Porn Stars Choose The Next US Prez In the Land Of The Lost

Queers, sluts, left-wing Jews,  Marxists, Negroes, Muslims, and anti-Christian ‘Christians’ pick the next Commie running for office.

America is finished


Females On “The View” Suggest It Is OK 2 Call Women “Sluts”~OK, then- Mrs Obama Is A SLUT

How do ya all like that?  MRS OBAMA IS A SLUT.

BUT-To me she looks like GWB, a CHIMP

How do ya all like that? Hmmm?? 

It is NOT OK to call a lady a SLUT, you femi-nazi witches at “THE VIEW”

According to ‘The View’ it’s OK to Call Women ‘Slut’

Women in America dress like SLUTS; Look at THEN, and NOW..

  America was very modest and women were beautiful at the turn of the last century- they celebrated their beauty, and enjoyed making the men they loved feel good. 

They corsetted their bodies to have  hourglass figures..(although, painful, we can’t deny that it was still beautiful)

  They wore gorgeous, stunning hats with ostrich feathers, carried fans, wore long gloves and had nice manners, they were the epitome of femininity.  

Before the 1920’s came along, women celebrated their beauty:

Painting of Victorian woman

Painting of Victorian woman

   The 1920’s came along and with it Alice Toklas and Gertrude Stein, the 2 lesbo-females that the womens movement today ‘hail to.’  Sure, its nice to be able to vote- but to try to turn things around so much that women wanted to look like men??  Stein, and Toklas were UGLY, BEASTLY females that worked hard for womens rights, but wanted to push their ugly ways on beautiful young women, and they also did this to be degrading to  men, which was sick- IMO..

Toklas & Stein- real sexy huh? :(

Toklas & Stein- real sexy huh? 😦

TYPICAL flappers- they started getting MANLY EW!

TYPICAL flappers- they started getting MANLY EW!

  The 1929 crash sent women back into their caves for awhile, and the nation turned back to its roots in Christianty and women took on a more glamorous role to BE WOMEN AGAIN; feminine:

HUGE difference from the 1920s!

HUGE difference from the 1920’s!

  Then the 1940’s came, and women were just DROP DEAD gorgeous! CLASS ACTS.  Their efforts to keep their lips sealed and do EVERYTHING they could at home…simply put, fashion AND hard work, this was THE BEST, most greatest era, and women were PANACHE’ personified! This style is copied today more than ANY OTHER style!



In the 1950’s, women did a complete overhaul and once again had America back.  The era was called “Happy Days”  Women were happy.  My Nana, a tough woman, told me that the best years of her life were the 1950’s..  The dresses were modest with larger ‘bell’ style.  The return of family values were the society,  and it reflected in the ‘dress’ and style of the day:

The modest 50s woman.

The modest 50’s woman.

The 60’s- (EW) came along and with it, debauchery, hippies, sin, sex, acid rock.  It was  a Ssickening ‘style’ -if thats what you want to call it– Hippies were gross  The women looked like SH*T!

The 70’s were just as bad.  Women acted like horses asses.  They had sex with everyone, flaunted their bodies and made themselves into sex objects—but along with it, they wanted to have “R E S P E C T.” 

The 80’s came, THANK GOD! I am so glad I lived through the 80’s!!! Women were gorgeous once again!

People say: “WHY?”  It is easy to say ‘why?!’ 


Nancy Reagan is WHY.  She was a lady.  She brought back love for AMERICA- Reagan was a patriot, and so was Nancy.  Women looked fabulous and it was a fun to look like a glamor bombshell!

This is what women strived to look like

This is what women strived to look like

  Whats much is to be said about the 1990’s fashion?? Tatoos? Bad noise they call music? Bill Clinton?? HILLARY?? EW! 

They have no identity.  So, really -no fashion, so they turned over to looking like whores.. The 2000’s are here, and women  look like sluts!  No more to say- but they look like sluts- dressed for one purpose: To have sex. 


They have degraded themselves so badly, that it looks beyond hope.  They add insult to injury by saying they are ‘feminists’  BS! They are the opposite of ‘feminine’ and they only let their bodies get used.



