People Are Removing A Strange Substance From Their Arms Where They Received The VAX

People Are Removing A Strange Substance From Their Arms Where They Received The VAX

This is really weird. A little black thing jumps out when the person removed it by blade from his arm:

click to watch: MARK of the BEAST IMPLANT removed from VACCINATION SITE generated Image

39 Yr Old Brit Model, Stephanie Dubois: DEAD By Killer Vaccine.

39 Yr Old Brit Model, Stephanie Dubois: DEAD By Killer Vaccine

A British model has died days after receiving the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine in Cyprus.

39 yr old freelance model… DEAD. The media is saying the cause is ‘yet to be determined’. Of course! Because young, 39 year olds just DIE all the time, right?!

Stephanie Dubois, 39, suffered a “serious thrombotic episode” after being given the jab in the town of Paphos. Ms Dubois received the first dose of the vaccine on May 6 and shared the news on Facebook. Click to see


In fact, the media goes out of the way (especially on FB) to say that we are posting ‘Fake News’.


Dr. Satan Gates: “YOU Don’t Have A Choice! Normalcy Only Returns When We Vaccinate ENTIRE Population”

Dr. Satan Gates: “YOU Don’t Have A Choice! Normalcy Only Returns When We Vaccinate ENTIRE Population”

Pin on News and my thoughts

He is telling you point blank that you have NO choice.  


Here is my humble prediction.. But only because I dreamed of this about 2 years ago:

I dreamed that everyone was at home and bought nothing AT the store and you couldn’t buy or sell without a code on the internet.  If you didn’t have this code, you could not buy, sell or be part of social life.   A little box came up and if you didn’t have the code, you were “S.O.O.L.”     What was this code?  It was a code you had only if you had submitted your entire life to the ‘system’.

Basically, my dream is coming true thanks to Dr. Satan Gates.  SO –  I believe that when you get this vaccination, it will enable you to purchase anything with ‘new’ money.  This ‘new money’ system will be foisted upon the entire globe because the whole current economic disaster was planned by present day, satanic monsters to collapse.      The ‘new’ money will be in a motherboard computer that people like Satan Gates and his cabal of madmen will keep track of.  YOU will NOT be ‘in control’ of any money.    At first, it will start with everyone working because they are hungry…BUT, the day will come, quickly….where you will have to choose:  Get the new money ‘chip/vaccine/nano-cameras’ shot into your system or:  You’re on your own, go starve. 

The Mark of the Beast (Revelation 13)

16  And the second beast required all people small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, 17so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark—the name of the beast or the number of its name.

Bill Gates – “You Don’t Have a Choice – Normalcy Only Returns When We Largely Vaccinate the Entire Population”

Anti Obama DHS Philip Haney Murdered? Shot Dead.

I guess Haney’s Kitty cat up and shot Philip because we all know Obama and Hillary would never murder a whistle blower, right?  So, the ole cat must’ve carried out the dastardly deed.  The cat probably made huge bux off this one…

Image result for cat with a gun

U.S. Backed NAZI/Fascists Shoot “Russia Today” (RT) Journalist In Mariupol, Ukraine

U.S. Backed NAZI/Fascists Shoot “Russia Today” Journalist In Mariupol, Ukraine

Unless Russia DOES do something in Ukraine, more people will die and misery will ensue. Of course, people being shot in Ukraine is nothing much to the average American person who can carry a gun.   Remember now, SENATOR Obama signed a bill that disarmed Ukrainians-Flashback: Senator Obama pushed bill that helped destroy more than 15,000 TONS of ammunition, 400,000 small arms and 1,000 anti-aircraft missiles in Ukraine.  SEE: UK Mail Online

Violence erupted Friday between Ukrainian military and self-defense forces in the eastern city of Mariupol. Interior Minister Arsen Avakov’s says 20 anti-Kiev activists were killed and four more were taken captive. Donetsk authorities have different figures, however, saying three people have been killed and 25 injured. Civilians are among the dead and wounded. A freelance journalist working for RT is among those injured, having been seriously injured by a gunshot wound.

Beautiful 17 Year Old White Girl Murdered In Oklahoma By Black Man

Edwin Jermaine Daniels, 24, has been arrested in the murder of Kayla Ferrante.

Negroes are emboldened by their HNIC in the White house.  What would happen if this was a white guy that murdered a black girl?

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GA: Peachtree City Grandmother fights off Black Thugs With Shotgun in Home Invasion

Good for Granny.  Imagine if this was a white thug invading an elderly black woman’s home?? It would be called the KKK, white supremacists.. You know the rest.



Video by 


(Atlanta Journal-Constitution) July 15, 2012 – A Peachtree City grandmother was beaten and grazed with a shotgun pellet during a home invasion Friday night, but she fought back and escaped the attack, according to a Channel 2 Action News report.

“I was not going to be executed in my own home,” Cece Coffee told Channel 2. Coffee descried the harrowing experience she said she had with two suspects armed with a shotgun.


-David Ben Moshe

4 More Youths Shot In Rahm Emmanuel’s Chicago Land

4 More Youths Shot In Rahm Emmanuel’s Chicago Land.  This is what Chicago gets for putting in a left-wing kike like Emmanuel.  We have been posting on the violence in Chicago for at least 2 mos.  Finally the media is now picking up on it?? You will find the truth here from me, QV and TMJ.  You may not like it, but we will tell the truth.

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CHICAGO (CBS) July 11, 2012 — Four youngsters are among the latest victims caught in Chicago’s gun violence epidemic, including two middle school-aged girls who were wounded in a neighborhood park on the Far South Side.

As CBS 2’s Susanna Song reports, it was a typical evening for Nakia Turner, 12, and Tishona Polk, 13, as they played in Cooper Park, at 117th and Ada streets on the cusp of the Morgan Park and West Pullman neighborhoods.

Suddenly around 7:45 p.m., shots rang out, and both girls were hit.

-David Ben Moshe