What Would Be Better? No More Leftists Or No More Islam?


At one time, the question was posed to my Nana: “What would you rather have, Lillian?  Money or health?” My Nana answered; “Money. You can take care of your health with money”    She must have been out of her head.  Health is the only answer to a question like that.  If you have health, you are well, in and out.

This question got me thinking about Muslims and Leftists and which one would we be better without.  My answer is plain to see.  This blog hasn’t been a site that posts endless crimes Muslims commit all over the planet on a daily basis.  Plenty of others do that.  Our little blog has always been about the leftist cancer all over the earth & how it destroys our own once great country.  A couple times a month we post on the Islamic disease.. But, a disease can be cured.  Leftism can’t be cured.

At any rate, my resolve:  If leftism didn’t exist, we would not have Muslims.  The Kennedy’s put that evil immigration bill into play and illegals became our daily life.  The Kennedy’s were Progressive/Communists.  If we never had the Kennedy’s, we would not have had illegals and 3rd world immigrants who hate this place and want to destroy it.

If there was no Gloria Steinem, (Progressive/COMMUNIST), we would never have this out-of-control feminist supremacy with a 50% plus divorce rate. If she didn’t exist, no militant feminism, just basic rights.  That’s a happy thought.  If there was no Jane Fonda, we would not have modern-day treason.   Ditto, John Kerry, BHO, Hillary Clinton, and every other Bolshevik you can think of.  We would not have rampant abortion or militant homosexuals marrying in churches and synagogues.  

The answer is obvious to me and it should be to everyone.  I can give the Muslims this one thing: They kill quickly.  Not so with leftists.  They kill slowly. So, you see.. if there were no more leftists, AmeriKa would not have an issue with Islam. 

A commenter was here and was more worried about what I think of Islam or whatever.. My question to every disgusting, debaucherous leftist is this;

Shouldn’t you be more worried about what I would do with you if I was in charge?

Read this, too:

Veteran psychiatrist calls liberals mentally ill

W Magazine Jan. 2013: Jihad Arab-Street ‘Fashion.’ W Making Shariah Look ‘Sexy.’

W Magazine Jan. 2013: Jihad Arab-Street ‘Fashion.’ W Making Shariah Look ‘Sexy.’

You all know that I read many magazines at the YMCA.  Actually, I don’t really ‘read’ their articles per se, I don’t need to because pictures paint a thousand words.

What gets me about these mags is the fact that they constantly promote women under Shariah Law – Donned in their Burqa’s & Hijabs.  Anyone who knows anything about Islam and Shariah, knows that women under the Shariah are oppressed to the max. They are beaten by their male counterparts and suffer immensely.  Instead of promoting articles to HELP these women, they promote the oppression OF women.  So much for feminism, eh?  This is why I take NO leftist feminist serious.  “War on women?”  Its all smoke and mirrors.  The REAL war against women is coming from the left wing, who is not only against females worldwide but hates everyone-especially the unborn.  They ARE satanic filth that will be put out of their misery very soon, God willing.

We should expect more of this considering we have a foreign MUSLIM usurper in the White House who LOVES Jihad.

Here is the picture:


Click on the picture to see it larger.   It reads “Equestrian hat” + “Vintage Versace” + “A Hijab” =  The ‘fashion’ is called: ‘Jeremy Scotts Arab Spring Breakers’  (We all know that the Arab-Spring is and was a miserable FAIL.)

PLEASE DO NOT TAKE MY PICTURE & ARTICLE WITHOUT LINKING ME. NO COPY-PASTE.  I AM TIRED OF MY ARTICLES & THOUGHTS BEING STOLEN by you big-shot blogs that are  too chickenshit to link me. “Grumpy Elder” Is the ONLY one I allow to copy-paste my whole articles. (Besides a couple nice people)  Thank you.

This Is What *Could* Happen To You In America, If You Are A “Pro-Jewish/Israel” American A-rab

Former Muslim woman-Frontpage Magazine: Sharia Vigilante Street Justice in America. >

Is this the America you all want?  Maybe Obama-BOTS and NAZIS wish this, but this is reprehensible. This is what can happen if you are a former Muslim. This is what can happen to you, if you are an “Islamo-phobe” (made up term by leftists) to enslave us with leftist insanity and borderline Shariah Law, which is (ANTI-Constitution. ) To the MAX.

Muslims & leftists bring holy war against Jews, Christians to streets of L.A.- with police assistance

“REVOLUTION” The Leftists Pushed Violence, Now In LIBYA


The east is a sick place.  But, unfortunately, folks, it is not freedom they want, it is Shariah Law, and anyone who thinks different, has their head up their ass!! Ghadaffi is right about one thing in this vid! Hitler is in the White house!!!

Regan shut the mother f*cker up in the 80’s!!!! maybe he will finally meet Allah now!
I wish we had Reagan for one week.  The whole World would shiver at America’s presences!
Now, they F*cking lol at the Mussie in Chief! 
F*ck these muslims,, let them kill each other! 

Googles Muslim Faith..

Go to fullsize imageThey made sure not to offend the ‘peacefilled’ MuZlims on VETERANS Day.  GO TO HELL Google, you left-wing, bullshit fags.  Look at it, it is so obvious…They did this on purpose to the VETS. Fuck them, they SUCK! What can you expect from left wing vomitous ‘Jews’ in name only? They are the enemy of America and the enemy of Israel.  The BEAST. (The “E” is so obviously the cresent moon.) ……..Sonofabitches.