😦 !

People……………Do NOT think for a minute that the Eye in the sky isn’t looking at you………….

“Hotness” Post~ Pin-Up Gals Then- Slutty Sleazy Broads Now

View ImageThe Varga Girls were the hit in the late 1930’s all the way up to the 1960’s.  What was their purpose, anyway?  We had many wars. I believe that Varga liked gorgeous women, but he also painted these women to give morale to the Troops, as well as reminding them- that the women here at home were gorgeous, as not to bring in “war brides”.  War Brides were a common fad after wars.

The 1930’s Pin Up gal was Betty Boop, and her voice before Betty Boop was Helen Kane. She was adorable and men and women alike LOVED Betty, they still do to this very day. The TM Betty Boop is a multi-billion dollar corp.

The Pin-ups back then were not demeaning. Women have been painted throughout time.  Men love the female body, men love beautiful women. Why women go so far as to look ugly now, I dont understand. Women will always be thought of as ‘sexual objects’ because, man, in his human nature is physical.  He sees physical before emotional. This is why there were not books on B-52’s, and there were sexy pin-up women in Art.  But just look at then vs. now.  Then, it was lovely, sexy, and an innosence. Now it is debauchery that only purpose serves a person with the lowest possible common denominator, in IQ, etc..

1940’s, showed women as ‘teasing’ in a way that made them look innocent- a spontaneous effect, that men almost die for, something to be caught ‘off guard’:

View Image

1950’s: The girdle, was not exactly a sexy thing.  Elfgren made it ‘look’ sexy however. And this shot type appealed to men as much as it did women, I mean, come on, a REAL woman likes to look sexy to her husband, and the 50’s were ALL about the “All American girl next door” being a wife and having a great life in your little white house and a picket fence, and your sexy wife.  Thats how it was.

The 60’s through the 80’s turned to PLAYBOY- ich.  Pin up art leaves more to the imagination, but this is reminisce of that time frame:

NOW:  Case Closed, NUF SED.


pinups.jpg pin ups image by melli_25

The ‘digressing’ of LADIES/WOMENS SHOES. Even shoes are GROTESQUE.

Many women would say it is a ‘PROGRESSION”  I will say it is a DE- gression- a degrading of the feminine mystique.. face it ladies…nowadays you have it ALL going ON- you can even wash away wrinkles…so what is the point of wearing slutty shoes now?? Why all of the ‘progression’ of trampy?  You may as well know that most men do NOT want a gal that has slept with half the county… yet lately, and in the last 16 years, it has gotten DISGUSTING.  Lets start with a pair of shoes from the 1940’s:

Admit it!! It is FABULOUS! Classy and CHIC’ personified.  Just look 2x if you are a man, and imagine a really classy, sexy woman walking by in a GREAT outfit in these FAB shoes..

the 1950’s were a HAPPY decade, a decade of dancing, entertaining and COMFORT! they were meant to show off the GLAMOUR side of a WOMANS life

 See these from the 1950’s:

1950s GLAMOUR Bomb Shoes.

1950’s GLAMOUR Bomb Shoes.

the 1960’s came along, and feet started taking a BEATING, because women were starting to USE their SEX attributes, instead of the often praised over MYSTIQUE that God gave to WOMAN.

60s FEMALE- LOSING Mystique

60’s FEMALE- LOSING Mystique

In the 1970’s it was an ALL OUT BATTLE for women… they wanted to be TOTAL SEX TARTS.  It was a really SICKENING time.  Divorce on the rise, the ‘sex-revolution’ You name it, women were doing it, AND acting like ANIMALS.


The 1980’s…people, women, KIDS were DEPRESSED- OPPRESSED…America had taken a MASSIVE beating from the FEMINAZIS, Gas Rationing, Divorces from the 70’s… Lets just say…”It was time for a REAL change.”  CLASS was BACK- the Leader of the nation was MORAL… and as I say with most of my POSTS, MORALITY can REALLY change things……for the BETTER, not worse, as we see now, from Bush to  HUSSEIN Obama.  1980’s shoes (colors were BRIGHT, and this was a HAPPY time… fluffy, feminine and FRESH)



The 1990’s came and with it- GENERATION X- the NOTHING much generation of NO ‘imagination’  It was SAD as 1990 rolled in- no songs- 1990 I will ALWAYS belive that it was the day the MUSIC died, and with it- WOMENS FASHION.    1990’s shoes: (less taste, less mystique, less WOMAN) 😦 !

