Sheriff Joe Gives Inmates Bread & Water For Desecrating The American Flag

Sheriff Joe Gives Inmates Bread & Water For Desecrating The American Flag

I can already see the left wing idiots running out to defend the criminals: 

“The poor criminals don’t get to desecrate the flag! Sheriff Joe is so mean to rapists and felons.  Hater, Xeno! Racist!  PROTEST, ACLU!  Attention: OBAMA & Holder – Help these humans….!!”  

Is there ANY country who is dumber than America???  Seriously?  This country, with liberals in it is the dumbest country in the friggin planet.

I love Sheriff Joe.  The only real man who executes punishment and does not rob the poor of justice.

CLICK- Sheriff Joe Arpaio: 38 Arizona inmates who defaced flag to eat only bread, water  Hat tip: 

An art collage from November 2013

Our Wonderful Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio-Moving Ahead Investigating The Foreign Muslim Usurper, Obama’s Ineligibility

Obama has produced fraudulent birth certificates to the American public.  The b.c released in 2011, March – had NINE layers of fraud.  Obama admitted himself in bios all throughout the 1990’s that he was born in Kenya, raised in Indonesia and Hawaii, making him a dual citizen. This website believes what he put in writing:

Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly, Michelle Malkin and every other conservative pundit said zero about the factual evidence that Breitbart released in March 2012 (above).

 Because they dismissed it (Breitbart died BECAUSE of it), I will NEVER trust these people as truth journalists. EVER.  This whole issue can bury Obama, impeach and toss him out. “Conservative” pundits should have been on this most important issue, 24/7… But we all know they are NOT real conservative people…Caring NOTHING for the Constitution.  They only cared not to be labeled ‘birther.’  Stupid, huh?

Michelle Malkin Brings Down The Roof At AFP, Fails To Bring UP The Birth Certificate & Obama’s 1991 Pamphlet

Ms Malkin claims ‘You didn’t build that’.  Well, Obama DID build this, Ms Malkin:

Meanwhile….Andrew Breitbart was MURDERED because of this, above.  You bet he was.

This was and still is the most explosive bit of information we have against the foreign usurper occupying the White House… yet, it is ignored by the devilish talking heads.

Silence is CONSENT.

And Ms Malkin has no guts because she  leaves out the most crucial issue of our time. Just “You’re a circus, birthers.”  Easy to say that, harder to refute Sheriff Joe and this above pamphlet..Ms Malkin.

Why am I not surprised she didn’t mention this…..?

CLICK to hear Malkin bring up everything BUT the pamphlet: Michelle Malkin Brings Down the Roof at AFP Defending the American Dream Summit (Video)


Sheriff Joe Arpaio Spoke With Andrew Breitbart 4-5 Hours Before He “Died.”

H/T: CM Blake

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Spoke With Andrew Breitbart 4-5 Hours Before He “Died.”

I had not seen this, but everyone should consider…Did he really ‘just die?’  If Breitbart opened up the ‘birther’ issue.. It would be front page news.

Just sayin………..

“You Called Down The Thunder” ~Sheriff Joe Tells Obama & Holder: PROVE IT

We need to pray for Sheriff Joe.  I believe that Obama and Holder would have him possibly killed. This is serious. We are in a serious mess.




Eric Holder Scapegoating Sheriff Joe Arpaio/Holder Trying To Take Focus Off Of Fast and Furious

I just read an article on Drudge, where the Eric Holder Justice Department is trying to slam the door on Sheriff Joe Arpaio for treating cucarachas the way they should be treated.   They sneak into this nation against our laws, take jobs (if they are workers) from our poorest employed, bring diseases, refuse to learn the language, have a violent culture of gang related homicides, murdering over 35,000 American citizens, and on top fo that are dumb as a box of rocks.  Do we have to lower our standards for these morons even more than the basement level they are at now?  Sheriff Joe is not the problem trying to keep America safe, where as Holder has given over 2000 guns to our enemies, the Mexicans/La Raza/MS-13.   Holder is in the hot seat for Fast and Furious and is now trying to remove the spot light and place it on a hard working tough sheriff.

In our expensive neighborhood, a very big house was rented out to these lowlifes, who as of August had the police called on them twice and just recently they took their domestic dispute to the middle of the street after midnight, waking the neighborhood up, a neighborhood made up of mostly older retired people.   While the fight was going on, some of them were standing around smoking pot.  They also have a filthy car in their driveway that has had a flat tire for weeks.  I wont even mention how they leave their garbage cans in the front when the home owners association rules are that they are to be inside of the garage or on the side of the house.

When I left NYC, I thought I left all of this 3rd world crap behind, but the barrio has followed me.   Carumba!!!!

-David Ben Moshe, formerly of the  QPTV Show, NYC