Mexicans & Illegals Beating, Shooting & Murdering Blacks In L.A, CA.-Where Is OBAMA To Help His Brothas?

Before I start, this is the first comment on the link provided, below:

ggm281 at 2:18 PM January 28, 2013 Seems this might not present the best argument for CIR. Perhaps NCLR would like to get involved and shut this down at least until the amnesty gets passed?

Outright treasonous post. Treason knows NO bounds in O’MeriKa.

 Today, Schumck Schumer, Bolshevik extraordinaire- is trying to run an anti-Constitutional amnesty bill through the house.  Schumer is Obama’s little sock-puppet.  A good, little Jew for Obama to use with his anti-gun agenda and amnesty for illegal aliens to keep the DEMs in power–forever.. After all, there is nothing like hearing a whiney lef- wing Jew.. It brings out the false guilt in all people.  Not us Joos, though.  We are not fooled by this stooge.  

Mexican gangs and illegal vatos are beating the living crap out of blacks in Los Angeles, shooting & murdering them.  I thought it was whites that were the problem with blacks?  Have we not been told that it is ‘evil’ whitey that is oppressing the blacks?  It’s sad that this is a type of poetic justice.  Bad Blacks murder, rape and rob white people on a daily basis and now the Mexican filth are killing them off.

This is what a black man says in this article:

“They didn’t know who I was. I didn’t know who they were,” Quevedo said. “I got shot because of my skin color, because I’m a black male.”

Gee, black male…Now you know how whites feel as your people emasculate them in larger proportions-more than you’ll ever know–or care to know.  Your people (NO, not all, but many) have worn out the race card, now, nobody listens.

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