Should Conservatives ‘Use Terror As A Means To Throw Off Left-Wing/Liberal Oppression?’

Should Conservatives ‘Use Terror As A Means To Throw Off Oppression?’

 South Africa with ‘evil’ whitey in charge went from being a mineral rich industry country to the murder capital of the world when black racists came in to power.

In this audio below, the last 3-5 seconds, Colin Powell is discussing with the BBC how Mandela used terror to ‘throw off oppression.’   Which  is a lot of horse-shit.  Boo hoo, the ‘whites ruled over the blacks’ in S.A. before 1994. sucky.. Blacks worked for whites. Oh man, cry me a river..  In Detroit, they just elected in a white man.. Gee, I wonder why?  Are the racists that are black in Detroit going to start crying “APARTHEID” when they don’t like the change the white man has to make in the bankrupt, Communist (Liberal) black city of Detroit?   Detroit elects first white mayor since 1974.

Here is the bottom line:  The radical left can throw off pretend oppression.  Patriots cannot, they are not allowed to throw off Communist oppression, NDAA, NSA, anti 2nd Amendment gun grabbers, anti-free speech “Liberals”.  We have to sit and take their ‘Progressivism’ because it RACIST if we don’t.  

Do any of you get that? I don’t.

Obviously, there is a ‘class’ of people who can cause havoc when upset: The “Liberals”.  And, there is a class of people that are not allowed to: Patriots or “Conservatives”.   So, the answer is no.   We cannot use any type terror, or offense.    We are stuck in a rock and a hard place because even though we want to beat these people black and blue for their evil ways, someone has to remain sane.   BUT, just how long will that last and how far do we have to be pushed?  Sincerely, I don’t know how much patience I, personally have.  I know one thing for sure: Should I get pushed beyond more than I can take.. I absolutely know, without a shadow of doubt – that whatever action I am forced to take in my future, it will be for DEFENSE reasons.

Audio: Colin Powell Discusses US Decision To Put Mandela On Terror List