The millenium is here, and it is going BAD to WORSE, shoes, fashion, MORALS, ethics, serving the LOWEST common denominator:   2000’s “shoes”— if that is what you want to call them 😦 !

LOW CLASS TRASH shoes for PIG women that are GROTESQUE

LOW CLASS TRASH shoes for PIG women that are GROTESQUE

(just clink on the LINKS and it will take you to the original Blog where some of the pics came from)


LADIES vs FEMALES in LINGERIE throughout time in the USA

I see so much, that it makes me SICK, and have only God to thank for not taking part of the debauchery and SIN run rampant in our nation that was once a GREAT nation.  A HOLY nation, where the CHRISTIANS were HOLY and the Jews were HOLY- they considered a person to vote for based on CHARACTER and not ‘charisma’….just as a man chose a woman that he LOVED out of her being PURE and not because she was ‘great in the sack’ 

Lingerie at the turn of the century:

The Late 30’s, early 40’s there was a turn back to MODESTY as the nation was at war, The nation ALSO returned to GOD.

30’s-40’s demure lingerie/bra set:

the return to MODESTY

the return to MODESTY


In the 1950’s there was a COMPLETE overhaul and women REJOICED in being glamorous, beautiful and classy, EVEN in lingerie:


 The 1960’s came, and with it, the SEX revolt, it was a VOMITOUS time, and DEBAUCHERY and SIN was BAACCKKK, and stayed until the 1980’s..

1960’s and 70’s:

1960s-70s...CLASSLESS and CLUELESS about MYSTERY

1960's-70's...CLASSLESS and CLUELESS about MYSTERY

1980’s came, and with it SOME sense of SEMBLANCE and order- women wanted to be CLASSY again, because the LEADER of the nations wife was CLASSY.
The 1990’s with BJ Clinton, women were resorting to being “SEXED” and dressed that way, even in their LINGERIE.
Like beat me up and then sex me til I PUKE.

Like "beat me up" and then sex me til I PUKE.

 The 200o’s- the LOWEST possible common denominator:



 Why do I pick lingerie to prove a point?? Because it was UNHEARD of before MADONNA the tramp came along and wore a BRA in public and made it ‘fashionable’ to be a SLUT.

madonna-bra.jpg image by Dustbunny3

The 4 Weakest People In USA: LIBERAL WOMEN & Obama

 Yes We Can have the weakest women in the planet that absolutely take no stance against terror, tyrants, and illegals.  Hillary Clinton the bitch went to Mexico AFTER we suffered the murders of white Americans in Mexico. Did she say anything to the Moslem-Hitler, Obama to CLOSE THE BORDERS? No. She is El numero Quatro for weak females. This article here says that Obama, our dear leader was ‘mourning’ their deaths.  Ha Ha Ha..Sure, that is why he closed the borders, pronto: Clinton, Obama mourn U.S. employees murdered in MexicoHillary

Janet Napolitano is Numero Tres’. This ugly, abominable, butch, creep~ names us normal right wingers “homeland terrorists”- She is the f-cking terror-monger. “THE SYSTEM WORKED” AFTER the terror attempt, (Christmas Bomber) This heathen, alley-cat loves terror.  Did Napalm-i-tano close the borders after a much-loved rancher was murdered in Southern AZ? NO! She is a traitorous weak~ass- punk-bitch.  This slime also has done nothing to close our borders, even after yesterday, one of our consolates in Mexico was bombed. Here is information on the rancher and Napalm-i-tano, who is a stupid creepy witch. She will probably thank Mexico for bombing the consolate.. Arizona rancher murdered by illegal immigrant who flees to Mexico … & Bomb Thrown At US Consulate In Mexico – Congoo 

