Homosexuals Angry The Catholic Church Won’t Condone “Gay” Marriage Bcz It Is SIN

Homosexuals Very Angry The Catholic Church Is Not Condoning “Gay” Marriage Bcz It Is SIN

Who died and made the homosexual community the “Grand Poobah?” Elton John is calling the Vatican “Hypocrites” for saying that homosexuality is a sin:

Don Lemon, the Leftist, white hating Nazi claims that God is not about ‘judging’:

Sooooo, what does the scriptures say about judging?

John 7: 24 Judge not according to the appearance, but judge with righteous judgment.

What does that mean? Judge a person according to their ACTIONS. If their ACTIONS are right or wrong. Read a bible if you want to know right from wrong. There is no other source.

What does the BIBLE say about Homosexuality?

1 Corinthians 6: Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men[a]10 nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. 11 And that is what some of you were. But you were washed,you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.

We don’t ‘change’ the rules because homosexuals are angered. The above scripture tells followers that they are washed and sanctified. Lemon and Elton are obviously not washed OR sanctified. So, why are they in a hissy fit? They decided long ago to not follow God. The Catholic church is stating what is in the Bible. Since these homosexuals couldn’t care less about God or his laws, why are they so upset? Conscience bothering you gals?

Homosexuals get married all over the west without God—they do what they ‘feel’ like doing. That’s not enough! They want GOD to accept what God says is: “SIN”. God has not changed his mind about drunkards, slanderers, swindlers, thieves, greedy, gluttonous, etc.. He ISN’T going to change his mind about Homosexuality, either. Deal with it. Put your big-girl-panties on and deal with it.



God Is Angry With The U.S. Of America. Past The Point Of Corporate Repentance

God Is Angry With The U.S. Of America. Past The Point Of Corporate Repentance

I have the heaviest burden of Gods righteous anger and I cannot shake it.

Glenn Beck: America Becoming Terrifying Force For Evil.

Most Americans will not hear it.  They will NOT hear that this nation is a terror, now.  And if they keep refusing TO recognize this land as terroristic, then we are just damned finished. Shit, we are so finished now that I totally agree with Beck;


God–> dammit, WHEN will you people wake up!? STOP singing “God Bless America” and start singing; America, BLESS God.

Watch what Beck says (here on this link) at 5 minutes


Homosexuality Is A Sin & Abomination Says X-“Gay”, Adam Hood

Homosexuality Is A Sin & Abomination Says X-“Gay”

I absolutely agree with Adam Hood (in the video, below), 100%.  I have brought quite a few ‘gay’ people back to Torah, Tanakh, and/or the New Testament the best I could.  It depended on where their roots were from in their family.  I have more than a few friends that have turned away from the homosexual life.  I thank GOD, everyday for allowing me to help my friends that were MISERABLE being ‘gay.’

Leviticus 18: 22  You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination.”

1 Corinthians 6:9  Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders

MODELS then, “Super-Model” skanks & BROADS now..

Starting from the 20’s.  Women had an edge, a glamour, a sophistication.  They were not just women, they LOOKED like LADIES.  They acted like ladies.  The 1920’s was known as the decadent decade, all of that started changing going ahead into the 1930’s, however, here I submit a gorgeous picture of a model from circa 1925;

The 1930’s became rocked by the 1929 crash, so, of course, the 30’s was a time of reflection.  Reflection of “What have we done wrong?”  My grandmother always shared stories of those days, in the Great Depression.  She always said that the women were more glamourous in the 30’s, than all of the decades in the 20th Century.

The 1940’s was a time of Patriotism- manufacturers made military hats to reminisce the 40’s, military suits, even clothing to show patrioticm, everyone had a part, even most movie stars played a part in being patriotic so that we could get our boys home, this is, after all, the ONLY way to get troops home, is to UNITE behind them, and the 1940’s really reminicsed this movement in AMERICA. Painting of models was very popular in the 40’s.

