SEAL Team 6 Murder Weapon Supplied By Barack Obama?

SEAL Team 6 Murder Weapon Supplied By Barack Obama

Obama has a huge dead pool: Sift through it and see for yourself.    I have many friends & colleagues  that are alive now – for 4 decades, no issues.    ALL of these people dead around Obama (in politics) and nobody asks questions?  Reminds me of the Mafia..

Why would Obama have Seal Team 6 members all murdered?  Could it be because Bin Laden was KIA in 2002? As the NY Times reported:  Click here to see.  New York Times

In this HUGE newly released video from Western Journalism, we learn that Barack Obama possibly supplied the murder weapon that took out SEAL Team 6.

I ask questions like this because the insane American government has proven itself unworthy of any trust at all. They never showed one picture of the dead Bin Laden.

We don’t know the truth about anything this totalitarian govt. does because they lie, daily.

#ResignObama -Angry Seal Team 6 Father To Obama, “Step Up Or Step Down”

#ResignObama – Angry Seal Team 6 Father To Obama, “Step Up Or Step Down”

If a member of the GOP did what Obama has done–and gotten away with, thus far..Would he still be in office?NO.  To save the nation any more trouble and embarrassment, Richard Nixon stepped down when pressured by a member of his own party (Barry Goldwater) to do so.

It’s time for someone from the DNC to demand Obama step down.  But will this ever happen? No. nothing means more to the Democrat party than holding onto power.

-David Ben Moshe

PSYCHO-Obama Getting RID Of More Evidence? ANOTHER Seal Team 6 Man DEAD. Where Are Dead Bin Laden Photos?

PSYCHO-Obama Getting RID Of More Evidence?  ANOTHER Seal Team 6 Seal DEAD. Where Are Dead Bin Laden Photos?

Former seal that could put an end to who shot bin-laden controversy will never go public (Well, I guess latest SEAL death is a warning that he had better not!!)

First, we the dumb sheep must ‘believe’ that 31 men in the Chinook were KIA.  How many people know that they don’t even put that many on a this type of helicopter at one time?  Did you know this?  Who loaded all these elite troops – from the same SEAL Team Six group that took out bin Laden – onto one slow-moving CH-47D chopper, notorious for its lack of maneuverability, and sent it into a combat zone? Who does that???

Now, we lost another SEAL in a parachute ‘accident.’  Too many accidents.  One or 2 incidents/people, but THIRTY TWO?  Add Breitbart, Keith Ratliff, Noveske, Chris Kyle, Larry Dever (AZ Sheriff that opposed Obama’s border insanity) plus an array of others to Obamas REAL “Kill List”  People like this don’t just drop off the face of the earth.  You ALL know this.  This is worse than the Clintons 

AND: You can go ahead and think its some g’damned ‘conspiracy’, but I don’t.  This bastard murdered our men, PERIOD!  

CLICK: Why Are All The SEAL Team 6 Soldiers That ‘Killed Bin Laden’ Dying?

This is what a blogger said about the CHINOOK in 2011 (You can read it at RED STATE)

Question: Why were there so many of the nation’s best-trained special operators on a single mission to rescue Rangers — no slouches, them — who themselves had been dispatched to kill or capture a mid-level Taliban commander? “First of all why was an entire DEVGRU [U.S. Naval Special Warfare Development Group, aka as Seal Team 6] platoon conducting a generic nightraid against Taliban/Haqqani foot soldiers???” another blogger wonders.   

CLICK: Who Sabotaged our Navy SEALs? | RedState

My question… The left-wing assassins demanded that GWB 43 show photos of Saddam Hussein’s sons killed.  He showed them.  But, when we have asked the WH to release photos of Bin Laden… No can do. WHY? Something is up with this whole Bin Laden lie..  BUT:  Come on already. 31 SEALS KIA and now this seal??   NO dead Bin Laden photos.  They raid Keith Ratliff’s partner last night–Ratliff is dead, ditto Noveske…and its all a ‘coincidence?” Baaahhhh… You just keep telling yourself this.

Here is the “Bin Laden dead” photo, btw:

And you damned sheep believe this SHIT coming out of the WH!

H.R.2819~The REAL Reason Obama Admin Refuses To Allow Americans To See Dead Bin Laden Photos


To prohibit the Secretary of Defense, the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, and any other officer or employee of the Federal Government from providing information about the mission to kill Osama bin Laden to any person outside the Federal Government until the Inspectors General of the Department of Defense and the Central Intelligence Agency carry out an investigation and provide a briefing to Congress on the matter, and for other purposes.”  READ MORE:  H.R.2819

   There you have it. You will never know if Bin Laden is really dead, or if he has been dead for many years, (which I, personally believe.)  People that were outside in NYC cheering for joy, are duped Americans dummies.  This is Obama transparency. This is what the dumb American sheep/leftists voted for. A CLOSED society of Communistic fascism

Now That They Have Murdered Seals From Team 6~ WHERE ARE THE DEAD BIN LADEN PICTURES?

View ImageWhere are the Bin Laden pictures?  Notice every time something big happens with the Obama camp, things go missing in action?  Well, where are the pictures?


Everyone forgot all about those pictures..

 Were these SEALs murdered because they possibly knew Bin Laden has been dead for YEARS?  Where are the people who murdered men from Seal Team 6?  Everything is a LIE.  Where are the murderers? WHAT REALLY HAPPENED!!?? Now, it is reported that Obama won’t even release the SEAL Pics! WHAT THE H..

If you believe this atrocious government, then you are a jackass. Period.