Numero D’os goes to Pelosi. This is the dumbest hag in the planet. For Christians, you must know that even Jesus hates Pelosi.  This tavern-wench botoxed-dragon uses tax payers dollars to fly OUR jet all over, get drunk and have parties.  She has to “PASS THE HEALTH CARE BILL TO SEE WHAT IS IN THE BILL!”  What a total bimbo.  This is a serial- poisonous, rat-bastard-snake that should go back to the kitchen, but I doubt the skank can cook.  Here is her dumb quotePelosi: “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is …


Weak on Nukes, weak on terror, appeasing monster who kisses the ass of Moslem nations-figuratively. Horrible statesmen, isolationist, tin-pot dictator that makes REAL dictators look bad. Weak on borders, Weak on Defense, Weak on healthcare, weak on abortion, weak ass SOB gets the prize. He is an embarassment to Kenyans. He is a terrible foreigner that makes an AWFUL U.S. President: 

See: H/T, ScorpioRose-Obama going off the deep end

Post dedicated to:

American Women Demand And Get Private Place To Pump Out Titty Milk At Work. I want A Special Place To Jerk Off!

HOLLYWOOD Glamour THEN, and Hollywood SLUTS now..


Many people come to this blog to check out what’s on my mind.. Some I get a ‘rebuke’ from, because I am blunt and brazen.  😀

  In the 1920’s, Hollywood (Or WHOREWOOD) was not  the place to be a ‘holy’ or a good person, but it was meant for entertainment purposes ONLY.  The movie starlettes of the Silent Era left a lot to the imagination…

Clara Bow-20’s Silent Film Vampy Star

In the 30’s, Glamour Bombs were the RAGE… Jean Harlowe was the biggest Glamour Bomb of ALL time:

  WHO could ever forget Bette Davis….Wow- great actress, and erotic to boot, without even “TRYING”

WHO could possibly forget that vixen-vampy-voluptuous DROP DEAD Gorgeous Red-head BOMB SHELL, Rita Hayworth from the 40’s??…….

Ava Gardner, possibly the most sensual, classy star of ALL TIME:

The 1960’s were ‘still’ rather sophisticated and toxic in glamour- Audrey Hepburn   BUT…

HANOI JANE…the traitor to our TROOPS, “A Hollywood star” and part of the reason that America stinks now with her love for the enemy of our men- what a rotten witch…In the 1940’s, this filthy maggot would have been OUTCAST:



Breaths of FRESH AIR: Sophia Loren….CLASS, beauty exuding in that Italiano sex appeal without even trying… In this picture, next to the POOR MANS Marilyn Monroe (Jane Mansfield- ew!):  (Thank God that Sophia Loren was around, and this picture taken, to show that this was not acceptable. Thanks Sophia- you are TERIFFIC! Even to THIS day!)

^Classy vs TRASHY^

^Classy vs TRASHY^

Sophia Loren (my personal opinion was one of the most gorgeous stars to have ever hit Hollywood, next to Vivien Leigh- here she is from “How to marry a Millionaress”:

Sophia Loren- astounding in her Italiano appeal.

Sophia Loren- astounding in her Italiano appeal.

  Raquel Welch, 1970’s..every woman wanted to “BE”  like Raquel Welch, but the sad fact is, Hollywood and entertainment started getting raunchy, and debaucherous, turning our daughters and young women into whores and using their reserved ‘sex’ appeal for public use. Remember, though, contrary to HANOI Jane- Raquel Welch was/IS a UNITED STATES Patriot, BTW.

Then we had more of the useless jerks: Vanessa Redgrave and her contempt for US troops, ALL while making money here.  (Nevermind, she does NOT get a picture!) She is s shameful maggot witch.

   The 1980’s came along and with it, more of the Fem/Gestapo she-beasts came into play and started influencing, but still allowing women to be used as sex objects- what an OXYMORON!  Julia Roberts 1989-90- Imagine…making it ‘popular’ to BE a TRAMP!