Even the “Pin-Up” girls were Patriotic;

Songs were Patriotic, todays screwed up world, THIS song would have been OUTLAWED:

The 50’s came along, and with it, a peace, we had taken care of enemies and the President (Eisenhower) had nothing much to do as well, considering that we had victory. Many manufacturers that barely made it through the Great Depression, became millionaires. Women were very glamourous, and this showed in the 50’s model, said to be the most classy decade;  Note: I didnt agree with Hepburns crazy views, but she was gorgeous, no doubt

Here we go..my favorite decade to dis. The TERRIBLE 1960’s. What a SICK time.  Twiggy…sure she was cute, but that was the beginning of the Anorexia/Bulemia ‘fad’..it killed my very best friend.  The 60’s came, and the models were grotesque looking.

Gia who was the first “SUPER MODEL” She abused drugs and died of an overdose/AIDS?, product of the EVIL 1960’s..

Gia Carangi – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Linda Evangelista – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Finally a breath of fresh air through the late 1970’s and 80’s. Cheryl Tiegs, and Christy Brinkley.  Classy Chicks! The end of the Jimmah Cahtah era came, THANK GOD, and patriotism and glamour returned after the onslaught of the burning bra BOLSHEVIKS, and manly looking ‘females.’

Ay yi yi.. The 1990’s, Cindy Crawford.. Now, this woman was class personified..The 1990’s, though really started bringing back the LOLLIPOP heads, anorexia again.  But Cindy really was pretty.  The 1990’s also, was the decade the music died. No really great music was put out in the 1990’s, the only really good song of that decade was Dion’s “My heart will go on” – Having a debaucherous leader can really screw up everything, Clinton was a pig…..BUT, I would rather have that pig now, then what we have..

Cindy Crawford was the LAST of glamourous super-models.

Here we are now, and THIS is what we have…SICKENING.  All we have now are suggestions. Suggestions of being brainless, or skinny, SEX, Multi-cultural garbage, bi-sexuality &  race mixing, NOTHING is just for the sake of ENTERTAINMENT or just plain ‘ol modeling.



From The Doggie In The Window ~To Ga Ga Grotesque FILTH

Poodle SkirtsRecently, I had the misfortune of someone sending me a very tasteless, disgusting, debaucherous video of Lady Ga Ga.  America used to have such class. Now, it is even worse than the Roman Empire, because of the Internet. I just dont understand why people would want to destroy what this place was. What it could become, if we changed our ways. Why would they want Lady Ga Ga’s “Alejandro” over “How Much Is that Doggie In The Window?”  It is obvious that everything that is old is new again, why the regression, then?

I want you to please open your heart, and take a good look and listen to what things were, and how things are now, and ask yourself why any sane human would want the ‘grunge’ now, vs. the goodness then. Call me sentimental, but I would like to see some normalcy outside the parameters of my home, which, incidently is 50’s retro style, my husband being a young boy in the 50’s.

 Baby Gaga Video: 57902169 Lets skip ahead to present day. PLEASE, ask yourself if there is any sane reason why things have to be so vile.  Look how the people are dressed in this insane awful video.  Look how a MAN has on fish-net stockings. It is absolutely REPULSIVE.  It is like Madonna on steroiods, as if we needed anymore of that. She even gives the finger to an AUDIENCE. Sickening.  Even the so-called music sounds like La Isla Bonita in the Alejandro video. Men kissing men in filthy, debaucherous scenes, violent sex acts, orgies, etc. These videos have over 145,000,000 views. THIS is what our young people listen to now and ‘love’.  She is mocking the Catholic faith, which she was brought up in. I just dont get it. I never will.

LADIES vs FEMALES in LINGERIE throughout time in the USA

I see so much, that it makes me SICK, and have only God to thank for not taking part of the debauchery and SIN run rampant in our nation that was once a GREAT nation.  A HOLY nation, where the CHRISTIANS were HOLY and the Jews were HOLY- they considered a person to vote for based on CHARACTER and not ‘charisma’….just as a man chose a woman that he LOVED out of her being PURE and not because she was ‘great in the sack’ 

Lingerie at the turn of the century:

The Late 30’s, early 40’s there was a turn back to MODESTY as the nation was at war, The nation ALSO returned to GOD.

