Videos: Eight Patriots Stand Up To Violent Mob Of #Communist Demonstrators In DC On May Day

Eight Patriots Stand up to violent mob of #Communist Marxist Demonstrators in DC On May Day

My comments about these videos-

First of all: Why are there Communists in America?  Ethel and Julius Rosenberg’s execution was not enough to send their cohorts them to a Communist country.

Second: ‘There is no racism against white people?’  What is the definition of racism? Hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.  Racism can be in anyone.

Myself, for eg. I have no more tolerance for the angry blacks in our society that hate white people.  If that’s racist, so be it.  At any rate, this is the society that the Marxists have created; Division, chaos and murderous, violent mobs.  It certainly has not been patriots that created this mess.

Click: Eight patriots stand up to violent mob of Communist demonstrators in DC

-David Ben Moshe

Nobody Cares About White People; White People Dont Even Care About Themselves


Many years ago, a black person or a minority was not allowed to talk bad about white people.  To call a white person a ‘cracker, honkey, etc’ was NOT allowed.  Now, you can say anything against a white person.  A minority can even say they are going to KILL white people.  A minority can even beat or rape a white person and no ‘hate crimes’ or charges will even be brought against the perpetrator, in many racial hate crimes. Need more proof?  Just look at Eric holders decision to allow the Black Panthers case to go scot free.   If a white person, out of frustration or anger speaks out about this injustice, or, God forbid, uses the term ‘nigger’, his/her life is OVER.  If a white person even defends his/herself against a minority, they will be in trouble with the law and end up in jail.  The situation is reversed, now.  Can’t you see this??  It is time to stop the madness before the madness stops….and kills YOU, white person.

It is almost 3 years since the slime, Hussein O got inaugurated into our White House.  And nothing has ‘changed.’  What has not changed? White people have not changed. They are still the same. On defense all the time, worrying about if someone calls them a racist. Its true, and this is why the leftists still use “Thats racist” every single week.  They know that it gets to white people. Specifically Conservatives/Christians/right wing Jews.

It is not even against the law to ‘be’ a racist. It is against the law to ACT OUT on racism.

  Well, its time to wake the hell up, Whites.  What is it going to take? Huh?  Just because Obama got in, does not mean that racism just ‘showed up’ against you.  Whites have been going through at least 25 plus years of racism.  But, all that they are concerned about is if the left-wing thinks they are racists.

  Recently, in the last 4 mos, we have had all sorts of people calling us racists here on this site, and other sites that I am a member of. Why? Because we decided YEARS ago to start tackling the racism directed AT us.  You see, if you take up for white people, you are also considered a racist.  Last year, OUR SITE, (Not Megan Kelly, Great Van Sustern, Beck, ETC) was the first one to report that the Black Panthers wanted to ‘kill white people and their babies.‘  We put that video up MONTHS before they reported it on FAUX News… What, I ask you is: What is the difference in the Panthers saying that compared to the KKK saying “I’m gonna kill me some niggers?”  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing is different. Both are racially motivated.

  So, here it is: White people; You are the ‘nigger.’  Do you understand that?  Do you GET this?  You are the hunted. What will it take before you GET it?  Napolitano’s DHS report didn’t wake you up, just what in the hell will?  You are the target.  Mexican/Illegals/La Raza call you all sorts of vicious names.  They murder, rob, rape, and torture white people.  Bad black people are constantly targeting you in flash mobs, beatings, robbings, rapes all across this nation.  There are more racial crimes against white people than you can shake a stick at.  Most, if not all of the racial crimes are perpetrated against whites. Yet, still, the white people think that this is OK. It is NOT ok. 

   This makes me think about MLK and the Civil Rights marches that Beck showed consistently when he was on Fox.  He always showed that one picture of how the black people were arm-locked and afraid, but they did it-they marched and fought for their civil rights.  That was in the 1960’s.  It is the year 2011, and we cannot seem to get white people to lock arms and realize that they are being oppressed, beaten, targeted, raped, mobbed and murdered.  They are too busy worrying if someone uses the holy grail ‘N’ word and being labeled a racist.  Beck showed these Civil rights history lessons, yet lacked the courage to show what WE are going through as Caucasians/whites. WORLDWIDE.

You had better start caring about yourselves, because this is YOU, below and it is COMMONPLACE NOW, because you do NOTHING about it:



The author and the injuries he suffered.

There are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of these videos, folks. 


It is not me that lacks the courage to be on the ‘moral high-ground’.

IT IS YOU–too afraid of being labeled a racist, & stand up for yourselves for a damned change.

NO WHITES ALLOWED! ‘White Student Union’ Fliers Spark Outrage-WTF!!!

Go to fullsize imageIf it is a black student union, it is OK. If it is Latino, it is OK.  But if it’s white-NO WAY!

  Every Jew in America should be on this.  White people are treated like shit in their own nation.  The racism against whites is disgusting and should be a crime.  With all of the ‘tolererence’ teaching, you would think they would have taught it to the 100 million Mexicans, and 22 million ILLEGAL OCCUPIERS to be fair and tolerent, but NO.

If you is white, you is not right.  SICK!

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