Obama’s Freudian Slip In Malaysia & How Many Blacks ARE Slaves To The DNC. ‘Jimmy Cracked Corn’

Obama’s Freudian Slip In Malaysia & Many Blacks ARE Slaves To The DNC. “Jimmy Cracked Corn’


Obama was in Malaysia where the Malaysians protested him because he is hated there as much as anywhere else.. But, he told a Freudian truth: Obama Condemns ENTIRE US for NBA Owner’s Racist Comments in Malaysia – Says US Still Wrestles With Slavery (Video)

Here are the facts about Obama’s Democrat blacks:

  • Many blacks in America live in tiny quarters that the liberals call ‘projects.’
  • Many blacks are on food stamps and welfare, they have food rationing.  On EBT and welfare, there are certain foods that one cannot buy because the food is regulated.
  • Many blacks graduate with a 27% average in school because it’s ‘racism’ to not graduate them.  Many are uneducated because of this.
  • Majority of Obama’s blacks are in the Democrat party, up to 87% and the DNC tells them WHO to voted for: The Democrats.

FACTS about slavery:

  • Black slaves lived in tiny quarters.
  • Black slaves had rationed food: Popcorn was a big snack for blacks as whites ate cake
  • Blacks slaves were not educated and would have probably been at a 27% or less education average like many blacks are now.
  • Black slaves, who were freed by the Union army were told ‘who’ to vote for.  Why?  Because they gave them 40 acres and a mule.

What is the difference in then verses now?

Blacks democrat slaves who live in the ‘projects’ and exist on welfare do not have to work. 

We can all see where Jim Crow is still alive:   The Democrat Party.

This is why I do not react at all to racist accusations.  Because I have ALWAYS known who the real haters of minorities, mentally ill, elderly and basic humanity are:  The Democrats who enslave minority and sick Americans in a psychological noose.  Minorities & others should be able to determine their own future without big government, even if they fail.  At least they would be able to say that they were never ‘3/5ths of a person.’

Jimmy “Gimme” Crack Corn (children’s song)

My husband exposes black on white crime here because we expect black citizens to act like every other citizen, yet, they call my husband racist…

W H A T E V E R.

“American Freedom” 1 Trillion, 500 Billion in New Taxes, By David Ben Moshe

In the 1770’s, King George III put a tax of 1/2 of 1 percent on tea and we called that tyranny.  Today, we pay federal income tax, state income tax, city income tax (in some cities), FICA tax, excise tax, luxury tax, water tax and when we go home we pay property tax, school tax and if there is anything left of our pay check, we pay a sales tax when we go buy something.  Yet, we call this freedom.   Other than criticizing the government, tell me just what freedom do we have that any other western nation doesn’t have?  In America, the government can even take your property under ‘Eminent Domain’ and give it to some other private investor.  Freedom?   Where?

We have become a nation of taxes and regulations, not freedom.   We have a government by the government, for the government and of the government.

How Leftists LOVE Black Slavery-“Fashion Forward”


 Domina Duo Photography
Domina Duo Photography

Aggressively Sensual Shoots - The Alessandra Ambrosio GQ Brazil Editorial is Fit for a Bond Film (GALLERY) You think this is a joke? It isn’t. The call this crap ‘bdsm?’  Do you think Obama did this to his people?  This is something aint it! Imagine a T-partier with LT COL Allen West or Alan Keyes all bound up like this.. They would NEVER hear the end of it!  RACIST, RACIST, RACIST!!!! Oh yeah, sure, they will say ‘this is art!’   MMM hmmmmm, sure…… A white woman, with a black man all bound up… LOL!!  I believe this is Allesandra, that Brazilian model.