Google Images

Veterans Day 2010


News From Breitbarts:

Tabari IX:69 “Killing disbelievers is a small matter to us.”

Ground Zero Mosque

Ground Zero Mosque Plans Approved

Qur’an 5:14  “From those, too, who call themselves Christians, We made a covenant, but they forgot and abandoned a good part of the message that was sent them: so we estranged them, stirred up enmity and hatred among them to the Day of Doom. Soon will Allah show them the handiwork they have done.”


What were you doing on 9/11?  I’ve just read the news about the mosque plans being approved in NYC.  For those of you who are positively clueless about Islam, you really deserve your head to be chopped off.  To know AN enemy, is to know what he thinks & believes.  Jew haters spend 24/7 ‘learning about the religious Jew and the Jewish question’ &  have absolutely NO clue about the Communist-atheist Bolshevik “Jews” & gentiles, that have aligned themselves with Islam to destroy America and also Israel.  Then, turn around and say: “ITS THE ZOG”! There is NO ZOG. 

  Bible Study with Harley Zion, for the last damned time means HEAVEN or ‘point of Heaven’.  These Progressives, Moslems, Commies, Liberals DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE HEAVEN OF THE HOLY BIBLE. They HATE Zion, they are NOT “Zionists!”.   They HATE the God of the Holy Torah, and the Christian Bible- WAKE THE HELL UP! To real Christians, “Jesus” is the cornerstone of Zion.  To Jews, Zion is a holy place.  STOP  blaming Christians and Jews that love God for Islam, they are USING you.  STOP saying it is the “Zionist” fault.  You are persecuting GODS people, Jew AND Gentile. You feed this enemy, Islam with their filthy propaganda that they use on you “INFIDELS” which is a term that is way worse than being called “goyim”, which only means ‘nations.’

 I am proud to be a 1/2 GOY! I LOVE IT!

9/11 — Where I Was.  Onward: Islam (full blown) is world domination, it will cow-tow to Marxism, Nazism, and Communism to grab you useful idiots. I see many of you actually believe their absolute horseshit, just because you hate all of the Jews.   In the end, Islam will also demand your submission, you progressive cowards, and Jew hating idiots.  When Islam attacks a free society, or ANY society that it deems a threat to Islam, its first strategic plan is to present itself as a ‘religion of peace’, (there is NOTHING ‘peaceful about Islam) then, it will say; TIME TO BUILD TO PROCLAIM COMPLETE VICTORY. Which is what is happening in NYC.  The govt. did NOT do 9/11. Israel did NOT do 9/11. ISLAM did 9/11. Proof is the plans in the building this mosque.  They ALWAYS construct a mosque on the sites of their absolute victories.

 9-11-A.jpg WHY do you put up with Bloomberg, NYers?  He is an ILLEGAL 3rd term mayor. A Mayor in NYC is only allowed TWO (2) terms, EIGHT (8) Years.   2 terms for NYC. In 2008, Mayor Bloomberg decided to run for a 3rd term, he  challenged the city’s term limit laws.  In October 23, 2008 it was changed to 3 terms a mayor can serve. In otherwords: ILLEGAL.  He did it for a power-grab.

 Bloomberg had this law changed, it is unlawful. Guiliani wanted to finish out 3 more months after 9/11, and Bloomberg refused him, saying it was ILLEGAL. 

Remembering 9/11 It is time to throw the trash out, NYC. How much are you willing to put up with? Watching your daughters wear burkas? Watching ‘honor’ killings?  Head choppings?  Shariah-compliant city? Where are the Italians and Irish!?  When are you going to stand up to the tyranny? Will it take another 9/11?? Isnt the Communism in NYC enough!? Now, its Islam!?

Qur’an 8:59  “The infidels should not think that they can get away from us. Prepare against them whatever arms and weaponry you can muster so that you may terrorize them.”

SEE ALSO my friend, Steve Coopers synopsis on the left wing assasins: http://tinyurl.com/2gaxp6f


Jewish Task Force (www.jtf.org) Warning From 09/1994 regarding Islam and terror in NYC:

Elena Kagan, Who Is Jewish, Promotes Shariah?! WTH!?

Islamic Flag of Saudi Arabia HAT TIP, Herb S.  I keep telling people that left wing Jews are NOT for ZION. They are BOLSHEVIKS, that hate America and hate Israel. NO right minded Jew would EVER want to ‘promote’ Shariah, and NO American should want this insanity, yet KAGAN THE PAGAN did, and would enforce this upon us, yes, that is very possible.


Published on TheHill.com on July 20, 2010

Printer-Friendly Version  Kagan promoted Shariah – TheHill.com

Having worked with Elena Kagan at the Clinton White House, Dick was inclined to see her as a political moderate, worthy of support as the best one could expect from the Obama White House. But no more.

Thanks to the work of the Center for Security Policy Director Frank Gaffney and the writing of Andrew McCarthy of the National Review Institute, there has emerged a compelling reason to vote against Kagan’s confirmation as a Supreme Court justice: her support for Shariah law while she was dean of Harvard Law School.

Islamists are seeking to spread Shariah law by inducing American and European financial institutions to establish Shariah Compliant Funds in which their clients can invest. Exposed in our books Fleeced and Outrage, these funds follow the prescriptions of Shariah law in their investments. They routinely collect 2.5 percent of the principal of any investment annually for donation to charitable institutions, fine recipients of their investment 7 percent for transgressions of Shariah law (and donate the fine to charity), and only invest in projects compliant with the rules of Shariah.