Philippine City: No Vaxx Card? NO Shopping Anywhere. COMPLIANT #COVID #COWARDS Are Doing To This World:

Philippines: No Vaxx Card? NO Shopping Anywhere. COMPLIANT COWARDS Are Doing To This World:

You who got the shot: You are COVID COWARDS. You have brought HELL upon ALL of us. You made yourselves slaves. I’m not joining you in your cowardice. By God, I will NOT be your slave, you god damned cowardly bastards. And, YES, you ARE damned by God. You trusted in a genetic RNA Vaccine over the the Almighty God. You trusted in a shot that has murdered over 11,000 people at least and has wounded over a million.


Wake-Up Calls Become Catalyst for Improvement | Production Machining

In a PHILIPPINES city, Ya cant buy or sell without your vaxx card. COMPLIANT people are bringing in this hell. People have let the FEAR of a virus rule their lives. Bunch of COWARDS. This WILL be in every single country. The ‘666’ is here. Many of you are waiting for it… You just dont GET that it is HERE. Hollywood has made you think that life is in ‘scenes. A ‘big bang’. An ‘announcement’


So, help me God.

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Think it cant happen here? The Communist and Globalists STOLE the White House. Without firing a shot. On EITHER ‘side.

US Military Pushes Girly Effeminacy As Russian Recruitment Emphasizes Masculinity

US Military Pushes Girly Effeminacy As Russian Recruitment Emphasizes Masculinity

I’m sure our new gay, tranny, flagrant military is scaring those big, bad Ruskies that the neo-con, war mongers are always crying about….

The Communist, radical Democrat party hates men. They hate masculinity because they’re satanic. They hate warriors and soldiers. And, it all comes down to hating God. After all, man is made in the image of God & God is a warrior. I’m Sick of Females

CLICK TO WATCH THIS HORRIFYING VIDEO: US military pushes ‘inclusion,’ effeminacy while Russian recruitment ads emphasize masculinity NAHUM 3:13 

If I was a man in the US military right now, I would find a way to GTFOUT.



effeminate: (of a man or boy) having traits, tastes, habits, etc., traditionally considered feminine, as softness or delicacy, characterized by excessive softness, delicacy, self-indulgence, etc

LOOTERSVILLE, ChiTown: Devastated S. Korean Biz Owner Looted Badly: $350K In Theft Bec George Floyd Justice.

Devastated Korean Biz Owner Looted Badly: $350K In Theft Bec George Floyd Justice.

Terrible.  Just a peaceful Korean family–looted–by losers that should all be executed

People I know will NEVER EVER see these ‘protests’ as anything but Communist destruction, black, violent, looters, white-Leftist anarchists.  I couldnt give a shit less about Floyd at this point.  His name is now synonymous with rioting and violence.  Which is how he lived his life: Candace Owens Says Martyring George Floyd Is ‘Bulls**t …  George Floyd was a violent criminal felon, and racially-motivated police brutality against blacks is a fabricated media myth: CLICK

“He was a violent criminal,” she said of Floyd. “Just because he was a criminal does not mean you deserve to die at the knee of a police officer. I can’t say it enough, no, he did not deserve to die in that manner.”  However, she said, “Racially motivated police brutality is a myth” and went on to claim that more white people are killed by police.

And, let me tell you something…. these assassins of life WILL probably be coming to a small neighborhood near you.  If they come way up here, I will have to shoot.   See their plans, soon enough




Yuck..Some Idiot Hugged Obama. Gross, Sickening, Abhorring

Did you all see that fatty who hugged Obama, today?  What the hell is up with people picking up and hugging the black hitler?  Is this dude out of his friggin mind?  How many people have up and croaked after showing affection to this  creep?  They DIE.  


Evidently, this fatso is a Repub, too.  You could not pay me any amt of money to hug this asshole.  

This is what happens to people that hug Obama and worship this IDIOT:

Woman Hugs Obama – Then Dies

Police motorcyclist in presidential motorcade dies after Florida – CNN

than 20 people‘ faint during Obama speech – Washington Examiner

STAY far away from me, Obama, you Muslim piece of SHIT.


Foreign Entity. Drek. Asswipe. 

NJ TOP COURT RULES~Cops MUST Explain DWI Test Laws In THEIR Language!!


N.J. top court rules police must explain DWI test laws in native language  WTH!!!!!!  Here: Reply to INSANITY Post  new


geowb  GET THESE MIDGETS OUT OF MY COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Record


In a 4-3 decision, the court overturned a conviction for refusing to take an alcohol breath test because the man, who spoke only Spanish, did not understand the consequences.

The court found that a Plainfield police officer failed to inform German Marquez, who is from El Salvador, in Spanish that he would automatically lose his driver’s license for seven months if he refused the test.

Police had responded to a two-car accident in 2007. The officer initially asked in English for Marquez to show his license. When the officer repeated the request in Spanish, Marquez complied.

After reading Marquez a statement in English explaining the consequences of refusing the breath test, Marquez shook his head and pointed to his eye, which the officer considered uncooperative. As a result, he was charged with driving while intoxicated and refusing to take a breath test.

Marquez said he didn’t understand what police were reading to him and that he had taken his driver’s license exam in Spanish. He later testified through an interpreter that he had taken two Percocet tablets for pain associated with an eye injury, and that the painkiller made him sleepy and dizzy.


However, even the dissenting justices found that Marquez’s refusal conviction should be overturned since the officer initially communicated with Marquez in Spanish but made no additional efforts to talk to him in a language they knew he understood. 

  The rest of this unbelievable shit: Reply to INSANITY Post  new

Ameeerika has de stupido pince Gringos, Ever!

gina23 July 12, 2010 at 2:11PM

I don’t even understand how they can live here and not want to learn to speak English. When I’m in a room full of my friends & their families and they are all speaking Spanish, I feel so uncomfortable… how do these people go through life living that way?


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What a friggin’ joke. Christie can’t throw these bums out fast enough.