FLASHBACK: Biden – 1983: FDR’s Court-Packing Proposal Was A ‘Bonehead Idea’

FLASHBACK: Biden -1983: FDR’s Court-Packing Proposal Was A ‘Bonehead Idea’

Old Joe ISN’T running the nation. OBAMA is.

Big name Communist Democrats thrusting through this idea should be tried for treason and put before a firing squad.

Remember when Trump was a ‘fascist?’ Yet, here are the lying, cheating, election stealing, fascist, totalitarian Democrat traitors seeking to change the SUPREME COURT. Imagine if Trump was trying to do this???!!

Biden Orders Study to Examine Size of Supreme Court, Other Changes

My Conclusion Re. #Election2020: Voter Fraud Is OK, Even Desired By MANY D AND R Cheats & WAR MONGERING Americans

My Conclusion Re. #Election2020: Voter Fraud Is OK Even Desired By MANY D AND R WAR MONGERING Americans

First off: Cheating is not winning. So, come Jan 20, 2020, I am “President free”. I have no President. God is my King.

2. I’ve just read that the Supreme Court has tossed Texas lawsuit against states with massive amounts of voter fraud. My conclusion is this: Many Americans, both Democrat and Republican are AOK with voter fraud, add the SCOTUS. Reason why?? They just hate Trump. Im not crazy about Trump but not enough to lose my head. These “Americans” (citizens in the loosest sense) miss the proxy wars and the America military bombing the chit out of little countries. In any event, if you show these people suitcases or chests with ballots from under tables, its all good and nothing is wrong with it. 1000 plus sworn affidavits mean nothing. Its just Trump trying to ‘change the election’. Yeah right…. I have documented myself (from other sites), 26 links of voter fraud in 2020: So Far, We Have 26 Links Of #VoterFraud Even Tho MSM Says “No Voter Fraud”. This also: Remember Obama’s #VoterFraud In 2012? Links & Video Here. #StopTheSteal

3. The way I see it is that the “Never Trump” Republican idiots and the Communist Democrats hate Trump much, much more than they care about the nation or elections being clean. So, they deserve what’s coming. Already, many Liberal states are destroying their people by locking them down. Many Americans in those states are starving—let em starve. Who cares. If they don’t give a damn about the nation, let them eat each other. Let them cannibalize themselves. Who gives a chit. I have my goods hidden in the woods far away. I’ll go off grid when these morons feast on eachothers eyeballs and other balls. Hell, foreclosures are horrible right now. Bankruptcies out the wazoo. Ya get what ya deserve!!


4. Do these idiots really believe that BIDEN will be President? Ha Ha Ha. The joke will be on them when Obama rules from his basement: B.O. Will Run The Country ‘Thru’ Biden, Feeding Lines With An Earpiece.

5. Already, a bunch of ‘progressives’ are all pissed off that Biden is choosing war mongers: Biden cabinet picks don’t line up with progressives …

The fate is sealed. Anyone can see where this is all going. So, I am resolved. Let it all come crashing down. Hell, people are already stealing food to survive

At this point, I say:


FACTS: Trump didn’t take out the trash Jan 21, 2017 – so the trash ‘took him out.

Let the words of prophetic people now COME TO PASS.

Spoiled Brat Leftists Screaming Like Psycho’s Over #RBG Death:

Spoiled Brat Leftists Screaming Like Psycho’s Over #RBG Death:

I wake up in the morning and thank God I am not a spoiled, brat Leftist.  Why are they crying?  Did they hear our silent cries over their King Hussein appointing one ugly, treacherous Leftist after the next to the SCOTUS?  Did we riot, loot and burn cities down?

 Let these monsters weep. Let them destroy their cities some more. Let them turn and munch on each other. Who cares anymore. Nobody stops them. They’re demons. Only a psychopathic Leftist lunatic screams and cries like a baby with diaper rash over the death of a baby murdering, SCOTUS who was evil.  Leftists are narcissistic, rotten, satanic miscreants.


“F*** You Ruth Bader Ginsburg – F*** You for Not Retiring Under Obama!” – Leftists React to RBG’s Death

#RESIGNChuck Schumer NOW. Make Him An Example for Cryin’out loud!!! MY GOD!

#DumpChuck Schumer NOW. Make An Example for Cryin’out loud

Chuck Schumer says that his threatening of the SCOTUS was a “NY thing”.  Garbage!  He is supposed to be a Senator.  The SCOTUS is not supposed to be influenced let alone intimidated and threatened by this hideous Communist, wet noodle, dumbass, fake Yid, Schmuck Schumer.

If he was a Republican, the Left would be DEMANDING his resignation over a lot LESS.  Conservatives never win because they don’t know HOW to fight.  Look what the Left did to Kavanaugh…all that hooplah over lies!  They forced out AG John Ashcroft over nothing! AG Alberto Gonzales over accusations, nothing proven! Senate Minority leader Trent Lott for being ‘kind’ to Strom Thurmond as he was sick and dying, AG John Mitchell, Spiro Agnew ETC! 


Eric Holder, AG was held in contempt of Congress. He should have been handcuffed and taken out.  But, nothing happened to that animal and nothing will happen to Schumer because Conservatives are weak Pu$$ies.  Leftists hate this country more than Conservatives love this nation and that’s WHY they win all the time.


DUMP CHUCK NOW. How dare this bottom feeding weasel not resign.


