corrupt politician who installs Muslims into courts and romances ‘gay’ marriage & should have *NEVER* been considered to be a  US President before this scandal even happened….This is besides the point..

Barack Obama is accused of war crimes: Egyptian Lawyers

No impeachment.

Obama targets conservatives and audits patriots through IRS, then has the audacity to use one of his own donors to investigate: Surprise: Attorney “Investigating” IRS Targeting of Conservatives is Obama donor …

No impeachment.

Obama leaves an ambassador out to dry in Benghazi, Libya. Then, lies and covers up the story.

No impeachment.

Obama changes his failed Communist healthcare law (not once, not twice, but 3 times) without congress.

No impeachment

Obama sends boots on the ground to Libya with billions of USD without congressional approval Libya: U.S. military boots ARE on the ground in Tripoli, Pentagon reports

No impeachment.

ETC, etc, etc….  On this website, we call a spade, a spade.  We believe that Barack Obama is never held accountable because of his skin color.  The radical Communists give him a pass BECAUSE he is black.  We want Mr. Obama to be held to the same account as a white man, yet we are called ‘racist?’

Make no mistake, Communist “Liberal/Progressive/Democrats are the racists who hate America so much that skin color comes first, before country.

Huff po: Bla bla bla bla bla

Both Chris Christie & Barack Obama Need To Resign. Was Hillary Clinton In On This “Release Of Emails?”

Both Chris Christie & Barack Obama Need To Resign. Was Hillary Clinton In On This “Release Of Emails?”

Chris Christie is the ANTI conservative. He loves ‘gay’ marriage, seating Muslims in the courts and taxes people out the wazoo. In my opinion, he needed to get lost like 5 years ago.


BUT-Fatty has been leading Hillary by a sizable percentage.. We all know how Hillary loves to obliterate her opponents.. Literally.  It’s possible that the witch had him set up by planting one of her workers, inside.  Regardless, the buck stops with Christie in this scandal. And, the buck stops with BO in Benghazi, Commie-care, etc, etc, etc, etc.

Everyone is fighting over the double standard hypocrisy of this Chris Christie scandal.  The Democrats (Communists) want Christie gone, obviously because they want their Komrade, Hillary in as Prez in 2017.  The Republican (Marxist lites) are just saying ‘How come its not a scandal when Obama does it, na na na na na na.” 

AT ANY RATE: Did anyone dare to even question that Killary Klinton was possibly in on the release of these emails.. Or is it SEXXXIST to think this??

I say: Christie and Obama should both get the hell out of dodge.  America is falling apart and these 2 jokers should just resign.  And, Hillary Clinton should get lost as well.

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ANOTHER #ObamaScandal: More Leaked Documents From Foreign Govt. Administration Denies: Typical.

ANOTHER #ObamaScandal: More Leaked Documents From Foreign Govt. Administration Denies: Typical.


From denial to postpone to ‘that’s old news’

Just another day in the lie of Obama.  Hurry up, Commies, cover it up.  Let’s all pretend that this is not happening and that Obama is scandal-less

Click-Second release of secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement 

Even Huff post covered it, minimizing the scandal, as usual

Why does the manchurian, Obama continue to get away with everything?  Because he’s black.  Period.  NO other reason.  You can thank affirmative action for not holding non-whites accountable and treating them like animals, then calling US ‘racist’ for wanting them to be held to the SAME account as the rest of us…  AND, that is the crux of the situation.


LOLZ-Taiwan Posts Youtube Of “Carlos Danger Aka Anthony Weiner” ‘Dick For Mayor’

LOLZ-Taiwan Posts Youtube Of “Carlos Danger Aka Anthony Weiner” ‘Dick For Mayor’

This is hysterical.. We used to make crazy propaganda about other nations, now they do it to us.  Thanks to filth like Weiner the Judenrat scum.

I hope Chaim Ben Pesach is right:  After the latest scandal, I predict Weiner will drop out of the mayoral race

More Scandal #IRSGate: Obama Administration Also Intimidated American Hispanic Patriots With IRS

More Scandal#IRSGate: Obama Administration Also Intimidated American Hispanic Patriots With IRS

Racist Obama targets Mexican conservatives.  Here we have good Hispanics that love America and they get targeted for not ‘towing the line’ of the Communist left:

Hat Tip:  GenoMega


#COMMIE Obama’s Scapegoat: ‘Fired’ IRS Commissioner Had Nothing To Do With Tea Party Scandal

Obama’s Scapegoat:  Fired IRS Commissioner Had Nothing To Do With Tea Party Scandal

Obama & Hitlery are the guilty ones.  You all better start reading leftist-rags because Obama is going STALIN and firing people just as he fired the Generals with the purge…  When we say that the useful idiots go first, we were not kidding.  If OBAMA does NOT get impeached and thrown out, look for far worse than this..  Look for Holder to resign as well.   The whole damned govt is rotten to the core. They ALL need to go – minus Trey Gowdy and Ted Cruz.


But Miller is a scapegoat in the most pure and classic sense. The acting commissioner was not running the IRS at the time employees improperly targeted Tea Party groups — that would be Bush-appointee Doug Shulman, who resigned as commissioner last year — and Miller’s name isn’t mentioned a single time in the Treasury Department inspector general’s report. Indeed, there is no evidence that Miller was in any way responsible, involved or even aware of the inappropriate targeting of conservative groups by underlings. He is falling on his sword for something he did not do.

Read it and weep because more WILL happen to people not involved. See-Obama’s unfortunate scapegoat

Last thing Seitz-Wald (the lefty author from The Salon) Wrote:

Maybe Obama is right that new leadership is needed, but Steven Miller didn’t deserve this fate.

CAUGHT ON CAMERA!? Obama’s Syrian “Rebels” Caught Mass Executing Assad Supporting Civilians In Aleppo!?

Who do YOU believe?? 

My guess is the US Govt.  Do you believe the LIES and evil propaganda that Obama is putting out against the Christians in Syria and Assad who defended them?   Are you on the WRONG side?  

Obama, the ‘prez’ (who is an illegal usurper) has sent a lot of money to help aid Al Queda and the Muslim bro’hood in Syria as leaked:

TREASON AGAIN Violation Of Article 4 Section 4: Obama Authorizes Secret Support For Syrian “Rebel” JIHADISTS/Al Queda

And now, (Hat-tips to QV), this is what has taken place:

A horrible video from Syria emerged online, showing an apparent mass execution of Assad supporters in Aleppo at the hands of rebels from the Free Syria Army.

Youtube by 

SEE: War Crime! Syrian Rebels Mass Execute Civilians – GRAPHIC VIDEO

Kofi Annan resigns as Special Envoy to Syria:

See here

‘British-Born Jihadists Fighting Assad In Syria’ – Captured Photographer

Blood On Panetta’s Hands As His Syria Terrorists Prepare To Stage Aleppo Massacre

You can either believe your own eyes from that video or believe this asshole: