Bible-Loathing, Authoritarian Dems Want Christians “Re-educated” & Removed From Ofc (28 Pg Report Given To Biden)

Bible-Loathing, Anti Religious Freedom Communist Authoritarian Dems Want Christians “Re-educated” & Removed From Ofc

The God hating, baby murderers want Christians in America, ‘re-educated’ to be just as God-hating, bully and immoral as they are.

You know, I grew up with a very domineering, dominating, authoritarian Grandmother. She really was a bully. Yes, there was some good things about her: She was a very loyal person and I owe my thanks to her for that. But, she was very authoritative=anti individual freedom. I loved my Grandmother but I felt SO FREE when I finally just moved out of her condo.

SO, I know authoritarianism when I see it and hear it.

Definition of Authoritarian: favoring absolute obedience to authority, as against individual freedom. Tending to tell other people what to do in a peremptory or arrogant manner.

(Which is exactly what Authoritarian Democrats are.) They just cannot leave people alone. They scream ‘You fascist, you Nazi”…. But, these types of Authoritarians always project what they are.

Its none of their business how I believe or what I believe. I’m not the one shoving MY beliefs all over America. THEY, however ARE shoving their belief system all over us and I am sick of it. Aren’t you? It really would not bother me at this point to slap a Commie right in the face. And, yes, I drank my calming tea. I’m just tired of these bullies.

Please go read this: Democrat, 28 page document surfaces demanding Biden clamp down on conservative Christians, remove them from public office and re-educate Trump voters

Female Jewish Fascists Who Support Making A “List” Of Trump Supporters To Punish:

Unbelievable: So Many Jewish Fascists Who Support Making A “List” Of Trump Supporters To “Punish”

Do they support doing this to fellow Jews in Israel who support Netanyahu? Or Orthodox Jews for Trump here in the states? Netanyahu is supposedly more nationalistic than Trump is. 77% of Jewish people in Israel like Trump. Do these women want to do this to fellow Jews in Israel? Or is this reserved for ‘evil’ whites in America?

Maybe Emily Abrams would support making the “Trump supporters” wear a nice big “R” on their arms? I always find this incredible: Jewish totalitarians who scream “Fascist” at Conservative people. Calling everyone a “Nazi” as they wish to re institute fascist style policy:

Jennifer Rubin, once a ‘staunch Conservative’ (sure) says:

Lardass Lowestein:

This good person let these hags have it–but good:

They literally wish to force the same type policies that were forced on fellow Jews under the Nazi’s…How much do you wanna bet they cry and sob over the what the National Socialists did to Jewish people? They literally want to bring this insanity to Americans. Its grotesque. They’re disgusting.


Click to 1:45 and see what these hags want to do with you.

White-Hating Racist, “KILL WHITE FARMERS”, #NelsonMandela Is Finally Dead. Adios, Scum!

White-Hating, Racist, “KILL WHITE FARMERS”, #NelsonMandela Finally Dead. Adios, Scum!

I thought the old bastard was already gone.  Well, finally, he kicked the bucket.  Adios to another white-hating piece of shit!

KILL WHITE FARMERS is what “Peace loving”, ‘anti-racist’ Mandela is singing in this left-wing revolutionary video:

Meanwhile, in South Africa, Mandela’s buddies:

Nelson Mandela’s lovely (PUKE) wife, Winnie:

Her reputation was damaged by such rhetoric as that displayed in a speech she gave in Munsieville on 13 April 1986, where she endorsed the practice of necklacing (burning people alive using tyres and petrol). She said, “with our boxes of matches and our necklaces we shall liberate this country.

Goodbye you EVIL, Communist pig!

Ronald Reagan had put Mandela on a terrorist watch list: See here




Guess who is waitin fer ya:

I thought the f’cker was gone! Racist, Nelson Mandela “Kill White People” Is … 

WETBACKS Threatening to “KILL AMERICANS?” What If This Was In Reverse?

“Welcome to MeriKa, folks, this is the place where inferior slime get to say what they want AND get away with it.

  In my old town, where the MS-13, Nortenos, and Sorrenos are out of control, this just happened: Man shot and killed late Wednesday in Salinas Full story: Monterey County Herald They also say that this is the 2nd murder in Salinas, CA this year. I will tell you that is a straight up LIE, there have been way more than that murdered in Salinas, Ca.  When will people that are decent stop playing nice? When? When I tell you they are threatening our lives, I AM NOT KIDDING–AND, Liberal SCUMBAGS, they dont give a shit if you are ‘on their side’ they just assume kill your ass too, dumbbells.

  What if we went and charged on all of our capitals in every city we inhabit and WE said:” WE WILL KILL EVERY LAST ILLEGAL WETBACK?”  They would throw our ass in jail.

THAT IS “FAIRNESS” people, THAT is the Liberal Idea of Fairness.  Well, I am sorry, it is time for us to get “FAIR”