WTF are people waiting for!

#HobbyLobby: Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s 35 Page Dissent On Behalf Of Women Summed Up In 3 Words:

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s 35 Pg Dissent On Behalf Of Women Summed Up In 3 Words:

An art collage from January 2014

Queen Broad Ginsburg wrote a 35 page piece explaining a load of hogwash.. What she really wanted to say is that she hates men.

Most American people do not want to pay for liberal vagina’s or tramps that must open their legs for every male, Democrat voter.

SCOTUS: Obama Appointments Unconstitutional. Nobody Will Touch Obama Because He’s BLACK.

SCOTUS: Obama Appointments Unconstitutional. Nobody Will Touch Obama Because He’s BLACK.

So, let’s just keep droning humans in the world, let the NAZI’s resume their position in Ukraine, murdering off over 1000 people already.  Fomenting Coup D’Etat’s planet-wide.  We shall continue aiding terrorists in Syria.  Let ISIS destroy the Oil production in Iraq and we will commence f’cking up the rest of the world.   Let the militant queers hijack marriage..   We have ourselves a black king that can never be touched:  he is allowed to rule with complete disregard for the law and Constitution… He will never be confronted with impeachment and discharge by any lily-livered Congressman because to be called a racist is WORSE THAN DEATH.

The Supreme Court today found Barack Obama’s NLRB recess appointments were unconstitutional.
Bloomberg reported (Jim Hoft’s findings) & IOTW: SCOTUS Takes Away Obama’s Recess Appointments




Obama Is Not A Legal POTUS. Which Is Why He Must Be Arrested, Tried & Convicted …

Obama Is Not A Legal POTUS. Which Is Why He Must Be Arrested, Tried & Convicted … & hanged?

Contributed by GoldBugGal

I want to point out that Obama CANNOT (MUST NOT) be impeached .. since he is not a legal sitting POTUS. He has to be arrested, indicted, tried, convicted and .. hanged?
Isn’t that the current punishment for multiple counts of treason and sedition? Congress may attempt to impeach him, with a two-fold purpose: (1) to set in stone his illegal EOs, bills he’s signed into law, treaties he’s signed, outrageous weakening of the constitution, impersonating a President, providing fraudulent documents, and massive and continuing theft from the American people; and (2) the phony impeachment proceedings will divert attention from their COMPLICITY in all of the above.
All 535 members of Congress (and all nine SCOTUS inJustices) KNOW that usurper Obama was placed in office to take down our economy, currency and sovereignty; this is the ultimate COVER-UP .. by all of them! Not one of them has the balls to throw the Muslim slime under the ugly black bus purchased with American tax dollars.

Justice Scalia: The Constitution is Dead. Impeach Obama NOW. Throw Him OUT. Cast Him OFF

We have NO country.  It was bad enough with GHWB, Clinton and GWB, but King Hussein Osama is the absolute nail in the coffin.  All we are is a people that exist.   How would we restore sanity?  Bring the lead birthers to the political table and hear them out.  We have been usurped.  

Justice Scalia: The Constitution is Dead  Hat Tip, Maziel


In March of this year, Congressman Walter Jones filed House Concurrent Resolution 107, which simply states that only the U.S. Congress, under Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution, has the authority to declare war, and that any President who violates this cardinal principle of the Constitution may be subject to impeachment proceedings, under Article II. And of course, this is not simply a philosophical issue, as important that is, but a very real question as we see events in now, Africa, as well as the Middle East, and elsewhere, driving us in the potential direction of a war. And therefore, the role of Congress, as envisioned by the Founders, is pivotal in making sure that we don’t rush headlong into a conflict that could lead out of proportion into a general war.

BUT, But, Valerie Jarrett Says: “We’ll Take Obama Care As A TAX”

BUT, But Valerie Jarrett Says: “We’ll Take Obama Care As A TAX”


Something for you to think about regarding tax that I said on the news cable TV show, JTF.ORG in Manhattan and Queens, NYC:

Patriots in Boston started a rebellion which turned into a revolution because of a tiny tax of one half of 1% on tea and that was called ‘tyranny.’  Today, we pay federal income tax, state income tax, in some cities and counties; a city income tax, excise tax, FICA, property tax, school tax, sewage/water tax and if you have anything left to spend after all that, when you go to buy something, you pay a sales tax.  Yet, we call this ‘freedom.’

Are we insane??

-David Ben Moshe

Get Back To America, “Justice” Roberts, Repent, & Face Your Cowardice, Stop Being A PUSSY

Get Back To America, “Justice” Roberts, Repent, & Face Your Cowardice Stop Being A PUSSY.… In the link provided, you will see that many different blogs are pretending that Roberts ‘bowed’ to political pressure.  That is 100% bullshit.  “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”   From the book of Proverbs in the Bible.   STOP making excuses for treachery just because he was appointed by a “Republican”, namely, GWB (Also a big, fat,  liberal, dung-head). 

Call it what it is; TREASON.

  WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND the repentance of this high treason.  I want this little punk to get the hell back here and face the music.   Roberts didn’t leave the country because he got ‘scared’ of ‘conservatives’, he knows that the Obama Komrades will protect his lousy ass.  As with all cowards, they ALWAYS run when they know they’ve done wrong.  Look at B. Arnold for eg.  Cowards never stay to suffer the consequences of their actions.  This little wuss proves me.



The whole world is laughing at you.