Come & Get Your Happiness

“Garden Of Lovely”, TMJ/PAR 2020

Come and get your happiness.  I loved this little song as a kid.  I had the Shirley Temple album in the early 70’s.  That album brought my sister and I so many smiles.  We thought Shirley was the cutest little girl in the world.  In fact, we thought she was our age. Lol.

 As we go thru rotten times with tyrants trying to destroy and demolish.. We have to keep our chin up.  I know thats hard.  But, look around you at the animals, babies, trees, flowers, laughter.  “Accentuate the positive”, Right?  Ya all have a nice day today on this fabulous, sunny Sunday.  God loves you and I do too.

Shirley brought so many smiles and laughter and Hollywood was so horrible to her. Very bad.

Pictures Of Evil, Bigot, Racist Shirley Temple, Who Was An Ambassador To Ghana In Africa

Pictures Of Evil, Bigot, Racist Shirley Temple, Who Was An Ambassador In Africa

Today, the insanity continues on my blog.  A majority of black Liberal morons believe that Shirley Temple dancing with Mr. Bojangles was racist.  If they thought that was racist, just take a look at this!

Shirley Temple BlackShirley Temple Black, centre, as US ambassador to Ghana, watches a tribal dance performance at Cape Coast, Ghana, in 1975.

Look how she is oppressing these black people, the horror:

a63They just don’t make white racists as nice as they used to...

Meanwhile… We love Shirley Temple here on this blog and hope she rests in peace as the left is ripping her apart for bringing happiness to Americans during the Great Depression.  Including American blacks.

RIP! Our Sweetheart, Shirley Temple Was “Racist” Who Deliberately Wore Black Face! HAHAH!

RIP! Our Sweetheart, Shirley Temple Was “Racist” Who Deliberately Wore Black Face! HAHAH!     Yep, thats what black people were telling me on twitter! Shirley Temple deliberately wore black face..!

Shirley Temple is the left’s new poster girl for white racism because they can’t find a real white racist..


Shirley Temple has passed on.  She was so adorable.  Just a little girl who made it as a big star. Then, became an ambassador and defeated cancer.  How does the left react to her death?  The usual hate-filled lies.  Like:  Shirley Temple was a racist who stereo-typed blacks even though, in 1936, she danced with Bojangles in “The Little Colonel” at age 6 or so?  A white person dancing with a black person was something that was really not acceptable in 1936 America, let alone a child & an adult:

The fact that they had Temple dancing w/ Bojangles shows ‘tolerance’…

In one of the scenes Temple starred in one of her movies-she was hiding from the Army.  In the scene, they had her face/hands disguised with black shoe polish ..OMG…’RACIST.’    Please.. Gimme a break.  We ALL know what real bigotry is here on this blog:  Blacks who hate whites, it’s an epidemic now.   I would black-face myself if I thought it could save my Jewish ass in a war.

The left is bitter and wicked,  also saying she was evil because Temple was a Republican.  They seem to forget that back in those days, the DNC was out hanging black people with the Ku Klux Klan.   They don’t recall that their beloved Democrat, FDR was a racist & a Jew-hating slob: The Tragedy of S.S. St. Louis

I loved Shirley Temple.  An icon of old Hollywood Americana.   Not the Communist piss-hole Tinseltown is now.  Here is the satanic left screaming that about ‘racist’ Shirley Temple, ‘GOP’, bla bla bla: CLICK

Temples character depiction picture in a movie where the Civil War was the story in a Hollywood flick is RACIST!!

Missing My Saturday AM Cartoons, Little Rascals & Shirley Temple

The cartoons now SUCK! Like Dora the explorer, what a crock of shit.  Or Bob the dumb builder who can’t do anything without Wendy the feminazi bitch.  Everywhere you look, it is a bunch of INSANE indoctrination- for ie.. how to speak Spanish, how to make Johnny love Tommy’s butthole. Sickening.

I just want my Looney Tunes back. They show some Tom & Jerry here where I live, but its not enough!!!


Mee Meep…

Floorie Dorey Girls 🙂

I am sick of everywhere I go, its the SAME BULLSHIT.  I want my cartoons back, I want my country back.