30’s-40’s demure lingerie/bra set:

the return to MODESTY

the return to MODESTY


In the 1950’s there was a COMPLETE overhaul and women REJOICED in being glamorous, beautiful and classy, EVEN in lingerie:


 The 1960’s came, and with it, the SEX revolt, it was a VOMITOUS time, and DEBAUCHERY and SIN was BAACCKKK, and stayed until the 1980’s..

1960’s and 70’s:

1960s-70s...CLASSLESS and CLUELESS about MYSTERY

1960's-70's...CLASSLESS and CLUELESS about MYSTERY

1980’s came, and with it SOME sense of SEMBLANCE and order- women wanted to be CLASSY again, because the LEADER of the nations wife was CLASSY.
The 1990’s with BJ Clinton, women were resorting to being “SEXED” and dressed that way, even in their LINGERIE.

Like beat me up and then sex me til I PUKE.

Like "beat me up" and then sex me til I PUKE.

 The 200o’s- the LOWEST possible common denominator:



 Why do I pick lingerie to prove a point?? Because it was UNHEARD of before MADONNA the tramp came along and wore a BRA in public and made it ‘fashionable’ to be a SLUT.

madonna-bra.jpg image by Dustbunny3


Leviticus talks about homos, does God change his mind lib-Jews??  In Jeremiah, from the Tanach, it is written that God will lift the skirts of the blood of the poor innocents, did God change his mind, lib-Jews?? Think about this when you go to the Synagogue, when you open the Torah or the Tanach, and ask God what he thinks about this. 

What does the Torah say about the 10 commandments???  “Thou shalt not murder”  Killing is self-defense, which is why guns are a necessity.  Especially for Jews and Christians when the world talks like this ‘typical liberal’ below.  Jews are suppose to represent God and Law.  Christians are suppose to represent the teachings of Jesus, and also Judaism, O.T.. 
The Democrat party with liberal Jews that hate Christians and fraud Christians that have failed America.  The Democrat party allow the criminals to walk the streets and the innocent gets locked up.  The Democrats write laws to bring in more illegals, and deny rights and services to Americans.  Is this the party that a person with the ‘heart’ of a liberal really wants representing them???
“It’s a womans choice”
They lock people up in the psych ward if they try to commit suicide, Dr Kovorkian got locked up for assisting patients with suicide. What happened with: “You have a choice to do whatever you want with your body??”  Why does this apply to pregnant women, and not everyone else??   Why do babies get a back burner?? And sent to their deaths, only to be called parasites by the left.  The Democrat party is a party of death and destruction, making the GOP at this point look like saints, (if that were possible)
You keep quoting the Constitution, yet the people that you are with say it is 200 years old, outdated.  The Constitution has been hijacked by the left, and they interpret it, instead of taking it at face value.  As far as it being ‘outdated’, isn’t it written in Ecclesiastes, in the Tanach, that nothing is new under the sun??  Rome and Greece fell because of moral decay, an army spread too thin, and too many non-Romans and non-Greeks, which is what is happening now, Obama will only solidify our destruction, being a foreign usurper that cares nothing for America, proving that with his pro-Muslim speech in Cairo.  You care SO much for the Constitution, yet NO questions where the imposter, Obama is from., just passing casually as fellow Americans are TORN, because he FAILS to produce a real B.C., spending million of OUR money to hide the truth.
Face the facts like we had to:  Obama is a bigger loser than even Bush.
See below the “typical” O bama supporter.
08:05 PMJun 13 2009
Typical Right Wing A$$holes they only care about the G.A.G Factors, Gays, Abortion and guns. I think it’s effen cool what Obama did, he is a great guy, a Great President and overall the best thing what could happen to America right now. So guess what, Abortion should be a women’s right, Guns should be controlled, the constitution is 200 yrs. old,. it was a diffrent time then, and gays and lesbian should be allowed to get married, like the rest of the first world countries. It will happen.  So stick your Cross where the sun is not shining. 😦