Julia Roberts as trallop-tramp in PRETTY WOMAN

Julia Roberts as trallop-tramp in PRETTY WOMAN

Sharon Stone in the 1990’s- who thought nothing of showing her PRIVATE parts to the world, and then- dumb sheep white trash women- followed suit.

Then we have MADONNA  one of the most disgusting, debaucherous creatures of ALL- who made a total mockery of the Catholic faith, insulted them to the MAX by dancing with ‘saints’ in churches- this pig is one of the biggest slime buckets in the PLANET!

  Another, is the FEMINAZI SHE BEAST, Ashley Judd…in this picture- WHOS WORLD?? Dont these debaucherous sluts get That young women follow them???


CHANGE the slut at a time?? GEEEZZZZZZZ

“CHANGE” the world…one slut at a time?? GEEEZZZZZZZ



Without becoming FEMINISTS, simply put- CLEAN UP YOUR ACT!

 Did you know that there was a time in AMERICA that blonde women were NOT in pictures, NOT in entertainment?? Look at the silent films sometime. 



When have you had ENOUGH of the slaughterhouse, bloodbath of the LEFT Fem-GESTAPO LIARS?  Can’t you see that they USE you??  They say: “FREE TO HAVE SEX!” Can’t you SEE that they have ABUSED YOU??

And……. There is NO SUCH thing as a ‘platinum blonde’ -WAKE UP MAN!


The only blonde that was HUGE was MAE WEST.  For MANY years it was MAE WEST>   She was tough, she was sexy, but she certainly didn’t let herself get used, she loved men, and it was evident.

  When they DID use you, they USED you blonde ladies as SEXPOTS for ONE reason: to sell SEX. PERIOD.  Do you like this?

 Do you LIKE this abuse?? When will you say: NO MORE! NO MORE? 

  Frankly, I don’t know what it will take before you WAKE UP, and be known to CHERISH yourselves and PROTECT your beauty. 

Just because one is blonde, does NOT mean ‘dumb.’  Indeed, that is a LEFTIST indoctrination that Holly-WARLOCKS made up, and now have the MALE in America thinking you are EASY.  Easy to ABUSE and use, and they SEX you. 

Leftist FEM Gestapo are NOT there for you, indeed they are WIMPS.  Look how the FEM-Gestapo came out and did ZERO for Prejean??

 Look at Hilly the WITCH Clinton? The Fem-GESTAPO is a TOTAL sham!

WHEN IS IT ENOUGH?  I say:  STOP THE MADNESS! Look at Carrie Prejean, for ie.. what did they DO TO HER??  They USED her beauty for some damned dumb lingerie ad that came back to HAUNT. 

Leftists are YOUR enemy, blonde women of AMERICA.  Black women ALSO hate you.  Why?? Because there is nothing that a black man desires more than a white blonde woman for some ‘contrast’  It is SICK.  You need to start thanking God for your beauty, and save yourselves for the right man, NO man wants a white trash slut.

Look what they have done to you over the YEARS:

Monroe thought of as STUPID and SEX. DUMB BLONDE

Monroe thought of as STUPID and SEX. "DUMB BLONDE"




 Even the BARBIE Doll was used for SEXUAL ‘incantations’

Maybe THIS will WAKE YOU UP, but I have STRONG doubts. 😦


  ANYWHERE I GO…the S.O.S….debauchery and sinful looking CRAP. 

  There is absolutely NO class anymore- NONE at ALL.  True that American apparel makes their things right here in America, and thats great, but HOW ABOUT GETTING SOME CLASS for a CHANGE. 

   Also the ‘militant QUEERS’ are all over it too.  WHY do people that call themselves AMERICAN even buy this CRAP??  Why not just make YOUR OWN clothes?? Then you can wear EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT.  I am so SICK of this CRAP.  TIRED of pretty young women made to look like SLUTS.  Like they WANT to just ‘get laid’….

   So much for ‘Womens liberation’….which is a SHAM. Women do NOT take up for other women hardly AT ALL anymore. I am so disgusted at what America has ALLOWED to happen to them. SICK OF IT AND MAD.

See these ADS for sluttiness:  <<This one ‘real cute…’ NOT.

Thumbs DownSLUT clothes