Some Questions On The 2014 FT HOOD Shooting: What REALLY Happened?

Some Questions On The 2014 FT HOOD Shooting:


Yesterday, there was a lot of news regarding Ft Hood in my feed.  It had to do with a terrorist attack, Islamic style.

Because our government is power mad and insane, I hardly ever believe the ‘official’ story they submit when attacks like this occur.  I believe that the media is run by government operatives and they cover-up so many stories like West, TX, Sandy Hook and also the Boston bombing.  One thing we DO know about these events:  They HAVE happened.  But, just what happened?  I don’t believe we will ever know.  If it was a Muslim Jihadist, I can believe that Barack Hussein Obama could cover that up.  After all, he is a Communist with an affinity for Islam.  Don’t believe?  Just take a good look at Egypt, Libya and Syria…

So, here are some questions these young men ask:

Its up to you to ask your own questions.  OR, believe the government media.

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