@SenJohnMcCain Starting Another Mess In Maldova? NATO Cmndr Pushing War Propaganda

@SenJohnMcCain Starting Another Mess In Maldova? NATO Cmndr Pushing War Propaganda

The only nation wanting to expand NATO in the former Soviet bloc is AMERICA.  This Russia/USA scenario is ALL about energy..


I blogged about McCain the insane visiting Maldova (BAD for Maldovans) and now a NATO commander is pushing McCain spiel:  Russia ready to annex Moldova region, Nato commander claims.  (Lies, 24/7 horsesh*t from the White House lunatics.)

McCain the war-mongering animal has been pushing the same propaganda as the NATO commander.. I find it interesting that the NGO (John McCain & Co) are the perpetrators of these violent coups and revolts – yet, blame Russia for their crimes.  Talk about projection…

See what I wrote here:  ARIZONA’s #McCainTheInsane Worried About Moldova. He Met With Their Statesmen In 2011, 2012

Americans don’t care…they believe our media.  The MSM lies daily, but so what?  Russia-hatred is so uber cool now…..All of this lying propaganda makes me SICK.

What does this mean for Maldova?  It means (possibly) that there will be an over-throw of the Moldovans elected government.  We will hear the propaganda of how the citizens of Maldova want freedom when its not about freedom at all.  Its about EU energy: Join Europe energy or die.    And, then Americans will pretend to care about that country..