Chilul HaShem: Communist, Anti-Torah, Erav Rav, Kapo “Jews” At Israeli-Haaretz Defaming Pamela Geller

Chilul HaShem: Communist, Anti-Torah, Erav Rav, Kapo “Jews” At Israeli-Haaretz Defaming Pamela Geller

Chillul Hashem –

The slandered:

The slanderer:

Now choose… 😉

It is Chilul HaShem to hurt a person who is fighting enemies of HaShem. As Geller is more vocal against Islamic apartheid, Kapo-Judenrats make up nonsense to slander.  But, what can we expect from Communists who enable Islamic-Nazi-ism??  They cannot debate, so they defame.  They enable enemies of America and Israel.  The TRUE cancer and pox upon the Jews, no matter WHAT you believe or WHAT side you are on.

While we do not agree with Geller’s pro-gay stance, she is fighting the right fight against Islamic fundamentalism.


The uber-left Jew-hating Israeli newspaper Haaretz’s headline today reads: “U.S. Jewish groups call on synagogue to cancel anti-Muslim speaker.”


“Zionist, Israel-Firster”, Obama Demanding Israeli Withdrawal From Judea & Samaria

“Zionist, Israel-Firster”, Obama Demanding Israeli Withdrawal From Judea & Samaria


I bet David Duke is having a huge hard-on.  All he talks about is Israel. He is truly the one that is for pali-first before America.. Leftist Jews talk just like him. Obama is Dukes dream come true.  Look at one of his posts, just like the FAR LEFTIST, Bolsheviks:  Israeli West Bank Settlements “Greatest Threat” to Peace, EU Report Finds

…You  stupid ‘liberal’ Jews that voted in this MONSTER are going to be 100% responsible for this mess that you have helped create for our blood-brothers in Israel and the SNAFU here in USA.  You deserve NO mercy for your treachery against America, against Jews, Christians, & against God.  You voted in AND helped fund this black-faced Hitler.  Go rot in Gehenna. Evil, wicked, self-hating kikels.

…You are WITH treacherous neo-Nazis who hate you. They are with you!! THEY LOVE YOU!!!  You are a despicable people.  Truly disgusting and vomitous.  I told you he would do this, but you morons voted him in, anyway.  GO DIE.

…People who are righteous, pray for folks that are believers.  This will be terrible for America, worse than it’s getting.  Think Fukishima.

Read the story: Hat tip: Tiffany.

Israeli sources told the Tribune that Obama has demanded a timetable for Israel’s complete withdrawal from the areas of Judea and Samaria, commonly referred to these days as the West Bank.

I hope this pos is happy, now:

Salvation is not from p-lestinians.  Salvation is from the JEWS.

I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curses you. All of the families of the earth will be blessed in you.  Genesis 12:3