Update-Bernie Sanders: “We Don’t Want To Cut Billionaires Taxes, We’ll Just Cut The Vets Off?” What?

Bernie Sanders: “We Don’t Want To Cut Billionaires Taxes, We’ll Just Cut Vets Off”

EDIT by David Ben Mosh (Please read MarshalInfidel’s Comment, below):

Marshal Infidel
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Submitted on 2012/12/13 at 6:46 PM

MJ, After listening to the full video, I believe you have made an error of misunderstanding in Sen. Sanders’s comments with regard to veteran’s benefits…. his comments re Veteran’s Benefits begins at ~ the 09:40 minute mark and concludes at ~ the 11:10 minute mark…

Please listen again and tell me if it is I that is mistaken…


A commenter on Youtube:



Vets – Wake Up.

Reactivate your soldier strawman and go arrest these war criminal scum

Happy July 4th For Patriotic Senior Citizens

Most of my life is spent entertaining the VETS of WW2. And singing to that generation because THEY DESERVE IT.  It is not because I ‘can’t make it.’  (I sing at plenty of other places, as well, but CHOOSE the elderly over that, even though it is more $$ to entertain inother places.)  It is because nobody else deserves the kindness that HaShem enables me to bestow upon our seniors, many whom are taken care of by 3rd world scum who couldn’t care less if they live or die. Ditto many of their own damned children, who are (many times) spoiled, rotten BRATS.

  To the rest of you; It is time to reflect.  Just what has happened to this nation?  This is not our America.  If we refuse to see that this is not our country and stop the lies within our spirit about  ‘America being exceptional’ from our sense of false pride, then we are all doomed.   Not being able to see when your own nation is so far gone is truly a blindness.  Where is the spirit of liberty? I feel it not. Where is justice? There is none. Where are innocent babies? We murder them.  What happened to marriage?  Fags now marry and persecute those that are straight and married.  CRAZY leftists want to ‘outlaw holy marriage.’ 


Observe the above collage and observe it well.  This WAS America.  Even the ‘pin-ups’ are wholesome compared to the debauchery now. We made fabulous cars, great movies, wonderful music.  People didnt mix with others, keeping each individuals ethnicity intact.   This is what I grew up in. And I thank GOD everyday that when I was young, everyone was patriotic. Every single child and kid I knew LOVED singing American songs.  We were pure and innocent as kids.  When I was a child, the spirit of liberty was so thick, one could cut it.  When we went to the July 4th parade in Southhampton, LI, NY–they would sing the Star Spangled Banner and women would cry, mens hats came off. Kids sung loud and proud.  They saluted the troops that played in the bands.  Young people now have NO grounding, no country.  What in the hell are you without a country??!! And we REFUSE to see that we have SCREWED this nation 6 ways to Sunday by not observing Jefferson’s famous words that “every generation (20 years) we should have a revolution to keep the government honest.” 

Now….We have an ILLEGAL sitting in the White House and all over America on July 4, people are celebrating “American exceptional-ism?”   WHAT AMERICAN EXCEPTIONAL-ISM?  ARE WE FRICKING INSANE?

Song for the SENIORS only.

The rest of you: